Where to study an Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in Germany for 2023

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Where to study an Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in Germany for 2023

Choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, is an ideal option for people with an interest in developing, designing and manufacture of aircrafts and other similar systems as well as equipment. The integrated technology within the field is the most developed and advanced, for aerospace engineering, you cannot work with less the lead cutting edge technology there is.  As the technology is included in the advancement in defense applications such as missiles, spacecraft, satellites and aircrafts.

Where to study an Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in Germany for 2023

The bachelor degree in aerospace will allow you a deep understanding in aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, software, materials and structures. The degree is best earned from a country with a lead in technology and developed, this is why you should study in Germany. Engineering graduate students from Germany are known for having the most advanced and effective skills, their job market provides several opportunities where they graduate to become experts in the fields of aerospace product and manufacturing or other engineering services.

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FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

The university is the most popular in Aachen, it was founded in 1971 and has building up to its excellent reputation since. The university’s student enrollment is 15,000 students and it has a very selective application process with only 10% of students being admitted annually. Their aerospace engineering department is divided into three specializations; aeronautical engineering, space travel and vehicle technology. These different specializations will allow you to combine your growing interest with vehicles and the possible future of mobile vehicle development. The work field is focused on the progress and continuous ongoing research of technology in national and international cooperation and graduates of their university are among the number one for recruiters.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

The university was founded in 2009 and it has several campuses around Baden-Wuerttemberg, the university has a selected over 2,000 enterprises and social institutions for collaborations. This is to qualify their students with the required vocational work along the aerospace engineering theories and research. There are two specializations within the department, aerospace systems and aerospace electronics. For both specializations, you would take part in regular excursions; airbus, DLR/ZARM and Diamond Air fact as part of your practical application of knowledge. The majority of these school graduates continue to work in the fields of aircraft or spacecraft manufacturing and airline and aircraft operators.

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Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is recognized worldwide for its excellent provision of knowledge in all subjects across different departments. The university offers well-rounded courses in different fields and ensures that students are exposed to vocational work and trainings alongside their theoretical work to help equip them for when they become part of the workforce. During the first four years at the program, students are expected to complete a total of 19 compulsory courses, then students chose between the “system electives” followed by the practical work and internships. Upon completion of this course, you are going to be prepared with an in depth knowledge in the fields of mathematics, materials to fluid physics and computer science.

Bundeswehr University Munich

The research establishment Bundeswehr University Munich was established in 1973 and is one of the two research universities at federal level in Germany. Their aerospace engineering department is composed of 14 different institutions; Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Applied Physics and Measurement Technology, Autonomous Systems Technology, Measurement and Control Systems, Flight Systems, Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, Human Factors, Jet Propulsion, Lightweight Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanic, Space Technology and Space Applications, thermodynamics and Technical Product Development. The university emboldens a multidisciplinary teaching philosophy, so regardless of your chosen specialization, you are going to develop a strong background in the other fields too.

Aerospace Engineering

Munich University of Applied Sciences

The university was founded in 1991, it started with a main focus on mechanical engineering and ever since the university’s engineering majors have been improving to the extent that they are known for their rounded excellence and the university’s graduates for their knowledge and skills in the work field. The university currently has 4,000 enrolled students and 17% of which are international students.

The aerospace engineering department at the university offers interdisciplinary courses with the mechanical engineering and automotive engineering, as the core competencies for the departments are the same and aim to provide students with an education that combines practical work during their fourth year at the university and methodological knowledge throughout the years. The university also allows its students to complete courses at their partner universities and transfer the credits, this will broaden your horizons as a student and provide you with the opportunity to pursue your studies at different countries with the same excellent quality of education.

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

The university is located in Bavaria, Germany and was established in 1994. This is a public research institution with a research budget of around 20 million euros annually. Their aerospace engineering is focus on vocational work that works in parallel with the taught theory. The degree is earned over a total of six years and you can pursue a master’s degree at the university as well; the degree will prepare you for work in engineering departments for designing aircrafts.

They work on designing, developing and testing end products, for the outcome must be typical to the designs and functioning under severe conditions. The university acknowledges the shortage of skilled workers in the field and so they have arranged with international corporations for practical work to be completed by their students at manufacturing sites.

Choosing to study in Germany your bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering is going to prepare you to become a qualified and skillful engineer capable of manufacturing and developing vehicles and aircrafts while integrating the most advanced technology. Earning your degree from Germany means you will receive an excellent education and be prepared for practical work after your studies are complete. You can apply to the best universities in all of Germany through UniApp and become one of the best engineers in aerospace.

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