Best Architecture Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

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Best Architecture Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

When considering a bachelor’s degree for study, architecture is usually at the top of the list for many people. A bachelor in architecture falls under the umbrella of engineering and the study applies both theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge. Throug choosing to study a bachelor’s in architecture, you will be able to design buildings, shaping the community through sustainable and robust constructions which provide safe shelters and comfort to people. A degree in architecture will also open the doors for much more opportunities than just designing buildings; you might become to a building conveyor, structural engineer or an interior designer.

When considering studying architecture where else better than at a country with world renewed education and prestigious degrees such as choosing to study in Germany? The country itself is an architectural gem with a diverse history and different styles signified around its cities.

Bauhaus-Weimar University

The institution was founded over 100 years ago, until today it remains one of the most renowned architecture in all of Europe and not just Germany. It is located in Weimar, which is in central Germany. The institution was founded was founded before the Bauhaus movement back in 1860, but was given another name then and become Bauhaus-Weimar University only in 1996 to indicate the importance and impact of the movement. The university welcomes international and locals and provides scholarships as well as financial aids which all students are eligible to apply for.

The most reputable and prestigious faculty at the university is its architecture and is a bachelor’s degree from this major is going to provide you with many opportunities for further studies and employment opportunities. The degree may be completed over the course of three years but there is a prerequisite assessment which you have to sit for during the application process.

Technical University of Munich

The university was founded in 1868 and ever since the university has been holding its reputation as a lead university offering comprehensive degrees. Their bachelors in architecture will provide you with all the required knowledge and techniques for work in architecture and they focus primarily on practical work in order to help prepare you for post graduate life as an architect.

Their program aims to equip you with a well-rounded education which entails the fundamentals of business skills while simultaneously proving you with a forging sense of the responsibility of planning required from architects. Their degree has many focus areas; architectural design, integrated building technologies, urban and landscape transformation, cultural heritage, history and criticism. They follow modern day instruction methods which enable you to deal with multifaceted systems and examine your knowledge in applied work as well conducted research and theory. The program is known for its excellence and is why it’s an ideal choice for students.

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RWTH Aachen

The university’s reputation across Europe is nothing short of excellence, their annual number of applicants is constantly rising including international and local students. To complete their offered architecture degree, you must complete 180 credits over and you may do so over the course of 6 semesters. Here is what you can expect while studying architecture at RWTH, the first year will mostly focus on providing you with the basics of architecture and urban planning where you will attempt to consider different aspects of a building and how it must be environmentally friendly, reasonably prices, safe and provides you and withstands difficult situations.

As for the second year, you will be provided with more depth to the topics already covered and the third year will be assigned to work on our own individual project where you present it at the end of the year. The overall curriculum focuses on history, theory and design of architecture practices, technical knowledge which is the construction, planning and designing part of the degree and lastly, projects where during each semester you are assigned one specific project to design and work on.

Leibniz University Hannover

The university was founded in 1831, it is considered amongst the top ten universities in all of Germany not only for its degree in architecture but for its overall offered studies. The university takes pride in being a diverse establishment with offering a broad range of subjects. The core subjects are covered during the first four semesters while the fifth are when you start to choose your compulsory elective courses; the courses examine your level of understanding through written assignments or examinations, projects and presentations.

Additionally, a thesis project is mandatory during your last semester of studying in order to receive your degree. Students wishing to seek a degree in architecture should be interested in planning and designing, are highly perceptive and noticing of small details and committed to making a positive change in the world through sustainable solutions.

Architecture Engineering

Technical University of Dortmund

TU Dortmund was founded in 1968, and now has over 35,000 enrolled students. The university was established on very significant grounds of change as it was to signify Germany’s transition towards technological advancements and growth of that industry instead of the coal and steel industry. From then onwards, the university’s focus on providing comprehensive studies in engineering have been its top goal. The university’s architecture program is unique as it fosters an interdisciplinary approach where civil engineers and architects work collaboratively seeing as the goals within their discipline studies are related and they cover a number of common targets.

This approach has been identified as “Dortmunder Modell Bauwesen” and is a well-known practice across German universities. There are two different projects for undergraduate students to work on during their time at TU Dortmund; the first project is assigned during their fourth semester while the second project during their sixth semester. There are other projects assigned throughout the courses but these are the obligatory projects for the degree.

Wuppertal University

The university is located at the heart of Europe and is a well-recognized establishment with more than 200 partners internationally. The universities values are in recognizing current problems and acting to find solutions through research and development projects and raising social awareness. The university offers graduate and post graduate study options; it cultivates interdisciplinary studies and enforces them strongly. For architecture students, they will be sharing a number of courses with civil engineering and both undergraduate studies have a primary focus of designing and planning buildings which are sustainable, safe, resilient and provide viable solutions to current societal problems.

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There are many universities offering a bachelor degree in architecture; however, the degrees offered at German universities are going to provide you with a more well-rounded and comprehensive degree. Their study degrees focus on several aspects; planning, designing, history and project work which all aim to enhance your skills as an architect and prepare you for practical work after you earn your degree.

Some universities are better recognized than others and these will provide you with more depth of knowledge as their programs are more enhanced, you can apply to the university of your choice Uni-App which will help bring you one step closer to becoming an architect. A degree in architecture Is going to pave the way for many opportunities for you and help you fulfill personal and career related goals.



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