4 Worldly Business Schools in Norway

business schools in norway
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4 Worldly Business Schools in Norway

Have you heard about business schools in Norway? Norway is a small yet modern country located in the northernmost part of Europe. The country is filled with beautiful scenery, excellent business schools in Norway, affordable healthcare, and a low unemployment rate. This means it is no surprise that plenty of people wouldn’t mind having an excuse to visit and eventually live in Norway.

On top of this, they also have a very high-quality education system, particularly regarding business schools. If you are looking to study in Norway, then keep reading about some of the best business schools that the country has to offer.

4 Best Business Schools in Norway

If you want to study at the top business schools in Norway, here are the best four schools you should be looking into:

BI Norwegian Business School

-Tuition: $10,550

-Notable Feature: The #1 Business School in Norway

If you want the crème de la crème of business schools in Norway, look no further than BI Norwegian Business School. The school received the Triple Crown Accreditation. It was also put in the top 20 business schools in Europe for over 5 years. This makes it clear that this business school’s academic programs will get you international recognition, whether you want to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

On top of this, they also have a practical curriculum which exposes their students to real-life world problems through case studies, projects and internships. The school has a very active campus life to help the students unwind and relax after a hard day of studying. They have many student-led events which are held in the business school every year. There are also many bars you can visit outside of campus to have a fun night out.

Overall, this school is a top pick for a business school both in terms of education and for an unforgettable experience in Norway. Just keep in mind that, compared to most of the universities on this list, this school has actual tuition costs. You should keep that in mind when tallying the living expenses.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

-Tuition: None

-Notable Feature: Efficient Research Center, Valuable Connections

Don’t let the name fool you-the Norwegian University of Science and Technology may specialize in STEM subjects!  However, they also have excellent programs for business, economics, and management. In particular, they tend to focus more on the research aspect of it. For example, they analyze the data and numbers to discover the latest business trends and concoct strategies for optimal profits. They also overcome obstacles and challenges that a business may be facing.

On top of this, they also have connections with many other universities and businesses. This ensures that their students will have plenty of opportunities for internships by the time they graduate. It also helps that the tuition fees are subsidized. Also, remember that a good chunk of their courses is taught in Norwegian. This means you might be a bit out of luck if you’re not from Norway.

Despite this, though, I still believe that this is definitely one of the top contenders for the best business school in Norway. It might even be the best university in Norway in general.

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NHH Norwegian School of Economics

-Tuition: None

-Notable Features: Free Tuition, Masters Only

For all of you graduates looking to study a master’s degree and who don’t want to deal with freshmen on campus, Norway has got you covered. NHH Norwegian School of Economics is a business school that caters only to master and PhD students. This means there are no annoying bachelor’s students here.

In addition, it also follows the routine of most business schools in Norway in that it doesn’t charge any tuition fees at all. You can get a proper education in a beautiful country without having to pay a single cent. It also has a very impressive track record. It’s ranked among Europe’s best business schools for over 15 years. It has a total of 12 research institutions which have been awarded as a Center of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway, international exchange and dual programs, and so much more.

This university is a good pick for a business school in Norway. This is especially for recent bachelor’s graduates who want a cosy university to pursue their even higher education at.

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The University of Agder School of Business and Law

-Tuition: None

-Notable Features: Accredited, Good Research

Another top contender for business schools in Norway is the School of Business and Law over at the University of Agder. The school has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), one of the most prestigious business organizations. It has 4 departments, all synergizing with one another to bring out the best education and research to its students.

Speaking of research, this is also another area in which the business school excels in. It has contributed a lot to research in terms of emerging markets, trade and investment, technology, innovative business strategies, and good governance. It also has a high-quality curriculum and education system. Through this system, it aims to be a balanced blend of both theoretical and practical.

It first gives its students many courses on the intricacies of business administration. After that, students get to experience a hands-on education through internships at the various businesses with which they are associated. It is definitely one of the more obscure choices when compared to some of the choices above. However, it is nonetheless still a very high-quality school for business studies.

busines schools in Norway
Beautiful landscape in Norway

University of Oslo

-Tuition: None

-Notable Features: Research Institution

One of the oldest institutions in this list, The University of Oslo was  founded in 1811. The school is one of, if not the, oldest and first universities in Norway. This top business school has a top-quality business program. It also affords renowned research in the fields of science, chemistry and medicine.

