6 Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in Europe in 2023

aerospace engineering
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6 Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in Europe in 2023

Aerospace engineering is a field of mechanical engineering that is considered pretty complicated. In simple terms, it’s rocket science, even though that isn’t simple at all! However, aerospace engineering is a rewarding and exciting profession. Many engineering students choose to study a master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, because of the many exciting subjects taught. However, they are curious to know about the best aerospace engineering schools in Europe so they can choose one of the top ranked one. Read on to learn more about this topic and about what aerospace engineering really is. 

What is aerospace engineering?

Aerospace engineering is a speciality in mechanical engineering that focuses on machines that go up into the air. Many people know it as the track to become a rocket scientist. This field focuses on planning, building and testing aircraft and spacecraft, which is no easy feat. The field is split into two different tracks: Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering. Aeronautical engineering focuses on aircrafts, jets and helicopters while astronautical engineering focuses on designing rockets and spacecrafts. 

In order to pursue a master’s in Aerospace engineering, you’ll need to have a solid foundation in physics, maths and engineering. You’ll also need to have great research skills, which you will also develop through your study program. After graduation, you’ll learn exactly how these machines pivot into the air and stay there and also how to maintain them and keep them in top condition. 


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Subjects studied in Aerospace Engineering

When it comes to subjects studied in an aerospace engineering master’s course, students study courses in fields like Robotics, Transportation Engineering, Marine Engineering and Mechatronics, among other topics. Those who graduate from these masters degrees go on to work as interesting job roles such as maintenance engineers, aircraft developers or spacecraft designers. Talk about exciting!

aerospace engineering

6 Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in Europe

When it comes to the best aerospace engineering schools in Europe, you have several options to choose from. You can choose to study in the UK or you can choose to study in Italy, among other study destinations. Here are some of the best schools to consider in Europe if you are interested in pursuing a master’s in the field. 

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University of Cambridge

Location: the UK

Top of the list is the University of Cambridge which has a great master’s in aerospace engineering, named at the university the master’s in aerosol science. It’s a four-year training program that is part of a multi-institutional EPSRC Aerosol Science CDT. The aim of the program is to give students an in-depth overview of the aerosol science field and allow them to receive excellent training in measurements, analysis and application techniques. 


For the first 7 months of the degree, you’ll study at the University of Bristol in the UK, receiving an education in the physical sciences when it comes to aerosols. Afterwards, students will head to Cambridge University and receive a research project to do, before carrying out their own dissertation project. 

University of Oxford

Location: the UK

Ranking at number 2, the University of Oxford has the 2nd best master’s program in aerospace engineering. Students who take this degree get the opportunity to develop their engineering research skills and carry out a lot of cutting edge research. They’ll also grow excellent mathematical and physics skills, as well as skills in the area of computational modelling, designing software skills and skills in data analytics and visualization. You’ll also be able to carry out research in the field you please, from thermofluids and turbomachinery to solid mechanics and materials to information, vision and control engineering, so you will be able to get a deep dive into the area you are truly passionate about.

ETH Zurich

Location: Switzerland

Third on the list is the excellent ETH Zurich which has an advanced master’s program in the area. Students learn advanced structures when it comes to aerospace topics, with courses teaching them to deal with academic challenges and acquire in-depth knowledge about theoretical aspects, computational methods and process technologies. Students of the master’s program also work with PhD students and take part in many research activities. Various Swiss companies have also become partners to the program, such as suppliers of high tech products and aerospace, aircraft and automotive systems, so students can get a hands-on experience in the industry, while they are pursuing their master’s degree at the university. 

Imperial College London

Location: the UK

Another top contender for the best schools in the field is Imperial College London, which offers a great master’s program. Students who are interested in aircraft technologies will enjoy studying the course as it offers students knowledge about how to meet the growing demand for air travel, whilst beating the environmental challenge that comes along with air flying. This means they will learn about topics of sustainability and reducing environmental impact, as well as become well versed in life-cycle costs that come along with any machinery.  


The department has high standard facilities and offers students with the latest industry-standard software to work on. The program can be completed in one year, as long as students are studying it on a full-time basis. Students will also take part in an intensive four-month research project, which can either be theoretical, experimental or a mix of both approaches. Another great point is that the master’s degree is accredited by the British Royal Aeronautical Society. 



Location: Switzerland

Another great school to pursue an aeronautical engineering degree at is the EPFL in Switzerland. The degree, which is part of the mechanical engineering master’s program, offers students training in general and specialised subjects. They can learn any field of mechanical engineering they like but if they choose to specialise in aerospace engineering then they’ll learn skills like how to depict air flow around airplane wings. You can even choose to pursue a double degree in Automobile and Aerospace.  


Politecnico di Milano

Location: Italy

Politecnico di Milano is located in Italy and also has a good master’s program in the field of aerospace engineering. The program, which lasts for three years, gives student a solid background in aerospace field, learning about aircraft systems design and how to operate and maintain the systems. Students who pursue the degree will learn about topics like flight mechanics, aerospace propulsion mechanisms and on board systems. Graduates of this prestigious program will be able to work in the fields of aircrafts or engine consutructions, in addition to space companies and those maintaining aircrafts too. 


Arden University

Location: Berlin

Finally, Arden University in Berlin offers a great master’s program in the field of engineering management, with a focus of any speciality in engineering. It’s crucial for engineers to learn management so they can jump into management positions in their careers so the program gives a boost to anyone who graduates from it. The course is CMI accredited and helps you learn how to manage engineering work projects, with a global perspective in mind. 


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In conclusion, there are many great engineering schools in Europe to pursue aerospace engineering master’s degrees at.
Uniapp can help you to find these through the degree search program. From Cambridge University to Arden University to many more amazing programs that will feed you with the knowledge needed to excel in your careers after graduation, there are so many options for those interested in pursuing such a challenging and exciting degree program. 


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