Top 5 Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany

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Top 5 Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany

Becoming a fashion designer is now a more competitive field than ever, previously when fashion designers were a few well-known brands run by designers who were not courageous enough to be as inventive as today and stuck more to traditional wear, becoming a fashion designer was easy. However, now with people more open to new styles, mixing different color palettes and the power of social media which easily connects people to designers and allows you to reach millions of people almost effortlessly, becoming a fashion designer is a lot more challenging that it was.

This is why choosing to a study a degree in fashion design, is a great way to gain professional knowledge about the field and provide you with a head start into combining your passion with your career.  There have been many universities and institutions offering studies in fashion design; and Europe has built its reputation for having the best fashion design programs. Germany is no exception, choose to study in Germany and you will be provided with a well-rounded idea about the different aspects of fashion designing from professional instructors and your aspirations become your reality.

Best 5 Fashion Design Schools in Germany

The field of fashion design is a highly competitive one, especially since trends are always emerging and changing. Designers aim to keep up with such fast paced changes and must do so in the most sustainable, fashionable and trendy way, otherwise their name dies. Studying fashion designing will allow you to unleash your creative side, the goal is stand out amongst the rest, so if you are looking for a field which will appreciate your originality fashion designing is the answer.

Through professionally studying the degree, you will learn from professionals and gain practical experience about different textures, elements and designs. Additionally, you will get to connect with different people with the same ambitions and ones who are ahead in the field and can help you out, after all connections are key! The best fashion design schools in Germany are the following:

  • Fashion Design Institute in Düsseldorf
  • Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle
  • Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin
  • Hochschule Pforzheim in Pforzheim
  • AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, Hamburg

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Fashion Design Institute in Düsseldorf

The Fashion Design Institute in Dusseldorf offers three bachelor degrees, all of which are focused on fashion; fashion design, fashion journalism and styling, fashion marketing or management. The institute offers the best degree in all of Germany. Their degree in fashion designing will guide you towards your full potential as a designer. You will learn how to incorporate your creativeness as you draw and cut your own fashion makings. The degree is covered over seven semesters and throughout all years, you will be completing vocational work.

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle – Design Campus

The university offers degrees for students who want to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in fashion designing, the university fashion degrees are aimed to enhance your creative side into designs. The courses covered do not guide you into following a certain design but work on developing your own. They are not taught in one conventional way but rather, many approaches to help you fins which is the most suitable to you; however, they are all focused on matching the theoretical with practical.

The majority of the courses take place in large classrooms or studios as figure models and any different fabrics need to be available to you during classes. There are two disciplines for you to pick from; textiles or fashion the choice between both is difficult seeing as the number of different courses between both are not many and there are a lot of similarities.

Fashion Design

Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin

This school of art and design is located in the heart of Germany and was founded in 1946, it offers many design degrees and their fashion degree is aimed to provide you the skills required to join a diverse and extensive variety of work areas in fashion, this is attained through studies of different methodologies, conducted seminars and application of practical work through workshops. The studies all aim to help you unleash your creative side of designs and create your own identify through designs. The degree is completed over four years, and further studies are also offered at the university.

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Hochschule Pforzheim in Pforzheim

The public university of Hochschule was established in 1877 and is one of the largest in Pforzheim. The university offers many different fields and courses for study and its academics are divided into three faculties; design, business and law and engineering. Their design faculty is known for being an active one where they conduct their own workshops, projects and focus on being up to date with different trends.

The courses encourage students to pursue their passion and aim to encourage students to mix different textures and colors together. During the first two semesters, students cover the basics of designs and cutting, the work then is more dependent on theoretical approaches at first but proceeds to focus on practical and analysis later on.

AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, Hamburg

The private applied sciences academy of fashion and design in Hamburg is known for offering excellent fashion design programs. Their fashion design degree can be obtained after completing seven semesters and is offered at their campus in Berlin. The degree follows an interdisciplinary approach, you will learn basics about fashion management and fashion communication during your time at AMD. The course is structured in a way to ensure that you gain an in depth knowledge about fashion cultural history, materials, product management expertise and communication. The academy hosts a number of design events throughout the year, will allow you to showcase your work and will expose you to as much vocational opportunities as possible.

A degree in fashion design requires a lot of commitment and a resilient person who wants to combine their creativeness and passion for fashion. The best universities for fashion designing can be found in Germany will benefit you plenty when it comes to connections, learning about different fashion areas and practical work. Applying to the university of your choice can be completed through UniApp easily with no stress or agitation. UniApp guarantees you a smooth procedure and easy process.


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