Best Finance Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

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Best Finance Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

The field of finance is known for being one of the fields with the most career-growth opportunities therefore, pursuing a degree in finance is the goal of many people. Post finance studies, you can become eligible to apply for jobs in the fields of financial planning, corporate finance and investment. Your knowledge after completing a degree in finance will benefit your personal goals and career goals. Finance degree are offered at many universities; however, employers do perceive all finance graduates the same.

Where to Study Finance

In order to be highly perceived by employers, gain an in-depth knowledge and be taught by professionals in the field, you should not enrol at just any university. When you decide to study in Germany, you would find that the country is a hub for finance degrees paired with low tuition costs and excellent quality education. The best universities in Germany are:

  • Freie Universität Berlin
  • Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Technische Universität München
  • University of Mannheim
  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Freie Universität Berlin

The public research institution was established in 1948, and has become a lead university across the world. The university is recognized as one of eleven elite German research universities and overall excellence in its many diverse fields. In order to apply for their finance master’s program, you must study a bachelor’s degree in economics or law with a minimum set score. The courses at focus for studies are finance, accounting, taxation and supplements in law related fields in business economics. The degree will provide you with an in depth theoretical knowledge and vocational work.

Goethe University Frankfurt

The university was founded in 1914, the university offers a wide range of study programs, undergraduate, graduate, PhD and doctorate studies and a number of offered courses. The universities academics embrace 16 different faculties and their department of finance is amongst the department which stands out for its excellence. During your first years studying finance, you will cover a range of subjects which will focus on the basics of financial analyzing of data, risk management calculations, and investments. Studies are not solely focused on theoretical studies but on vocational work as well which is applied on realistic and real life data.

Technische Universität München

The Technical University of Munich is not only a lead university in Germany, but is one of the lead universities across the globe and is known for providing excellent courses. TUM graduates are always potential candidates for employers of national and international corporations due to their in-depth knowledge in their chosen field of studies. Their finance department offers a reputable master’s degree which will allow you to become well informed about the field of finance and information management.

Before applying, you must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, business, economics or finance. The program is structured in a course which will allow you to integrate knowledge about the field and advanced technologies through professional trainings and seminars. During your first two semesters of studying, you will complete the basic and fundamental courses of study which teach finance fundamentals, financial management, business analytics, digital information, mathematical and economical management and upon completion of these courses you will focus on completing courses related to your specialization. The specializations include; “Quantitative Finance “, “Financial Management”, “Business & Information Systems Engineering”, and “Sustainability and Technology”.

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University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is a public research institution which was founded in 1907, the university is globally recognized for its exceptional offered studies in the department of Economics and Business administration. There are many specializations and major degrees within this department and earning a finance degree is one them; the degree is offered on the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and MBA levels.

The bachelor degree program is divided into fundamentals and advanced courses; you will study the following courses in depth, financial mathematics, investments and asset pricing, corporate finance and risk management. The degree will set you for many work opportunities, and can allow you to apply for further degrees at reputable universities as well with high chances of acceptance.

Finance Studies

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

The public university of applied sciences was founded in 1971 and is now one offering a number of programs, over 30 programs are offered at the university. The university is comprised of four faculties; including business and law faculty which offers a degree in finance. Their offered bachelor degree in this field

studies is covered over 7 semesters and is taught in English and German. It falls under the bachelor degrees of science, and is offered during each semester. The degree focuses on including vocational work and theoretical applications.

To prepare you for the required means of practice in the industry, you will be working with case studies that reflect the actual market statistics and not just theory. The courses are structures in different ways, seminars are conducted, projects are required and a thesis is mandatory for earning your degree. Previous graduates of the program have worked in the fields of banks, insurance companies, treasure and investment departments and auditing firms mostly.

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Earning a degree in finance is the option for people seeking an in depth understanding of risk management, financial analysts and investments. Choosing to pursue your degree from a country with of the most developed economies, as Germany, is an ultimate option seeing as the degree depends on both theoretical and real life practical analyzing of data. Choosing which university to attend is a difficult decision but applying is not, especially through UniApp which guarantees you a smooth application process.

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