Top 10 Reasons to Study in Greece in 2023 For Foreigners

Reasons to Study Abroad in Greece
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Top 10 Reasons to Study in Greece in 2023 For Foreigners

The reasons to study abroad in Greece are many to study abroad are cheap, universities in Greece are great, the Olympic Games were launched in Greece for the first time, and they have a history full of legends and achievements.

All this and more make Greece more than just a tourist destination for holidays and vacations, as studying in Greece will be an amazing experience that is not comparable to any other experience at all.

Do you want to study in Greece, the cradle of academic education, or as it is said in ancient Greek (Akadēmía)?

This Mediterranean country is widely known for its intellectual quality which many Western cultures owe including philosophy, linguistics, culture, law, society, beliefs, and systems.

The principles of individualism, freedom, democracy, and government, all have roots that go back to the great thinkers of the ancient Greek civilization, whose ideas are still discussed and circulated to this day.

UniApp can help make your choice easier. here are some of the reasons why you should Study in Greece in 2023.

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An Overview of Greece

Reasons to Study Abroad in Greece
Studying in Greece for International Students

It is a country located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey, which makes it a strategic location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

  • Capital: Athens.
  • Greek language.
  • Population: 10.7 million.
  • Area: 131,957 square kilometers.
  • Currency: the euro.

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What Are the Top Reasons to study abroad in Greece For International Students?

If you decide to study in Greece, then you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in an enchanting environment of cultural diversity, openness, and hospitality.

 Which will give you many unforgettable memories. Not only that, choosing this country as a study destination has many other advantages, including the following:

1) Free education and cost of living

Accepted European students can study for free in Greek universities except for some master’s programs. As for the rest of the international students, they must pay tuition fees to enroll in these universities. However, it remains lower than the tuition fees in some other countries such as Britain or Canada.

On the other hand, Greece is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for foreigners, whether they are tourists or international students. So, studying in Greece will not be a heavy burden on your budget! This is one of the most prominent Reasons to study abroad in Greece.

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2) Various study programs in Greece

Greece is not only proud of its cultural and historical heritage, but also preserves and enhances its traditions through education. Therefore, we find that many universities offer distinguished programs and specializations.

It is taught in English, which is also a point in your Favour. Here are examples of some of the majors for which Greece is famous and which are among the most prominent Reasons to study abroad in Greece:

  • Philosophy:

Is there a better place to study philosophy than Greece, known as the land of philosophers? Architecture: While studying, you can draw inspiration from both modern and ancient Greek architecture.

  • Political Studies and History:

Study and earn your degree in these disciplines from the very cradle of democracy.

You have no doubt heard of Hippocrates, the Greek physician who developed many theories about medical ethics. As well as the methods of diagnosis, biology, and treatment that are still used to this day.

You can dig deeper and get a medical degree from Greece, from which it emerged, as well as Hippocrates and many other doctors.

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3) Distinctive tourist places and charming beaches

Who said that you cannot travel to Greece while studying there?! If you decide to study in Athens. You will be just a few steps away from the most famous monuments. Such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Mount Olympus, the Byzantine city walls. The Ottoman White Tower and many more.

Not forgetting the charming Mediterranean climate, amazing islands, and beautiful nightlife. Studying in Greece will not only be an academic trip but also a great tourist adventure. This is one of the most prominent Reasons to study abroad in Greece.

4) The best universities in Greece

Greece has 24 universities and about 16 technical universities, most of which are public. It is considered one of the best universities in the world, as a number of them ranked among the best educational institutions in famous rankings such as the QS.

Studying in Greece will allow you to enroll in one of these universities and obtain a distinguished education. This is one of the most prominent Reasons to study abroad in Greece.

There are more than 20 universities in Greece, spreading over several regions throughout the country. All of them are affiliated with the government. Education is mainly in Greek.

But there are some specialized study programs available in other languages (mostly in English) at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Greece boasts many of the world’s most prestigious universities that are often ranked among the world’s best universities lists. Here are a number of these universities:

  • National Technical University of Athens

It is the highest-ranked university in Greece, ranked 477th in the world in 2021. The university was founded in 1837 and is referred to by the acronym NTUA. It is one of the oldest universities in Greece.

Today, the university has about 23,000 students, most of whom are enrolled in five-year study programs such as engineering or medicine.

Reasons to study abroad in Greece the subjects at the National Technical University of Athens are taught in Greek. However, students who enroll in it the Erasmus program present their graduation projects in English.

This university is Greece’s highest-ranked university, and it is ranked 376th in the world, up from 450th the previous year. This university, founded in 1837, is one of the oldest Studies in Greece.

It now has around 10,000 students, the majority of whom are enrolled in five-year programs leading to a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree in science or engineering.

The university is organized in accordance with the continental European system for training engineers, with a focus on solid foundations.

