Study Medicine In Cyprus


Study Medicine In Cyprus

Study medicine in Cyprus: get your medical degree from the best universities

Studying in Cyprus is a perfect choice for international students especially who consider studying medicine in Europe , because it is a civilized country with a moderate climate, glamorous nature, and rich culture

Studying in Cyprus is just a unique experience you would ever live. From being in such a country with deep roots in culture and history to the lovely Mediterranean climate and sunny beach, and more in between.

In addition to offering a wide range of study options, into which medicine is available, to ensure getting the most effective scholastic stage.


If you already planned to study medicine in Cyprus, go on reading this article of UniApp to get an overall outlook on varied aspects of life and study in Cyprus



But if you have not made your decision yet and continue reading as well, you may be content with it!

Medical universities in Cyprus

In Cyprus, you wouldn’t be just a student of medicine, but a witness to its beginning as well, considering its notable medical history, which goes back to the pre-christ periods.

Moreover, Cyprus has numerous universities and educational institutions in it, which make study in Cyprus universities a valuable experience. Here are the top estimated universities to study medicine:

European University of Cyprus

It is the oldest university in the country, with a comprehensive educational march started in 1961.

The European University of Cyprus located in the capital, Nicosia,  offers courses that include medicine and dentistry, which are both in English.

The study duration is six years for a medicine course, while for dentistry courses it is five years.

Concerning the university dormitory, European University of Cyprus contains a well-equipped dormitory, and of all, it is very close to the university. But it is a little bit expensive, with a cost of 5000 euros per year.


Near East University

Founded in 1988, in North Nicosia, Near East University is the largest university in the country, since it is comprused of 20 faclties and more than 220 department.

Near East University carries out courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary too, while the study duration is 6 years for medicine courses, and 5 years for recent courses.

About the doritory there are rooms and apartments, all high quality served.


University of Nicocia 

Established in 1980, it is located in the capital Nicocia. The only applied course is the medicine course, which lasts for 6 years and is taught in English.

The university dormitory is astonishingly perfect for every student.



Medical programs in Cyprus

Studying medicine in Cyprus offers you plenty of choices to pick what is convenient for your ambitions. Hereafter are some applied programs in Cypriot universities:

  •  Medicine MBBS program offered by the University of Nicosia, with a study duration of about 4 years.

    The benefit of this program is that it is in partnership with St.George’s University, so your medical degree will be more considered in the whole of Europe.
  • Medicine MD program at the University of Nicosia in 6 years duration.
  • Medical MD at Near East University is also a six-year duration.
  • Nursing program at Near East University in 4 years duration.
  •  Master of pharmacy at Near East University for 5 years.
  • Master of veterinary medicine at Near East University with 5 years duration.


Even if you are already taking part in any medical program anywhere else, Cyprus allows international students to transfer from one medical institution to another.

That gives you the chance to discover more knowledge and technologies as much as your degree.


The standard necessity for international students to study medicine in Cyprus

Students may be worried about acceptance criteria for studying abroad. Cheer up!

Studying medicine in Cyprus requires the easiest criteria you have ever heard about. Although applying standards differ slightly from one university to another, there is nothing hard in general.

The basic necessity is having an A+ level in Biology in your high school diploma, and one of the subjects, maths, chemistry, or physics.

Some universities require an entrance exam to be admitted. Such examination is in Biology and one of the other scientific subjects.

Since English is a study language for most universities, you need an English language certificate, which is useful, because of the widespread use of Englis on the island.



Tuition fees to study medicine in Cyprus and living expenses

Studying in Cyprus tends to be the lowest cost, in comparison to European countries and other English-speaking countries.

University fees range between 12000 – 15000 euros for Bachelor’s programs, and between 18000 – 22000 for Master’s programs, that depends on the university.

As well, living expenses are cheaper than most European countries. You should also consider travel expenses.


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