Best Aerospace Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

aerospace engineering master's
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Best Aerospace Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

Aerospace Engineering, which is literally “rocket science”, is a challenging engineering degree, but one that is exciting and worth the effort. Students passionate about flying or space might choose to pursue an aerospace engineering master’s, with many of them choosing to study in Germany, as it is one of the top study destinations in the world to study engineering at. Read on to find out where to study an aerospace engineering master’s degree in Germany and what aerospace engineering really is, as well as why you should choose to study your degree in Germany. 

What’s the difference between Mechanical engineering and Aerospace engineering? 

Before talking about the best aerospace engineering master’s programs in Germany, you might first want to know what the difference is between mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering, as in many schools aerospace engineering is a subset of the mechanical engineering major. Here are the differences between mechanical engineering master’s degree graduates and those who choose to master in aerospace engineering. 


First of all, aerospace engineers and mechanical engineers have drastically different job roles. Aerospace engineering focuses on the study of physics and how flight, navigation principles and aerospace physiology work, as well as the testing of aerospace products. Job roles of an aerospace engineering master’s degree graduate include design of aerospace and aviation product, analysis of design plans for any errors, assessment of project proposals to see if they are financially and physically feasible or not and establishment of operating and safety standards for aerospace products, among many other job responsibilities. 


On the other hand, alumni who chose to study a mechanical engineering master’s degree focus on design, manufacturing and maintenance of power machines like electric generators and turbines. Job roles for a mechanical engineer include updating existing system designs, creating machine prototypes, analysing machine data and tracking project process, as well as  numerous other job roles. 


That means that if you are interested in aircraft and spacecraft then you should pursue a master’s in aerospace engineering, while if you are interested in solving problems using mechanical tools, you should study a mechanical engineering master’s degree. 


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Why study aerospace engineering in Germany? 

Students may be asking why they should study a master’s degree in aerospace engineering in Germany, when there are so many other study destinations to choose. Germany is one of the top countries to study a master’s degree in engineering at, due to many different factors. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to pick Germany as a study destination for your aerospace engineering master’s degree: 

  • The field of aerospace engineering is growing quickly as an educational field in the country, with many recruiters hiring in the field and numerous career prospects.
  • Germany has some of the top ranked universities in the world for aerospace engineering that have innovative campuses and equipment where advanced research in the field can easily take place. 
  • Germany prizes deep technical knowledge so as an aerospace engineering master’s student, you’ll be highly prioritised.
  • Costs of living are low and public universities offer free master’s degree programs in most fields, so you’ll only need to pay enrollment and administrative fees, which are negligible. 
  • International students can work a working student job while studying, gaining exposure with industry partners while studying their aerospace engineering degree.

aerospace engineering master's

Best Aerospace Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

After learning about the difference between aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering and finding out why you should choose to pursue your degree in Germany, you’ll next want to know what the top schools for aerospace engineering are. These schools offer the top master’s degree programs in the field, with unique specialisations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else around the globe. Read on to learn more about the best aerospace engineering master’s programs in Germany for the year 2023. 

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Location: Berlin 

The best university to study your master’s degree in aerospace engineering is the technical university of applied sciences Wildau. It is one of the top universities when it comes to science and technical studies and offers an excellent master’s degree program in aerospace engineering. The school is one of the top five institutes of applied sciences in Brandenburg. It is highly selective, only choosing 25 per cent of all students who apply to the university to be admitted to study there. 

Technische Universität Dresden

Location: Dresden

The second top university to study at in Germany to pursue your aerospace engineering master’s is the Technical University of Dresden. The university was founded in 1828, and currently has almost 40,000 students enrolled in the university and around 7000 faculty members teaching there. It is one of the biggest universities in Germany and has a motto that knowledge builds bridges. 


The university is affiliated with associations like TU9, PEGASUS, TIME, CEASER and the Excellence initiatives. The engineering schools have many departments and offer an excellent master’s degree program in the field of aerospace engineering that offers in-depth knowledge and experience, both theoretically and practically.

Munich University of Technology 

Location: Munich 

Another university that offers a top master’s program in the field of aerospace engineering is the Munich University of Technology. This school was foundedi n the year 1868 by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It has around 38,000 students attending the university, with around 6000 faculty members teaching there and has a budget of around 1.2 billion euros. The university is associated with organisations such as GUEI, PEGASUS, CEASER, and Eurotech. Notable alumni who graduated from the university include Rudolf Diesel, Gerhard Ertl, and many other famous faces.

FH Aachen

Location: Aachen 

If you are interested to study in Germany for your aerospace engineering master’s degree, another great option for you is the FH Aachen. This applied sciences university was founded in the year 1971 and is located in Aachen in Germany. The school has around 500 academic staff and 700 administrative staff members. It has a motto of Good in Practice and Theory, and has many great master’s programs, including one in aerospace engineering offered by the Engineering faculty. 

Technical University of Braunschweig 

Location: Braunschweig 

The oldest and most renowned technical University in Germany is the Technical University of Braunschweig, which was established in the year of 1745. The school has about 14,000 students enrolled in it, with around 1800 professors teaching them. The school is associated with entities such asTU9, CEASER, and PEGASUS and has a yearly budget of 275 Million euros. The University has a top notch master’s degree program in aerospace engineering, which offers a deep dive into aerospace engineering topics, as well as a good background 

knowledge in general engineering topics.  

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Location: Munich

Yet another school located in Munich with a great aerospace engineering master’s program is the Munich University of Applied Sciences, which was founded in the year 1971. It is the biggest university in the entire area of Bavaria, with around 17,000 students enrolled in the school. It has a teaching staff of around 2000 academic staff and 500 administrative staff. The school has many faculties for engineering and offers a great program in master’s of aerospace engineering for students who are passionate about the field and want to become well knowledgeable in the study area. 

SRH University of Applied Science

Location: Berlin


Finally, the SRH University of Applied Science also has a notable aerospace engineering master’s program for students who want to study a master’s in Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management . The program allows students to help shape the future of mobility, through studying intensive topics in the field of aerospace engineering. They learn to design the latest aerospace technologies that are also sustainable, and also learn about automotive technologies. Students will also gain an insight into cutting edge modern topics like autonomous driving, assistance systems and new e-mobility sales concepts. 


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When all is said and done, aerospace engineering is an interesting field to study and it is distinct from mechanical engineering, which focuses more on the design and maintenance of mechanical systems, as opposed to aircraft and spacecraft technologies. There are also several excellent schools in Germany where you can choose to study your aerospace engineering master’s degree. If you still don’t know where you want to study, Uni-app is your best friend! It can help you find the top degree program at the best university in the world to suit your interests and future career prospects. 


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