A Bachelor of Arts: Your Top Guide

Bachelor of arts
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A Bachelor of Arts: Your Top Guide

Decisions, decisions, decisions… it seems that this is recently all what you are doing. Deciding on which university to attend, when to start your application process, whether to study broad or somewhere near home, how will you spend your last summer vacation before university, how you will fund your studies and most importantly, what will you study? Will you choose a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science, for example? The university choices are endless, a place to start would be to determine what type of bachelor’s degree you want to earn, study and work in a related field and work from there.

When you choose to study a bachelor’s degree, they are many and you might find some overlapping. A good place to start would be to know which bachelor’s degree you want to pursue, from a bachelor of arts to a bachelor of science to many other bachelor types. If you are someone who is interested in general courses which will give you a basic understanding of many different courses then choosing to study a bachelor of arts might be the right choice for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a bachelor of arts degree.

Bachelor of Arts Courses

There are many courses offered under the bachelor of art but one thing you can expect is that the courses are going to vary. You will not be focused on a set of five different topics which you study in more and more depth over the years, but rather you study a number of courses and gain knowledge in different fields that will help your chances of employability when you are done with your studies. The courses include liberal art studies courses, social sciences, humanities, languages and cultural courses. You do focus on a set topic but it rather you study courses which provide you with knowledge in different fields.

The courses will be taught in a theoretical and practical way which is done to help your overall skills and encourage you to explore your areas of strengths and targets. You can expect the curriculum to be broad and not specific as other bachelor types; say for example such as a bachelor of science where you target very specific studies.

Bachelor of Arts

Work Field for a Bachelor of Arts

The people who pursue studies in a bachelor of arts studies can expect to graduate and apply to several work fields. You can have a certain career target in mind and pursue the degree which helps you reach it, but the degree is going to allow you to career shift if you want as the knowledge will prepare you for different study work areas. The work fields which you will become eligible to apply for are going to enhance your creativity and will require you to think outside the box to succeed at your job.

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Bachelor of Arts Specialization

On the norm, the degree requires four years to be completed and you may enroll as a full time or as a part time student but the duration for completion is going to vary from one student depending on the number of completed credit hours and enrolled courses per semester. There are many specializations within the field; one of the most popular is a degree in Economics.

Specializations and Career Paths

Based on whether you choose to study in Germany or study in the UK, for example, specializations and career paths will differ. This degree is going to provide you with an in depth understanding of economics – on the micro and macro level – which covers money and banking courses, finance understanding, how to utilize resources, business studies and there are different you can choose a general degree in economics or specialize in public policy studies, econometrics or financial economics. You can choose to work at different departments at a bank, economist, public policy analyst or complete your further degree studies, amongst many other options.

For a bachelor of arts, you can also study psychology which is going to help you understand motives behind how people behave and borders of the mind. The study is going to enhance your critical thinking skills and analytical skills, and it requires that you complete clinical courses and will study social psychology, neuroscience and other courses which will allow you several work opportunities.

Another specialization under the bachelor of art is political science, this degree is one of the most popular and it is going to provide to make a real change in the world, you will cover different courses that will help you reach different jobs and work in different areas; political analyst, legislative assistant, public relations field or political consultant. You may choose to specialize in law studies, policies or international relations. The study will enhance your analytical thinking skills, boost your leaderships skills and become more used to working in teams and taking part in debates.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

There are other specializations under the bachelor of arts, some of which are anthropology, legal studies, sociology and music studies. The bachelor of arts studies is interdisciplinary and choosing to study one specialization means that you will study be able to gain knowledge about the other studies. During your studies, you may choose to double major and you may also complete up to two minors as you will have elective courses to complete the required number of credits for graduation. For all completed studies in the field, you will be provided with the chance to pursue further graduate studies.

There are many choices to choose from when deciding on what to study, selecting which bachelor of studies you will earn your degree from is one way to start. Then you can focus on what specialization, whether you can to double major or study a minor and the university to attend. You can learn about more specializations and career paths through UniApp and apply through it, to ensure a stress free process and be provided with guidance throughout.




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