Where to study a Bachelor’s in Archaeology in Germany in 2023

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Where to study a Bachelor’s in Archaeology in Germany in 2023

Upon deciding on the major for your bachelor’s degree which will shape your life onwards; it is easy to follow in the footsteps of the majority and study a popular major knowing which schools are the best and which career path you will walk afterwards. However, when you decide to pursue your passion and follow your true calling, it may not always be the case. A bachelor in archaeology is recently becoming a somewhat popular degree, and this is due to many reasons. If you are one of the people who is interested in archaeology, read on to find the best archaeology schools for bachelors if you want to study in Germany. 

Why study archaeology

The study of archaeology is your true calling if you want to become a scientist who examines the past and analysis materialistic remains of the past. Materialistic things which archaeologists work on examining include; fossils, bones, clothes, stones, houses and such of older times. Therefore, you should not consider his major unless you are keen on learning about the study of the world and the study of past times.

There are four main times of archaeologists; Prehistoric Archaeologists who specialize in the study of cultures before the creation of written languages. There are Historical Archaeologists whose studies are focused on events that occurred before chronological history and Underwater Archaeologists who study ancient remains found underwater, especially human bodies. Lastly, Urban Archaeologists who focus on analyzing layers of deposits, forming a chronology of sites.

The work of an archeologist is quite interesting and the most popular career choice by archelogy graduates is to work with the governmental agencies to run archaeological sites. You can also consider work at a museum, historical sites or archaeological parks. One of the best countries to earn your degree form is Germany, as it offers outstanding learning programs at excellent universities that are recognized globally. Here are the top five universities to study a bachelor’s in archaeology from:

Best Archaeology Schools for Bachelors

Heidelberg University

The university is the oldest in all of Germany, it was established in 1386 and has been a lead institute for many years. The university connects traditional academic values along with its futuristic concepts helping pave the way for a better future. They offer a first-rate bachelor in classical archaeology which focuses on ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and their effects on their succeeding civilizations. They focus on analyzing all forms of visible culture including, drawings and artefacts. The geographical areas at focus are Greece, Italy and portions of southwest Asia and Europe.

There are a number of topics covered while studying archaeology; including the studies of different eras, Etruscology and Roman archaeology. The time periods at focus are 3rd to 2nd millennia B.C.E. and 4th/5th centuries C.E. Archeology includes a lot of theoretical studies and research but also practical field work for analysis. While studying at Heidelberg University you can expect that your studying will include a lot of theoretical work and comparing theories, project work which is usally assigned in groups and practical analysis of artifacts.

University of Bonn

The University of Tubingen has been known for its high quality work in education and research since 1818 when it was first established and is one of eleven universities to be recognized as a university of excellence in Germany. The university offers many degree options and study fields some of which are disciplinary studies while other are interdisciplinary.  The university has an extensive program for the study of archaeology. The degree is primarily based on extensive research and analysis of such research works as well as examining actual artefacts.

Their main work focuses on studying the ancient Mediterranean region followed by the ancient Greek and Roman culture. There are many offered courses within the major; study of different ages such as the stone age and the Byzantine age, and Egyptology where different artefacts are analyzed and on campus there are two different museums for archaeology students’ benefits; The Academic Art Museum and the Egyptian Museum. This allows students to apply their knowledge in more practical ways and compare research by referring to actual materialistic things from different geographical locations and ages.

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University of Cologne

The research university of Cologne is a lead university in Germany, it is where over 40,000 students are currently enrolled and was established in 1388. The university has managed to maintain its reputation as one with a clear mission for improvement and being a comprehensive university with a broad range of studies and degrees offered.

Their bachelor degree in archeology is one of the best in all of Germany and its primarily focus is examining remnants of prehistoric cultures located in the Mediterranean and region of the Black Sea. Artifacts of ancient Romans and the Greek are the study at emphasis for students at the university of Cologne. There are three study areas for a bachelor’s degree at the university; classical archeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces and Archaeoinformatics. The university hosts many conferences to discuss archaeology artifacts and compare theories during the year.

Freie Universität Berlin

The university is recognized as a university of excellence and is one of only eleven universities to receive such an accreditation. The university is also one of the three main universities in Berlin; which are becoming integrated to develop Berlin into a research hub. Their department of classical archaeology has existed since the founding of the university in 1949 and the geographical area of focus for studying is Greece, Asia Minor, Mediterranean and Italy. There are three institutes for archaeological studies; Institute of Classical Archaeology, Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology. The university fosters multidisciplinary studies and courses which overlap with Egyptology studies and Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

University of Göttingen

The university was founded in 1734 by King George II of Great Britain. The university of Göttingen offers a range of studies and has an excellent bachelor degree in the field archaeology “Archaeology of the Greco-Roman and Byzantine World”. When majoring in archaeology at the university you can expect to learning depth about arts and culture of the Greek, Romans and Byzantine World as well as the history of the different eras. The students examine the purpose and time of existence of different materialistic remainders of the different cultures.

The degree can be covered over the course of six semesters and graduates of the programs are going to be able to apply the knowledge of the scientific method, analyze artifacts and present arguments clearly. The university has many partnerships worldwide, allowing their students to receive the upmost benefit while studying at the University of Göttingen.

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There are many areas of focus when studying archaeology, the first step would be to decide which is the most suitable by comparing the best archaeology schools for bachelor’s for and the second is to apply through Uni-App; once these two steps are accomplished you can begin to pack your bags and get ready for your university studies! The overall purpose of the archaeology programs is to provide you with the required skills to analyze artifacts of previous cultures across different geographical locations and determine their time of existence and purpose.

Students must also have an interest studying history and geography as well demonstrating high perceptive skills to small details. There are many interesting career options associated with choosing to study bachelor of archaeology in Germany is known to offer extensive and excellent programs for study. If you’re still confused about the right program for you, you can always turn to UniApp for help!

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