5 Top European Law Schools Taught In English

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5 Top European Law Schools Taught In English

Law schools are in high demand for…well, those who choose to study law. And there are many a good reason one would enter the profession-high salaries, prestigious position in society, the opportunity to do the right thing and lay down the law to those who choose to break it.

For those future law students who want a solid university to study their masters of law in, keep reading.

7 Vital Actions You Must Do Before Entering Law School

  1. Research the role of a lawyer: Wanting to be something and actually entering the role of it are two very different things. Research every aspect of the lawyer profession and be honest with yourself when you assess if you can handle it all.
  2. Complete a bachelors degree: A bachelor degree in a field relevant towards law (History and Political Science are two good examples) as well as a high GPA can go a long way in getting accepted at your dream law school.
  3. Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT): These are to future law students what the SATs are to regular high schoolers. Enrolling in LSAT courses and getting private courses can help your chances of getting a high grade, but there are those who got very good grades and needed nothing but self-studying and raw willpower. How you study is up to you, just be efficient in your studying skills and techniques.
  4. Request your official transcripts: Can’t apply to a masters school without your transcripts, now can you? The costs are minimal-only 10 to 20 dollars-but they do take several days to process so be sure to request them early on when you’re applying.
  5. Write a personal statement: The difference between acceptance and rejection sometimes boils down to the personal statement. Talking about your career goals and academic achievements is usually enough to stand out if you’ve been a good student, but try to keep it short-no one likes long letters.
  6. Obtain letters of recommendations: Not as important as personal statement, but can greatly boost your chances of getting admitted. Usually received from undergraduate professors, but employers in relevant fields can also hand them out.
  7. Apply to law schools: Be sure to take several factors into consideration such as total financial cost, visibility of the universities location and your specific career goals.

University of Law

Law Schools English Taught

-Location: United Kingdom

-Tuition: 6,000 pounds for a master’s degree, 6,875 pounds for a bachelor’s degree

Those who want to study in the United Kingdom should pay special attention to the University of Law. The name is self-explanatory; it is a university which specializes in teaching law. Unlike most other universities which only have a small department dedicated to law this university dedicates its entire teachings to law. These guys are absolutely loaded when it comes to the degrees which you can get in both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, ensuring that you can specialize in almost any field you could possibly want. On top of that, their campuses are in many varied locations across the UK-London, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, they even have an online campus and one situated in Hong Kong for those interested in semesters abroad. Overall, a hidden gem for those wanting to get in the field of law.

Examples of master’s degrees include:

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Atlinbas University

-Location: Istanbul, Turkey

-Tuition: 4,250$ for a bachelor’s degree, 3,450$ for a master’s degree

Those future lawyers looking to study in Turkey, look no further than Atlinbas University. Located in the heart of Istanbul, the country’s capital, you’ll be in no shortage of quality education with these people. While the university has three campuses, you’ll be spending most of your time here at the Gayrettpe Campus in the city center, which hosts the university’s School of Law. They have many aces up their sleeves when it comes to beating out the competition, including:

  • A strong academic staff consisting of PhD holders with teaching experience in the best universities in the world and multiple international projects and publications under their belt
  • An effective education including hands-on learning experience and an academic advisor for each student.
  • Strong foreign language education with many of their programs being in English, as well as professional English courses in the curriculum for those who want to learn the language.
  • A university with a close connection to other institutions, ensuring many opportunities for internships, entrepreneurship courses, summer schools and joint programs
  • Support for finding employment, including employment opportunities at partnered companies and a career center support building to help students acquire a job before graduation
  • And many more advantages!


If you’re hooked on this university, then be sure to check theirpostgraduate program they have on international trade law and another on public law.

Maastricht University

-Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

-Tuition: Varies with education standing and major

Students who want to study in the Netherlands seem to be in abundance nowadays, and why wouldn’t they? With a high quality of life, beautiful landscape and low crime rate it’s no wonder why a lot of people want to live and study there. And for all you prospective lawyers out there, I found an institution that can meet your educational needs and possibly even surpass it. With their unique educational approach with problem-based learning that encourages students to really understand the subject matter rather than simply learn by rote, unique programs to ensure any combination of niche specializations, world-renowned research and overall educational innovation you’d be hard pressed to find another university in Europe that can top those standards. They go for a more ‘quality over quantity’ approach, offering only four law programs-Dutch Law, European Law, Global Law and Tax Law. A bit underwhelming, admittedly, but the reviews don’t lie about the spectacular quality you will be offered.

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International School of Management

-Location: Frankfurt and Dortmund, Germany

-Tuition: 5,280 euros to 5,480 euros

Admittedly, this might be a bit confusing to you. Why would I, in an article about law schools, put in a recommendation for a university which specializes in business and finance? Seems weird at first, but hear me out. Yes, this university’s specialization is mainly in business related fields-economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management and so on. But there is one program that can offer something to law students-business law. If you ever wanted to represent a business in a court of law then this is your place; a combination of both business administration and law, you’ll not only learn about the inner workings of what makes a business successful but also how to defend said successful business from whatever legal threats may pop up. On top of that, this isn’t going to only prepare you for business law in Germany-this degree’s plan is going to teach you laws on the international level so that you can excel as a business lawyer in whatever country you choose to work at. The only flaw I can think of for this university is that it’s privately run so it doesn’t benefit from the free tuition that most universities in Germany have to offer but even then there are a multitude of scholarships and financial aid offers that one can apply for at campus grounds.

If you are interested, you can look up and choose to study a Bachelor of Business Law here. And here is one for the campus in Dortmund.

And there you have it. Studying law can be a tricky thing, especially if you don’t know how to separate the credible universities from the farce ones but with a bit of research on your part you will be capable of making an informed and thought-out decision on the beginning of your career path. If you’d like to do some more research into your ideal university, be sure to check out UniApp.

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