Best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe

Best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe
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Best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe

ًًWhat is the best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe? Have you always had a dream to make the Earth a better place to live? Do you want to contribute to reducing carbon emissions to stop the ozone hole from widening?

If you have thought about these matters and thought about working with them and contributing to finding practical solutions to them, then study environmental sciences is the only field that will help you with this work.

The field of environmental sciences is an interdisciplinary field that has intersections with other fields of study such as geography, biology, ecological physiology, environmental chemistry, and atmospheric sciences among others.

Its importance has increased since the sixties of the last century, when man realized the need to understand the biological and natural processes that occur in nature and their developments.

Many environmental organizations such as the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, the Institute of Environmental Sciences, and the Bayer Foundation for Environmental Sciences have sprung up to assist in research on the environment and how to maintain a cleaner environment, that’s why environmental science has been called “Science for a Better Life” In this article, we in UniApp will be looking at the best environmental science schools in Europe in 2023.

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Why Study Environmental Science?

The study environmental sciences will include phenomena full of danger and scientific suspense and will help you understand and improve their protection systems on a large scale locally and globally through:

  • Enhance our understanding of the complex ecosystems around us and their interaction with each other in order to solve problems that affect their balance.
  • Work to improve the management of natural resources and reduce pollution in order to keep the global natural resources as healthy and balanced as possible.
  • By developing our concepts of ecosystem interactions, we will be able to identify and implement effective solutions to the environmental challenges we face today and anticipate in the future.
  • Doing something positive in a world of destruction, negativity and indifference to the most dangerous elements of life

Best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe

Best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe
Study Environmental Science

. Here is a brief look at the best schools to Study Environmental Science in Europe:

1.Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is another top university to Study Environmental Science institution in Europe, and it is one of the top ten best universities in the world.

The Times named it the University of the Year for 2022. This is the only school in the United Kingdom if you want to study a bachelor’s degree business, engineering, science, and medicine.

Imperial College London’s environmental science program is known as the BSc Ecology and Environmental Biology. This program is expected to be completed in three years.

It focuses on understanding ecological and environmental issues. In the first year, students study fundamental courses to develop the necessary scientific abilities. The modules become more specialized as they progress up the ladder.

2.Institut Polytechnique de Paris

This school, also known as the Polytechnique Institute of Paris, excels in science and technology. It is a public university and research institution in France that is made up of five prestigious engineering schools.

In Europe, the university offers a world-class environmental science program and the Bachelor of Science to students interested in math and science. It is an interdisciplinary degree that is taught in English.

Students in this program are expected to complete a curriculum that includes subjects from various disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and computer science over the course of three years.

The school, on the other hand, offers the STEEM Master’s program, which focuses on environmental issues and renewable energy.

3.Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge is a leading environmental science school in Europe and is regarded as one of the best university in the world.

It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as degree courses in the arts and humanities, science and engineering, and social sciences. There are 31 colleges in total, with 29 of them offering undergraduate programs.

The environmental science course is part of the Earth Sciences program for undergraduates in Cambridge. This program includes five course subjects that students will study. It consists of IA Earth Science, IB Earth Sciences A and B, II Earth Sciences, and III Earth Sciences. The program begins with a general introductory course on the Earth and progresses upwards.

4.ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, as one of the world’s leading universities, is well-known for producing exceptional results. The school ensures that they provide a fantastic work environment for their employees to perform to expectations.

The educators are required to be experts in their fields in order to properly guide the students in their contributions to society. ETH Zurich is committed to developing global partnerships for the advancement of education and research.

ETH Zurich offers the bachelor’s in environmental sciences through their Department of Environmental Systems Science. This program lasts three years and culminates in a thesis.

Students are expected to take humanities, social sciences, and technical subjects in addition to natural sciences during the first two years of the course. During the final year of the program, students can choose their specialization. Students should remember that this degree is only available in German.

5.Paris Sciences et Lettres

The Paris Sciences et Letters, or PSL, is a public university known for its blend of diversity and excellence. The school offers courses in the arts, engineering, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

They are proud of their academic community as well as their facilities. There are also several international agreements with partner schools. As a large artistic, scientific, and cultural center, PSL hosts a variety of activities and events.

The Sustainability Sciences program is offered in both French and English. It is an interdisciplinary degree in which students learn about anthropology, chemistry, economics, and sustainable development. The degree seeks to produce graduates with enhanced skills for addressing problems in sustainable development.

6.University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a recognized environmental science school in Europe and the world’s first English-speaking university. It is a globally recognized leader in research and education.

It was ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings from 2017 to 2022. The university is made up of 39 colleges, each of which is self-governing and financially independent.

All students and researchers from various fields and cultures are brought together by the University’s opportunities. The Geography program takes three years to complete.

It is a distinct discipline in which the arts, natural sciences, and social sciences are brought together to investigate issues such as environmental change, global and regional inequalities, and the reformation of global culture and economies.

The course structure consists of mandatory and foundational courses, as well as optional courses. Students attend lectures, seminars, and tutorials, allowing for better supervision of program performance. A dissertation is expected to be completed, and there are also opportunities for local and international field trips.

7.Delft Technical University

Delft Technical University is widely regarded as the largest technical higher education institution in the Netherlands. The Royal Academy of Engineers, the University’s predecessor, was founded in 1842.

Modern Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is a world leader in technical education quality and has a high level of innovation in its student education system. It is a member of the European Association of Technical Universities.

8.The University of Leeds

Leeds University is the largest university in the United Kingdom outside of London. It is known as a cutting-edge research facility. Scientists at the University of Leeds are working on projects that have international ramifications.

The university provides a wide range of modern educational programs. They are all practical people. The University is growing at a rapid pace. The number of students has increased by 120 percent in the last 15 years.

Today, over 30,700 students attend the university, with 16 percent of them being international students. This university was chosen as an alma mater by representatives from over 100 countries around the world.

The University’s Environmental Science degree provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, and biology of the Earth’s environmental systems at various scales, as well as the knowledge and tools needed to identify and solve the major environmental issues confronting humanity.

And those are the best universities to Study Environmental Science in Europe. Good choices the lot of them, but maybe you’d like to do a more indepth and thorough search in regards to your options for universities  before deciding where you’re gonna be spending your next four to five years at. For more info, check out UniApp.

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