7 Promising aerospace engineering schools in the UK in 2023

aerospace engineering schools in the UK
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7 Promising aerospace engineering schools in the UK in 2023

Aerospace engineering schools in the UK are your key to becoming a brilliant aerospace engineer. It has all the flexible, hands-on, and designed accredited programs to give you practical experience. As an aerospace engineer, you will get to study the design, the technology, and the production of aircraft

Aerospace Engineering includes a number of related fields that are needed in order to make a complete engineering team such as:

  • Software design
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Mathematics
  • Propulsion
  • Materials science.

Since math, physics, and fluid mechanics are taught along with technical and management skills, you can work in other areas of engineering and research as well.


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Why you should enroll in aerospace engineering schools in the UK?


The United Kingdom is home to a rich history of prestigious institutions of higher learning systems. Due to the fact that around one-quarter of British institutions are among the most reputable and highest ranked in the world, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are able to successfully welcome nearly half a million international students each and every year.

If you choose to study in the UK and enroll in aerospace engineering schools there, you will not only receive an education of world-class standard, but you will also improve the command of your proficiency English language.

You will have the opportunity to interact with people from various walks of life while also participating in academic pursuits that will deepen your understanding of the field.

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What are the best aerospace engineering schools in the UK?


Here is a list of the best aerospace engineering schools in the UK based on recent universities rankings:


1. University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge is one of the top aerospace engineering schools in the world. The engineering department offers a bachelor’s degree that can be earned in either mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering.

For advanced education, you can also choose to study a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

Since the University of Cambridge maintains good bonds with reputable companies operating in the aerospace industry, you will have the opportunity to gain the exposure and practical experience which are so highly valued by employers.

As part of the exchange programs, you may also have the opportunity to go to another university, which will definitely allow you to acquire additional experiences.


2. University of Nottingham


The University of Nottingham is also considered to be one of the best aerospace engineering schools in the UK. It has a number of good programs in aerospace engineering, such as:

  • A bachelor of aerospace engineering
  • A bachelor of aerospace engineering with an industrial year
  • A master of aerospace engineering

The aerospace engineering program at the University of Nottingham provides you with extraordinary chances to learn and advance your expertise in the field of aircraft design as well as the field of aerospace.

Worth to mention that the University has teamed up with local businesses, like the airport, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, etc., to give its students hands-on experience.

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3. University of Bristol


This is one of the top-rated aerospace engineering schools in the UK. The aeronautical engineering program will teach you how to design and operate different types of aircraft in a very modern strategy.

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive education possible, this program will put you in a number of realistic scenarios in the aeronautical engineering field. It also provides you with academic mentors who are experts in this field to help you gain all the experience you need.

The University offers you the chance to study a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, in addition to so many master’s degrees and a Ph.D. or MSc by research in aerospace engineering.

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4. University of Sheffield


The University of Sheffield provides you with the opportunity to pursue education in the field of aerospace engineering through a variety of programs, which include:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in aerospace engineering,
  • Aerospace engineering courses with private pilot training
  • A year of gaining experience in the industry
  • A year in North America
  • A foundation year

You also will be instructed on all of the key subfields of aerospace engineering that are relevant to the designing, producing, and building of aircraft as the primary focus of the class.


5. Southampton University


Southampton University is widely regarded as one of the leading aerospace engineering schools in the UK. This university’s aerospace engineering program focuses primarily on providing students with hands-on experience and training, as well as preparing them to design future aircraft, race cars, satellites, and rockets, among other things, and teaching them about a variety of subfields within aeronautical engineering.

You will have the choice of continuing with the general education or opting to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Air vehicle systems design
  • Computational engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Materials and structures
  • Spacecraft engineering
  • Or even spending a semester studying in another country.

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6. Queen’s University Belfast


Queen’s University Belfast is one of the UK’s 24 best universities for research since it is part of the Russell Group. It has the 14th best research in the UK.

It gives you a lot of chances to get valuable experience abroad, either during the summer break or by taking a year off from the degree program. It takes part in the IAESTE and Erasmus student exchange programs, which give you the chance to work in companies and universities all over the world like Brazil, Finland, the United States, France, Iceland, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, South Africa, and Portugal in the last few years.

Once you study a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, you will get into the employability program, which offers assistance and guidance with the preparation of resumes and interviews, as well as a point of contact for the period of placements.

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7. University of Strathclyde


This academic institution has received numerous honors and accolades, and it is the only university of its kind that specializes in aeronautical engineering to have been awarded the Times award for higher education university of the year on two separate occasions.

It offers Bachelor of Engineering honors programs in the same discipline as well as undergraduate degrees in aerospace mechanical engineering.

The goal of the program is to cultivate professionals in the field of aeronautical engineering who are capable of meeting any of the most recent difficulties facing the industry, ranging from design to environmentally responsible development.



 aerospace engineering schools in the UK


Job opportunities for graduates from aerospace engineering schools in the UK


Graduates from Aerospace engineering schools in the UK can work in so many fields like:

  • Aircraft manufacture
  • Flight Simulation
  • Maintenance and testing
  • Patent engineering
  • Systems Engineer
  • Structures engineer.

In addition, Aerospace engineering jobs are available at a number of different worldwide companies that are involved in the industry of aircraft.

Big companies like Rolls-Royce Engines, British Airways, Airbus, and BAE Systems are always looking to hire graduates from Aerospace engineering schools in the UK. So, better be well prepared to take advantage of these promising opportunities.

  • The average salary for a professional is: £26,000
  • The average starting salary for a non-professional is: £17,000


How to apply for aerospace engineering schools in the UK?


You can easily study a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and apply for one of the best aerospace engineering schools in the UK either directly through the university or through trusted websites like Uni-app, where you can apply for some of the top universities in the UK and so many other countries around the world.

However, if you want to get a Master’s or Ph.D., you can apply directly to the university you are interested in, or through websites as well. You can also send your application to most universities at any time of the year, but some degree programs have their own deadlines. Always make sure you know when the deadline is!


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You may now have the answer to this question: What we would do in a world without aerospace engineers?

Aerospace Engineers are creative thinkers and problem-solvers who take on the most difficult challenges in the world and discover solutions that make our everyday lives easier. Their responses to the challenges of the aerospace engineering field have helped save lives and raised the expectations for our standard of living.

Therefore, there’s no better way to become a successful aerospace engineer than going to one of the best aerospace engineering schools in the UK.

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