Best Ever Architecture Schools in the US to study at in 2023

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Best Ever Architecture Schools in the US to study at in 2023

The United States is the most popular place for international students to study architecture since it has the best architecture schools in the world and a lot of interesting study places.

The United States is home to so many nationalities of various countries, which has led to the development of a diverse and rich culture. In addition, it is well-known for its high level of freedom and democracy as well as its extensive geographical variety.

The majority of students around the world choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the US, which requires about five years of undergraduate education. You can also study a bachelor’s degree at a state university, a private university, a community college, or even online.


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Getting a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Schools in the US


Students from all over the world want to study architecture in the United States more than in any other country. It is a combination of many different cultures and provides a dynamic way of life for all of its residents. It also has a great education system that brings people from all over the world into one place.

Students who choose to attend architecture school in the US have access to some of the most prestigious educational and training opportunities. Furthermore, those who are interested in pursuing higher education, for example, study a master’s degree in architecture, can choose from among a wide variety of degrees, even online

With a bachelor’s degree in architecture schools, you will learn about the design of buildings, new innovations in building construction, and sustainable building practices.

Architecture schools in the US also offer business classes in order to help students in the development of their skills.



Online programs in Architecture Schools in the US


As we already said, you can study a degree in architecture online in the US.  Yet this isn’t the easiest online master’s degree program you can get, as you’d think. Depending on the type of degree you want to earn, the online architecture degree programs can be different. But most architecture degrees include classes in design, building, and sustainability.

Here are some examples of online architecture degree programs:

  • Building Technology
  • History of Architecture


 Architecture Schools



How to choose Architecture Schools in the US?


If you are interested in studying architecture, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration:

  • When choosing a university, you should find out how reputable the architecture program is and whether or not it has produced any well-known figures in the field.


  • You might also want to know what kinds of facilities you have access to like libraries and labs.


  • Location, the cost of tuition, and living expenses are also key aspects to consider before getting into architecture schools.


  • It is essential that you make sure the university you end up attending is authorized and recognized by NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) before making your final decision.


  • After choosing the architecture schools, you should take the NCARB exam which lasts for three hours and includes a variety of themes associated with the profession of architecture, including architectural history, design theory and practice, building codes and regulations, professional ethics, and behavior, and other relevant issues. The exam has a high pass rate of approximately 80% and costs about $250 dollars.



What are the top architecture schools in the US?


The United States seems to have everything, from the Empire State Building to the White House, from the Gateway Arch to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and from Mount Rushmore to the Lincoln Memorial.

That’s why we’re not surprised that you want to study in the US. Let’s have a look at the top architecture schools in the US:


University of California


This university is widely recognized as one of the leading architecture schools in the US. It was established in 1868 as a public research institution located in Berkeley, and it is well-known among architecture schools in the United States.

The program of the University of California, Berkeley, offers you the opportunity to pursue a variety of studies while also requiring you to take classes in architectural design and environmental design.

This program offers a comprehensive introduction to the topic of architecture through foundational classes, in addition to so many areas to concentrate your studies to become a specialist in the field like:

Architectural design and representation, architectural technology, architectural history, and architectural engagement with both society and culture.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


“Mind and Hand” is the slogan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, since it aims to advance knowledge in technology, and architecture.

The Department of Architecture at MIT is home to a substantial body of research that is made throughout all of the department’s subfields.

In addition, it makes it possible to conduct research to a deeper depth in a variety of subjects, including but not limited to computers, innovative methods of design and manufacturing, structures, and energies, humanities, and arts.

The Department is committed to the maintenance of human values as well as the creation of socially acceptable roles for architecture.



University of Oregon


The University of Oregon is known for its academic knowledge and dedication to teaching. It is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains. It’s a member of the Association of American Universities, which means it’s one of the top 62 architecture schools in the country.

It has more than 3,000 undergraduate classes that will push you to think critically, creatively, and globally. Our university has nine schools and colleges and more than 300 academic programs, so it can give you a wide variety of academic opportunities.

The Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon encourages a productive, collaborative work environment. You can study a Bachelor’s degree and a minor in architecture since they both are offered by the Department of Architecture. The Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) includes both professional coursework and requirements in general education.


Harvard University


Harvard University students interested in the history of art and architecture can choose to concentrate their studies in either Architecture Studies or History of Art and Architecture. The delivery of the course is a joint effort between the Graduate School of Design and the History of Art and Architecture department.

Architecture covers not only the physical structures of human occupation but also the dynamic processes that define human action and experience, and it is placed at the crossroads of creative vision, practical implementation, and social use.

The study of architecture includes both scientific and humanistic forms of inquiry, as well as written and visual modes of expression, in both conventional classroom settings as well as studios oriented that were built for this purpose.



 Cornell University


It is a research university that is privately owned and located in Ithaca, New York, and it is known as one of the top architecture schools in the US.

The architectural department has developed a highly organized program that places an emphasis not just on design but also on philosophy, history, technology, representation, and structures.

During the first three years of your education, you will participate in a core curriculum that has as its primary goal the development of a solid foundation for architectural education and for education in general.

During the last four semesters of your education, you are strongly encouraged to work in a variety of professions while still concentrating on an intellectually challenging and creative study environment.



Columbia University


The Columbia University architecture major is designed around a comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge tools, and a range of activities and events that foster design discovery, visual inquiry, and critical conversation.

You will be prepared for architectural specialty in a variety of fields, including architectural design and representation, architectural technology, building performance, architectural history, and architectural society and culture, among others, through the course of study.

In addition, the study of architecture at Columbia University includes both scientific and humanistic forms of inquiry, as well as textual and visual methods of expression.


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When it comes to architecture, the US is fortunate to have a large number of structures and monuments that continue to attract tourists from all around the world.

Studying at one of the top architecture schools in the US might be the most important thing you can do to shape your career as an architect in the right direction.

Now, with uni-app, where you are going to find all the right programs, you have no obstacles to studying architecture in the US and living your American dream.



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