4 International Universities in Canada which Value Diversity

International Universities in Canada
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4 International Universities in Canada which Value Diversity

Most foreign students will want a university that places importance on diversity-it’s scary going to a new country you don’t know much about and fearing disdain from the locals. For those looking to study in Canada, here are a few international universities in Canada which will accept you regardless of color or race.

Toronto School of Management

International Universities in Canada

Unlike more traditional universities, the Toronto School of Management does things a little bit differently. Instead of your typical four-year bachelor’s degree or two-year master’s degree, they focus more on one-year co-op plans meant to give the student specialist skills in order to help them move into the industry. I believe the idea is that they want to help international students who already got their masters in another country and have just recently moved into Canada.

They don’t really have any qualifications or specializations which they can show to the employers in this new country, so they sign up with this institution so that they can get a quick education and a degree which shows that they are adept at adapting to this new environment and learning new skills in it. On top of the program, they also offer other ways to support the students chances of getting a career such as job fairs, mock interviews, resume clinics and so on. Another thing worth of note is that these programs are exclusively for international students, and with a student body from over one hundred countries I think it’s safe to say they’re doing a good job.

Some of the programs they offer are:

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Canadian College of Technology and Business

Those who wish to study engineering and technology are in luck, because the Canadian College of Technology and Business has got their back. Situated in Vancouver, one of the world’s fasted growing tech hubs, their mission is to ensure that recent graduates will possess the most in-demand and relevant technical skills needed to smoothly integrate into the Canadian workforce, with a focus on career success and industry growth. While their main specialization is in technology, the ‘and Business’ part of their name isn’t just for flair-they also house several accredited and high-quality business courses to help recent business graduates get into the mindset needed to succeed.

They seem to work in a similar mindset to the Toronto School of Management, where they take masters students in for a year or two and teach them very specific and specialized technical skills so they can succeed in their field of passion, before going on and helping them acquire a job as well-their assistance doesn’t just end at the classroom. If you’re looking to get into the tech field, be it in the actual tech or just managing the people who do the tech, then this institution is for you.

Examples of their programs include:

Trebas Institute-Institue

A list talking about international universities wouldn’t really be complete without one which was bilingual. With campuses in both Montreal and Toronto, Trebas Institute-Institute aims to provide the skills needed, both theoretical and practical, for their students to succeed out in the job market. They operate with the same mindset as the last two universities listed above-take in masters students who just arrived and briefly teach them technical skills that Canada needs as well help them get a foot into the workforce.

However, this one in particular has a more varied group of programs, including not only the typical business and technology courses one would expect but also programs in film, music, TV and entertainment management. They also have many other faculties to assist students in whatever they desire-an advisory committee to bring constant improvements to the programs offered, language school partners to offer students the opportunity to learn a second language alongside their studies, partnerships with multiple industries to help students acquire employment and much more. Overall, a quality pick for those international folk looking to refine their skills and get certified in Canada.

Examples of the programs they offer include:

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Fleming College Toronto

This one is a bit of a wildcard in this list, which is already saying something considering the teaching methods of the universities above. The thing is that this institution operates less like a university and more like a trade school-it offers two years of coursework on specific and specialized work, with a good chunk of them being physical blue-collar jobs such as welding and carpentry.

That being said, they do offer programs for the more white-collared and artistic jobs such as digital image design, culinary skills, business, computer engineering technology and so on. If you want a university which focuses on international acceptance and diversity then you’ve hit the jackpot with Fleming College-they constantly hold celebrations and parades for all types of diversity, be it through ethnicity, gender, sexuality and so on. Combine this with their near endless dedication to providing a unique and beneficial learning experience for their students as well as a very generous financial aid program, foreign students simply can’t go wrong with choosing Fleming College.

Examples of the majors they provide are:

And there you have it. While there are many more universities out there in Canada who are accepting of others, these are the ones which are certified to be the best of the best. If you’d like to do a bit more research on university-related matters, be sure to check out UniApp.

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