Best 5 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the US in 2023

aerospace engineering
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Best 5 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the US in 2023

Aerospace engineering is an exciting and interesting field to work in after graduation, though it isn’t for the faint of heart. The interesting nature of the work is why many students choose to study a master’s in aerospace engineering. The United States is one of the top study destinations for master’s in the world, which is why students who want to do a master’s in the field may choose to study there. This article discusses the top 5 schools for aerospace engineering in the US where you can pursue your master’s degree. 

Best 5 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the US in 2023

If you’re looking to study at one of the best schools for aerospace engineering in the US, Uniapp can help you find a great one. From Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Schiller International University, the choices are endless and the programs are truly prestigious. This means you’ll surely get a great master’s education, no matter which school of these you decide to go to! 


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: Massachusetts

The top school for aerospace engineering in the US that you can choose to pursue your master’s degree at is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, famously known around the globe as MIT. Completing this master’s degree usually takes students at least one year, though getting the engineer’s degree, which is an additional qualification, will need at least two. The engineer’s degree focuses more on giving a higher level of professional skills and research abilities and demands more from the student than the traditional master’s program does. 


You can also choose to do a combined degree of an MBA with a master’s in aerospace engineering. Those who finish this degree are strongly prepared for a great career in leadership in the aerospace industry after graduation. Areas of research focused on during the course of the program include the following, among many other interesting areas: 

  • Aerospace Computational Engineering
  • Aerospace, Energy and the Environment
  • Air-Breathing Propulsion
  • Aircraft Systems Engineering
  • Space Propulsion
  • Space Systems


California Institute of Technology

Location: California

If you want to study in the US and pursue a master’s in the aerospace field then the second-best option is the California Institute of Technology. The university offers a program called the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering that gives students an intense learning experience in the subject of aeronautical and space science. The degree focuses on research, analytical and experimental techniques. Students who study for the degree get to take advantage of the advanced Graduate Aerospace Laboratories (GALCIT). 


Students who choose to pursue this degree should have an excellent background in maths, engineering subjects and physics. They also choose a specialisation track during the course of their studies. Examples of these tracks include the subject of physics of fluids, physics of solids and mechanics of materials, structural mechanics, space technology, computational solid mechanics, aeronautical engineering and propulsion, technical fluid mechanics, control of aerospace systems and materials and more.

Stanford University 

Location: California

Another great master’s program in the field is the one offered by Stanford University, for students who are interested in Aeronautics and Astronautics, or a related field. The degree is mainly theoretical and based on courses, giving students who join the program an advanced knowledge in the exciting subject area of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Georgia

The next best aerospace master’s degree is at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The degree focuses on giving students an in-depth program focusing on the areas of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, aeroelasticity and structural dynamics, flight mechanics and control, propulsion and combustion, structural mechanics and system design and optimization, among other topics. Students who want to acquire the degree will need to complete 33 hours of coursework, with at least 3 credit hours of Special Research. They also need to keep up a GPA of at least 2.7 to graduate from the program. The degree is flexible and can be altered to fit the needs of the student and to meet their career goals and objectives. 


Schiller international university

Location: Florida 

Finally, Schiller International University offers a great aerospace engineering master’s program with a focus on sustainability. The degree prides itself on giving students an interdisciplinary approach to learning, giving them courses in sustainable development and design, environmental policy, ecology, natural resources and ethics, so that students can go into the field of aerospace with the aim to make greener aeroplanes and machines. The program encourages students to inspire change and make the world a more ethical and sustainable place for future generations. They’ll also learn leadership skills, how to network efficiently and build and implement solutions to global issues, which are crucial professional skills in an interconnected world like today’s one. 

What do Aerospace Engineers do?

After learning about the best aerospace engineering master’s programs in the US, you might be curious about what aerospace engineers actually do after graduation. Their job responsibilities typically include designing, manufacturing and testing aircraft and aerospace-related products, making sure projects that are proposed are safe and meet the goals and developing acceptance criteria for methods and quality standards. They may also work in the inspection of malfunctioning machines to find out what the source of the malfunction is, to be able to avoid it in the future. 


Some aerospace engineers also work in areas of sustainability, making sure that products compile with environmental regulations and don’t cause too much pollution. Others may develop new aviation technologies or ones that are used in defence systems or space systems, becoming experts in subject areas like aerodynamic fluid flow, structural design, navigation, and control, instrumentation and communication,  robotics or propulsion and combustion.

aerospace engineering

Aerospace Engineers Careers

When it comes to career options after graduation, there are many options for aerospace engineers. They can become experts in designing commercial and military aeroplanes and helicopters or work on remotely piloted crafts. They can also work on space machinery, like launch vehicles, military missiles and rockets. Some typical careers for aerospace engineers after graduation are job roles such as Aerodynamic engineers, Aeronautical engineers, aircraft designers, aircraft engineers, flight systems test engineers, rocket engineers, aircraft design engineers and wind tunnel engineers, among many other titles that they may choose to pursue. 


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In conclusion, aerospace engineering is a challenging and exciting career path to choose. There are also many great programs at universities in the US to pursue if you are interested in doing your master’s degree in the field. After graduation from such a program, you’ll be able to work in a variety of interesting subject areas from working as an aircraft engineer to a flight system testing engineer to many, many more. The possibilities are truly endless. It is ‘rocket science’ after all!

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