The duration of courses leading to a Diploma, constituting an Integrated Master’s degree, after the acquisition of 300 credit units/ECTS is five years.

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  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university in Greece and one of the largest in Southeast Europe. Its main campus is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece and an important tourist attraction.

The university was founded in 1925 and was named after the famous philosopher Aristotle, who was born near the city. The university offers many specializations for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Most subjects are taught in Greek. It was ranked 571 in the QS World University Rankings 2021. This highlights the Reasons to study abroad in Greece.

This is Greece’s largest university and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Its main building is in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and a popular tourist destination.

It was founded in 1925. It’s also named after the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was born nearby. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, with the majority of courses taught in Greek. According to the QS World University Rankings, this university is ranked 470.

  • Crete University

This institution is ranked 501 in the world. Its two buildings are located on Crete, the largest and most popular Greek island: one in Heraklion, the administrative capital of Crete, and the other in Rethymno, an ancient Minoan city.

This university, established in 1973, has grown rapidly and now has approximately 18,500 students spread across its five faculties.

It also partakes in numerous educational and student exchange programs, such as Erasmus, Lingua, and Tempus, and owns a number of partner universities around the world.

5) Affordable Living Costs in Greece

It is important to bear in mind that renting a one-room apartment in major cities can cost you around 250-450 euros per month. The amount drops to about 200-350 euros on the outskirts of the cities.

In smaller towns, the cost is lower and cheaper. You need about 50 -100 EUR to cover the costs of gas, electricity and heating. And about 25 euros for the cost of the Internet connection. This is one of the most important factors and Reasons to study abroad in Greece.

As for transportation, the cost is also acceptable, as you will not need to pay more than 30 euros per month for the metro or bus. With the student discount, the amount may be reduced even more.

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Studying in Greece and Living in this country is less expensive than in other European countries. Housing costs range from 90 to 350 euros, depending on the student’s preferences.

It will cost him money to live in university housing (90-150 euros per month). If he or she wishes to live independently, the monthly rent will range between 150 and 350 euros. In terms of living expenses, a budget of 200-300 euros is considered adequate for meeting basic needs and living a full life.

6) Affordable Education

One of the top reasons to study abroad in Greece is that education is affordable to almost all students. Students coming from EU and EEA nations usually don’t pay tuition at Greek public universities, with the exception of a few Master’s programs.

All other international students must pay tuition fees ranging from 1,500 to 9,000 EUR per year, which includes textbooks for the selected courses.

Great anthologies, novels, and other types of books are lent or even given to students for their personal use. The University of Thessaloniki provides hot meals twice a day and free gym access to all students.

7) Unmatched tourist destinations

Greece is a word synonymous with civilization and millennia-old history. Landmarks in Greece are too many to count. They are formidable, too.

The country offers many attractions for visitors to enjoy, including a Mediterranean climate, fascinating historical sites, beautiful beaches and islands, vibrant nightlife, and delectable cuisine – all at reasonable prices.

If you study in Athens, you will be one step away from magnificent monuments such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, The Parthenon, The Acropolis, and Mount Olympus, and in Thessaloniki, you will be one step away from the Byzantine city walls, the Heptapyrgion castle, the Ottoman White Tower, and a lot of mind-blowing sites.

8) Great offers

Most Greek universities have university restaurants where students can eat two full meals a day for free using a card (feeding card). Students can apply for a transportation card within the same city and save up to 50%.

Under the university card, students also receive 15-20% discounts on intercity transportation, whether buses or trains. With a university card, students can visit archaeological sites (such as the Acropolis in ancient Athens) for free. There are also student discounts on cinemas and sports clubs.

9) Unforgettable taste

Reasons to study in Greece could make up a long list. But one of the major reasons why you as a student should go to Greece is food. It’s not a joke.

The food there is amazingly great. Tsatsiki, feta, olives, and gyros are popular Greek dishes, as are tsipouro, Metaxa, retsina, and ouzo.

Greeks have long life spans on average, which is partly due to their diet. In a nutshell, the food in Greece is great and tasteful. It’s an experience that every student should go through.

10) Specializations unique to only Greece

Greece is of course the cradle of subjects like philosophy and logic. It’s one of the reasons to study abroad in Greece.

That’s why Greece is home to Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Hence, it’s the best place if you want to study philosophy. In Greece, students can yet study architecture, medicine, politics, and history.

All such specializations can be taught the best way only in one place: Greece. Greece was also a major influence on early scientific concepts, and the majority of symbols used in physics and math equations are derived from the Greek alphabet. Pythagoras, another Greek, discovered the first known mathematical formula.

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To sum up, Greece is a great country, with great landmarks, history, food, educational system and atmosphere of the living. The lucky students will come to grips with the reasons to study abroad in Greece, making up their minds and starting such a great trip.

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