Best Universities for Studying Mechanical Engineering Masters in 2023

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Best Universities for Studying Mechanical Engineering Masters in 2023

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering major that many students decide to pursue studies in, including choosing to study master’s in mechanical engineering. However, students may be confused about which are the best schools to study this master’s program at. They may also not know which field of mechanical to specialise in, among the many specialisations. In this article, we discuss the best universities in the world to pursue a master’s in mechanical engineering and talk about the different tracks you can choose to take so you are well informed! 

What is mechanical engineering? 

Before jumping into the topic, it’s important to understand what mechanical engineering is. Mechanical is considered the broadest field of engineering, focusing on topics like dynamics, control, fluid mechanics, structures, design and manufacturing and more. Students of the major learn essential skills like how to solve a problem by identifying solutions then analysing and modeling these solutions to choose the best one when it comes to the problem they are solving. Pursuing a master’s in the subject means you excel in these skills and become an expert at them. 

What are the specialisations you can choose?

Because of the broad natural of the field, there are many specialisations to choose if you decide to study a master’s in mechanical engineering. From the fields of aerospace engineering to consumer electronics to biotechnology, you can pursue a career in many fields. 


The specialisations you can decide to go for when it comes to mechanical studies can be any from the following: 

Biomechanical engineering 

If you choose this master’s specialisation, you’ll apply mechanical engineering approaches to solving healthcare problems and improving people’s lives. This can be through designing new technological solutions or answering long asked scientific questions, or even developing translational machines. 


This degree specialisation focuses on control theory, which is critical to most modern engineering machines. The area talks about control science, including signal processing and control methodologies to enhance mechanical systems. The areas can span anything from mathematical theory to computer implementation. If you want to take a more theory-based approach to learning, you can research areas such as adaptive and optimal control, digital control,intelligent control and nonlinear control, among many other areas. 



This master’s specialisation focuses on solving problems relating to design of mechanical systems, including the analysis, synthesis, automation and optimisation processes relating to it. Research areas in this subject include design of mechatronics, design of sports equipment, studies of computer disk-drive and micromechanical devices, designing composite materials, designing and controlling robotic systems for manufacturing and many more areas. Students learn to design manufacturing machines with automated systems such as sensor systems and quality control systems. They also design error handling systems and systems that plan tool paths. 


If you choose this specialisation, you’ll focus on the study of motion. This motion can involve any machinery like automboiles or aircrafts, among many others. You use dynamics to obtain different insights, through addressing many topics with your research. These topics include vehicle dynamics, bubble dynamics, vibration and modal analysis,acoustic control and creation of effective computational methods. Research in this area helps students answer questions that are crucial to mechanical engineering, whilst being aware of limitations that exist. 


Another important specialisation in the field of mechanical engineering is the manufacturing one, one that is always evolving and has subdisciplines like Electrical Engineering, computer science and Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. The major covers a lot of processes and modeling activity that stress on the process of converting raw materials into consumer products. Important processes focused on are conventional material removal, nanomaterial processing methods and additive processes like 3D printing. Students learn about modeling and simulation to predict the reactions of these processes to make sure they have the best performance when used by the end users. 


Best Universities for Studying Mechanical Engineering Masters

As with any subject area, there are always the top universities to study master’s programs at. These universities are truly the best in their subject area and are worth pursuing the degree at so that you truly become an expert in the field. Read on to learn about the best universities to choose to pursue your master’s in mechanical engineering at, so that you get the top level of learning. 

mechanical engineering
mechanical engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: United States


The top university to study this master’s field at is the Massachusett’s Institute of Technology, located in the United States. If it has always been your dream to study in the United States and you also want to pursue a master’s in this field, MIT is the way to go. One of the top universities in the world for science and engineering, it’s no surprise it ranks highly on the list, with such prestigious graduate programs. 

The degree for master’s in mechanical engineering at MIT takes from 1.5 to 2 years to be completed, on average. To complete the master’s degree, you’ll need to complete at least 72 credits in the major, with 48 of them being graduate subjects in the field. At least three of these subjects should be taken in the mechanical field and at least one advanced math subject. You’ll also be required to hand in a thesis to graduate, which can be either a research project or a design project, supervised by a faculty member from the department. 


Stanford University

Location: United States

Another top ranked university for mechanical engineering master’s is Stanford university in the United States. It is designed for students who want to become professionals in the field upon graduation. The school offers several options for master’s in mechanical engineering: a normal 

Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), plus one specialized degree in Design Impact. They also offer a master’s in engineering in general, so that students can study many engineering subjects, including mechanical engineering. There is no thesis required to be handed in when graduating from the program but the degree focuses on research projects in general. Students can also choose to study the master’s degree in a part time program, through the Stanford Center for Professional Development, but this means they will take longer to complete the program.

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University of Cambridge

Location: United Kingdom

Third on the list is the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The program offered by the school aims at enhancing research skills and giving students specialized knowledge. The program is very flexible and can be adjusted to fit the research interests of students in the field, as long as they have a faculty member willing to support their research approach. 

Students who graduate from the program will gain a deep understanding of mechanical concepts and excellent research skills through planning and implementing their own groundbreaking original research.

Harvard University

Location: United States


Another top university in the master’s field is Harvard University in the United States. It offers a master’s degree in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering​ at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The program focuses on topics such as solid and fluid mechanics, studies in materials, advanced mechanical systems and the study of biomechanics. Students in program can choose to focus on research areas in the field such as Fluid Mechanics, Materials, Robotics, Solid Mechanics and Interface Sciences. 

SRH University of Applied Science

Location: Berlin 

Finally, on the list of top masters in Mechanical field is the SRH University of Applied Science engineering master’s program. This program focuses on the study of smart buildings, digital infrastructure and technology management. They’ll also learn how to make projects more sustainable and smarter. Students will be allowed to take part in many innovative products relating to the field, gaining skills valuable to their careers.


They’ll also learn to use tools like building information modeling and automation, as well as learning about decentralised energy supply. Students also graduate with the “Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program (SMSCP)” certification at level 1-3. 

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In conclusion, if you decide to study a master’s in mechanical engineering, you have many options of great universities to choose from, ranging from Stanford University to SRH University of Applied Sciences. You’ll also get to choose the specialization you are passionate about, whether it’s design, manufacturing or dynamics- these universities have all got you covered!

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