The university mostly specializes in master’s degrees, where students learn through a mixture of lectures, seminars and final projects. They are also familiarized with the latest business opportunities to discover technologies. These technologies will benefit them in the market. Students are also hooked up with potential internships and study abroad from Canada.

Or, if you would rather, you could stay in Norway as an alumnus. In this case, you will do some research work at the university. The program is internationally renowned and has given many contributions in the fields of science, chemistry and medicine.

Tuition-free English-language Business University Degrees in Norway

After learning about some of the best Norwegian universities, you might be concerned about the fees and whether the degrees are provided in the English language. Though thankfully, most universities with fees in Norway are lower fees, you might still be interested in the free ones! We have rounded up some of the best Tuition-free business programs in English that you can study in Norway.

Nord University

This university was founded in 2016 and offers a great education. It has many English language business programs for students. The school also offers a Norweigian language course for those who are interested to learn the language during the course of their degree.

The business programs at this school are completely free. Only a semester fee of 725 Norwegian Krones is asked of students. However, students must prove that they have enough money to cover their living costs during their study degree . These living costs are about 127,000 Norwegian Krones per annual year.

University of Bergen 

The University of Bergen has around 25 master’s degree programs in English. This means that international students will find a variety of courses to pick from. Thankfully, fees at this university are also free, with applicants only paying a student fee of around 600 Norwegian Krones a semester.

The school also has an affordable living area called the Sammen Housing. This housing is offered by the student welfare group at the university. At the Sammen housing offering, students can pay only 4,000 Norwegian Krones, NOK, a month- which is truly a bargain!

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) 

The Arctic University of Norway is another tuition-free option that offers English language programs for international students. The school is famous for being the “northernmost university in the world”, as it can be found on the edge of the Arctic. UiT has stunning campuses in the cities of Tromsø, Alta, Narvik and Harstad, differing based on your course of choice.

The school offers around 43 programs in the English language. These programs are bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees, so you can easily find a degree at your desired level. A completely tuition-free university, students will only need to pay basic living expenses of around 130,000 NOK annually when studying at this university.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

Finally, a tuition-free university option for students is the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The school has five school campuses in the cities of Førde, Bergen, Sogndal, Haugesund and Stord. However, the Førde campus doesn’t offer any English language degree programs. Students who attend this university will only need to pay a minor study fee, though tuition is completely free.

MBA Degree in Norway

Finally, If you’re looking for an MBA degree, in particular, at the best business schools in Norway, you might be interested to find out where you can pursue it. The benefit of studying this specialised program in Norway is that most business programs are taught in English. There are many unique specialisations to pursue if you want to study an MBA in Norway. For example, you can choose to study an MBA that focuses on Global Management or Organisational Behaviour.

It’s important to note that for most MBA degree programs, studies start from the end of August till June. This means you’ll need to start applying for your desired program from December of the year before the one you are interested in pursuing a degree at.

As with any other degree type, some general requirements must be completed to be eligible for the program. Some of the eligibility criteria to study an MBA degree in a Norweigian school are the following:

  • Basic school education from an approved school and proof of it.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a program that is at least three years long and proof of graduation from it.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, in the form of PTE, IELTS and TOEFL test scores.
  • Letter of recommendation (if applicable).
  • Portfolio of your previous work (if applicable).
  • Statement of Purpose document (if applicable).

Some of the best MBA programs in Norway are at the following schools:

  • BI Norwegian Business School: This school offers an Executive MBA program that will take you 18 months to complete.
  • NTNU Business School, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology: These universities offer MBA degrees with a focus on Economics and Business Administration studies.
  • UiS Business School, University of Stavanger: These schools offer MBA degrees that have a more scientific focus when it comes to the Business subjects covered.


And there are the top 4 business schools in Norway. Keep in mind that, while tuition is free for the majority of them, you still have to make a one-time payment of 800 Euros for the general health service that Norway provides. Living expenses will also be a thing. On average, you will pay 300 to 700 euros for accommodation and rent, as well as 250 to 400 Euros a month for food and 50 to 120 Euros a month for miscellaneous costs.

That being said, when compared to some of the other countries where you have to pay an exorbitant amount in order to get to university, this is definitely the much-preferred scenario. For more insight into which university is right for you, be sure to check out UniApp.

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