4 Top Business Schools in Spain for an MBA Abroad

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4 Top Business Schools in Spain for an MBA Abroad

Looking for high quality business schools study for a business degree, but also want a fun and exciting country to study abroad at while also being able to get an internationally renowned education? Then you, my friend, should study in Spain.

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4 Reasons to Study in Spain

So in this section we’ll go into a bit more depth on why studying in Spain is worth it.


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1. Ancient History

When we said that Spain had a vast history to it, we meant it. The Inquisition, the Spanish “Golden Age”, the War of Spanish Independence, Spain had its role in the spotlight in terms of dramatic moments of history.

And during your time studying there, you’ll be more than able to check it out and feel the history entwined in the nation itself; from visiting the Catedral de Seville to the Prado in Madrid.

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2. The People

This is probably the biggest difference Spain has from the rest of its contemporaries in Europe. Compared to those northland, who tend to be very reserved and quiet (especially Germans and Scandinavians), the Spanish people are anything but. Passionate, chic, friendly and willing to strike up a conversation at any time, they certainly are a lively bunch.

Regardless of what you’re studying and where, making new friends is going to be easier with these people.

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3. Learn the Language

Since you’re studying in Spain, you could go the extra mile and learn the second most influential language in the world; Spanish. Do not underestimate how high your position in the job market will go up just by learning this single language, especially if you plan to move to the United States for your future career where over 15% of the population speak it as a first language.

Not only do many universities offer Spanish courses to its international students, but you also have a prime opportunity to get immersed in the culture of Spain and boost your language learning even further.

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4. Immerse the Culture

Speaking of culture, that’s probably one of the top reasons why most people consider studying in Spain-you want to study in a place that’s new and interesting, do you not? Well here’s your opportunity to do so! Taste the cuisine, participate in the festivals, witness the art and literature, experience the music and performing arts, celebrate the sports and do much, much more in your four years in this fantastic country.

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4 Best Spanish Business Schools

Now that I’ve provided you with a few compelling reasons to study in Spain, let’s look to the actual universities themselves.

Aspire Business School Barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona, there are many reasons why one would choose to study business at Aspire Business School. The learning process over there is very convenient and flexible, so those with even the busiest schedules can still find the time to put in the work and get a meaningful education out of it all.

They are also accredited by many universities abroad such as University of Chichester, so there will be plenty of opportunities for those wanting to broaden their horizons even further in terms of cultural experiences. They also do a great job of offering students help not only in the academic field, with many advisors who will stay with the student throughout their entire education experience, but also assist them once they have graduated and hope to find a job with events such as job fairs, seminars, workshops, internship programs and so on. A solid choice overall.

Examples of bachelor degrees offered are:

Examples of degrees for those who want to study a master’s degree are:

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EU Business School

Moving onto a university which operates on a bigger scale, we have the EU Business School which doesn’t limit itself in one country-in fact they have campuses in many spaces, including Munich, Montreux, Geneva, Barcelona and even a fully online campus. The rankings for this school are out of this world-ranked #1 by the EU for best business school overall (and #2 in Spain), considered the 6th best business school worldwide for female students, won multiple awards from the QS Stars in Excellence in Business Administration and so on.

It’s very clear that the students of this university go on in life to do great things-a fifth of them went on to start businesses, and even those who didn’t take the initiative in that regard still managed to find employment easily, with over 93% of the graduates getting a job within six months of graduation. And with their campuses averaging on a 100 nationalities and each student claiming to speak 3 languages on average, you’ll have an easy time finding employment with skillsets like those.

Examples of bachelor degrees are:

Examples of master degrees are:

Be at the forefront of technology and business with the Bachelor of Arts in Business Technology program at EU Business School.

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C3S Business School Barcelona

Another quality school located in, once again, Barcelona of Spain, this schools offers much of the same things that the last two schools offer-quality education, good assistance in finding jobs, high rankings in both student satisfaction and placements for both internships and full-time jobs after graduation.

I’m not going to go into too much detail since I’d just be repeating myself but you can rest assured that this university has the Uniapp Stamp of Approval.

Experience a rich culture and world-class education in Slovenia – a hidden gem of Europe.

Examples of bachelor degrees include

Examples of master degrees include:

And there you have it. If you’d like to do more research on business universities or universities in Spain or just universities in general, be sure to check out UniApp.

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