The Best 5 Bachelor Degrees to choose in 2023

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The Best 5 Bachelor Degrees to choose in 2023

A bachelor degree is the most popular and sought after degree at the undergraduate level. This comes as no surprise seeing as choosing to study a bachelor’s degree is like earning a golden ticket into the workforce. Your chances for employment are increased and having a stable earning income are more likely. However, the decision for which bachelor’s degree is one of the most important decisions you will make. This decision is one which the majority of secondary school graduates have to decide upon; however, due to common interests there have become bachelor’s more popular than others. Here are the five most popular bachelor degrees, no matter which of the top study destinations you choose.

Bachelor in Business

Choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in business has been a common choice for many years by students. The degree in business entails the following specializations; finance, management, accounting and economics. The main underlying reason for students making this choice is because of its employment opportunities where the demand for business graduates is constantly high. Almost all agencies, firms and establishments have job openings for business major students matched with a worthy income.

A business degree will also help you advance in your work field and create progress opportunities for you. You will find that a degree in business is offered at many universities, however, Harvard University, which you can go to if you choose to study in the US, has been ranked as the best out of them. While studying a degree in business, you can expect to apply market analysis to real life situations and will be required to conduct financial analysis, develop your research skills, be able to present ideas and examine market scenarios from different angles.

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Popular Bachelor Degrees


The second most sought bachelor degree was in medicine and pre medicine. There is a number of reasons why the majority decided upon this degree; studying medicine is a personal goal and career goal for many people. The idea that you will be working and making a significant impact on other people’s lives by helping them on a daily and consistent basis while earning a living is an ultimate goal for many.

The vacancies and career paths which come with this job are varied and will always be in demand regardless of a country’s economic situation. The nature of the job is hectic and so is earning the degree, students wishing to graduate with a degree in medicine requires more than 4 years of studying as the degree comprises one or two years of vocational practical work. Again, the best university to earn a medicine degree from is Harvard University in the United States followed by University of Oxford if you choose to study in the United Kingdom.



Earning a degree in psychology hasn’t always been among the most popular choice, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. The study of psychology enables you to understand people and identify their causal reasons for their actions and behaviors, it is the study of mind and body. Students considering a degree in psychology must possess strong and effective communication skills while dealing with different people, patience, be a good listener who provides people with responses that heighten their level of understanding, must be culturally sensitive towards people and respects diversity.

They also have to be able to correctly analyze situations and be creative problem solvers. These skills are all going to be addressed while studying psychology; however, these are skills which you might have already acquired before studying as there are other skills which you will learn while studying such as quantitative research, cognitive science fundamentals and research methods among others.



Any well-rounded curriculum at school included the study of biology, all students are familiar with biology and have a strong background about it even before earning a bachelor degree in this field. Biology is the study of life; and this degree is the most suitable for eager learners who care about living species and how they are connected. Students who wish to study biology are usually curious people especially when it comes to nature, are very attentive to small details, convergent thinkers and are willing to devote hours of their time in a lab coat at a laboratory conducting experiments and researching.

The degree is going to open a number of professions for you, as it is the key to becoming a biochemist, biological technician, microbiologist or environmental scientist among many other opportunities. The best bachelor I biology can be earned at Harvard University followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The field of nursing has been one of the oldest and most respected fields, a bachelor in nursing falls under the health care umbrella but it has slightly different focuses. For the most part, a degree in nursing paves the way for you to become a nurse. The primary goal for you while being a nurse is to provide patient care in all its forms, for example; tracking medication, checking vital signs or recognizing any potential drug interactions.

Becoming a nurse, you can expect the occurrence of long shifts, working for long hours during the night too, physically demanding job as you will be obliged to assist patients in movements at times and will be standing for the most part and emotional exhaustion as it is not easy seeing people in pain. Despite all of these challenging factors, becoming a nurse is one of the most rewarding and reputable jobs especially since you will learn to overcome any setbacks through experience.

During your time as a nursing students you will study a variety of courses which will prepare you for your work, besides the major nursing courses, psychology, leadership management and gerontology amongst many other.


The different degrees are going to lead you on different paths, the decision of what bachelor degree to study is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. You must consider that these fields are the most popular for several reasons including personal and career goals but that following your passion must top everything, especially since there is no one road to success. Upon deciding, you can apply to whichever chosen degree using UniApp for an easy an guided application process to get you started!


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