Best Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering Schools in Germany 2023

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Best Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering Schools in Germany 2023

There are many reasons to consider to study a bachelor’s degree in engineering the demand for engineers is high and will continue to rise as they shape the world we live in today. The degree will allow you to enhance your problem thinking skills, combine your critical thinking skills and analytical skills. The branches of engineering are diverse; chemical engineering is an old branch and it is requires a lot of physics studies and math studies. All countries offer engineering studies, but one which truly stands out is Germany for the country is one of the most advanced in the field and it is known for its excellent universities and degrees.

Role of Chemical Engineering

As a chemical engineer, you will be in required to find solutions to pertinent issues in the fields of producing chemicals, fuels, foods and oils among many other end products. We utilize the end products of chemical engineering in our everyday lives; for personal care products. Chemical engineers produce perfumes, lotions and shampoo for daily usage.

The field incorporates, advanced technological approaches, knowledge of different science applications and is divided into two different branches. The first one being industrial applications and the second one being creation of products. Each of these branches are concerned with the usage of raw materials. The best universities for chemical engineering if you choose to study in Germany are the following:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • University of Erlangen Nuremberg
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Stuttgart

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The university was established in 1870, and offers a wide range of courses. Their offered chemical engineering degree is offered in the school of science and is can be completed over six semesters by completing 180 credit hours. The degree will provide you with in depth knowledge in all science fields; chemistry, biology and physics. The application of chemical engineering is broad and therefore, knowledge in diverse subjects is essential. The majority of Karlsruhe chemical engineering graduates join oil and contracting companies where they are available for several job opportunities.

Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin was founded in 1879 and was the first ever university to be recognized as a “technical university”, the university is recognized for its excellent engineering degrees. Chemical engineering for undergraduate studies and graduate studies, the bachelor degree can be attained after 6 semesters and it focuses on the transformation of natural resources and raw materials into end products. The basic courses of study are mathematical courses, chemical and technical basis and application oriented modules. Upon completion of these courses, you can then choose from elective areas in the field.

chemical engineering

University of Erlangen Nuremberg

The public research university was founded in 1743, it offers a wide range of degrees and programs and it recognized internationally for its excellence. They offer two bachelor degrees for the field; chemical and biological engineering and Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies. The university follows an interdisciplinary approach and chemical engineer students will find themselves among several engineering branches of study as this field is broad and requires an understanding of many disciplines, both degrees are under the school of engineering. The major students are required to take part in an internship and cannot complete their degree without at least 12 weeks of vocational work.

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Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is one of Germany’s most reputable universities, it is receiving more recognition yearly as their ranking keeps going up consistently throughout the years for their different faculties and overall excellence. They offer various studies and different degree types. Students willing to excel at the chemical engineering industry by pursing a degree at TUM will be required to complete 8 semesters of studies. The first year allows students to understand the basics of chemical engineering through mathematical applications for problem solving, chemical equations and science studies.

Later, the practical application of these courses is incorporated into the studies. The graduates of chemical engineering studies move from the program to join Petrochemical industries, fine and specialty chemical work, Pharmaceutical industry and wastewater management.

University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart was founded in 1829, it is a lead university for research and offers different degree studies. Their undergraduate chemical engineering degree is the highest ranked at the university and most accredited. The degree is recognized globally and chemical engineering graduates of Stuttgart are requested by employers in the field. The field of chemical engineering focuses on turning raw materials into products, this is done through the use of advanced technology and requires an understanding of physics and math extensively.

The program is mostly concerned with identifying current world problems centered around the fields of energy, food, medicine and mobility and identifying solutions through chemical engineering. The study enjoys an interdisciplinary approach and is mostly coordinated with bioengineering studies. The degree is guaranteed to open several field work opportunities for you.

The field of chemical engineering covers broad range of subject studies resultantly; it provides its graduates with several work opportunities. The main goal of chemical engineering is to transform raw materials into end products which benefit our world and provide sustainable solutions to current world problems. The best universities for chemical engineering studies are offered at German universities and applying to these universities is a simple made process using UniApp which offers you the chance to apply at the university of your choice and guarantees you a satisfactory procedure.

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