5 Stellar European Universities for 2023

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5 Stellar European Universities for 2023

Usually when a future student decides which university he will apply to, at least a few of his choices will end up being in either the United States or somewhere in Europe. It’s pretty common knowledge by now that most of the top universities reside in those two continents, and while you are perfectly capable of getting a good education in other countries those who want to aim for the most prestigious universities will probably end up in these two regions.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the more prestigious European universities. This article will be following two rules-the first one is that the ranking this article is based on is the ‘World University Rankings 2022’ ranking from Times Higher Education as well as the ‘World Reputation Rankings 2021’ from the same site. The second rule is that, rather than have a generic list which reads from most prestigious to not-as-but-still-quite-prestigious university, I’m going to be listing the best university in each European country I find; this list won’t benefit most people if almost all the universities are in one country.

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University of Oxford

-World University Ranking: 1st

-World Reputation Ranking: 3rd

Probably the oldest university in the English-speaking world and possibly the second oldest university in the whole world, the University of Oxford almost always finds its way at the top of these rankings, and for good reason. It has everything-a stellar teaching reputation, linked to high-quality researched that garners many citations and the best education in almost all fields; those intending to study computer science should take note of this one. On top of the actual learning itself, the University of Oxford has many other achievements under its belt, including but not limited to:

  • Being the largest library system in the UK, possessing well over 100 libraries.
  • Impressive alumni network, including 120 Olympic medallists, 26 Nobel Prize winners and 30 modern world leaders
  • The city of Oxford itself, which is already well suited to the needs of university of students-the city has the youngest population out of any in England with nearly a quarter of the residents being university students.

A fantastic choice for those who wish to study in the United Kingdom, though with an acceptance rating of 18% it might be prudent if you searched for other universities as well.


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ETH Zurich

-World University Ranking: 15th

-World Reputation Ranking: 18th

If someone were to tell me that they wanted to study in Switzerland, I would not be surprised. From what I’ve heard of the country, it feels like it’s a small bit of Heaven which gently drifted down to Earth and with its high quality of life, pristine nature and diverse culture, almost always top the rankings of best country to live in. With that in mind, there is one Swiss institute in particular that stands above the rest-ETH Zurich. With 16 departments that have quality academic interdisciplinary research as well as a high reputation in teaching subjects related to engineering and technology, this university is ideal for those wishing to get into more scientific fields. Unfortunately, those wishing to study business/economics or the arts will have to look elsewhere in Switzerland, as this institution seems to only be giving out education (both bachelor and master level) in fields of STEM. Naturally, competition is going to be high to get into a top university with the acceptance rate being roughly 27% and the expenses of living in Switzerland can get rather high so it would be best for students to do their own research on the matter before applying.

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LMU Munich

-World University Ranking: 32nd

-World Reputation Ranking: 39th

Another contender for the best European country in terms of education, Germany is known for its stellar education system and its almost never ending supply of renowned universities. The best of the best in that country happens to be LMU Munich, boasting excellence in both teaching and research in a wide array of fields-natural sciences, social sciences, law, economics, humanities and so on. It also possess a faculty filled with award winning researchers, the finest library system, the best university hospital in the whole country and the city it resides in, Munich, is not a bad place for students to live in-the diverse culture and urban flair is bound to keep them interested for the four to five years they’ll live in the city. A great pick for those looking to study in Germany, especially those tight on money as there is no tuition costs for this university. Of course, you can imagine that an education which is high quality, free and prestigious around the world is going to have a lot of competition for it-and with an acceptance rate of 10%, you’re really going to have to fight for a spot at this institution.

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Karolinska Institute

-World University Ranking: 39th

-World Reputation Ranking: 61st to 70th

For those looking to study in Sweden, you are in luck. Karolinska Institute based in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the world leaders when it comes to medicine. With solid grasps in both teaching and research, the institute is dedicated to the improvement of human health with an almost religious fervor. As stated before, this is a medical university so this is mainly for those who are looking to study medicine-the rest will have to search somewhere else for education in Scandinavia. Although, in their quest to improve all forms of human health, it seems that they’ve taken mental health into account as well and have a division of psychology present on their campus so those wishing to study psychology can also apply to this institution. Of course, given the acceptance rate of 3.9% you’re going to have to work really hard to be able to get in.

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PSL Research University Paris

-World University Ranking: 40th

-World Reputation Ranking: 48th

Located in the heart of Paris, PSL offers high quality education and research across many fields with the arts and humanities as well as physical sciences in particular excelling in their domain. Their research in particular is very strong with roughly a tenth of all French research origination from this institution as well as having received well over 150 grants for research. The university does have a lot more masters programs than bachelors so those looking to study their masters will probably find this university to be a nice fit for them. Given that they excel in arts and humanities, the campus is a host to many debates, lectures, exhibits, shows and concerts throughout the year that will surely keep you occupied during your times of leisure. Also, unlike the other universities on this list, the acceptance rate for PSL sits at 75%-comforting to know that there is one top university out there willing to take chances on most people. A great choice for those looking to study in France.

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And there are the top European universities according to the Times Higher Education. If you’d still like to do more research on which university is best for you, be sure to check out UniApp.

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