Boost Your Motivation to Study in 2023

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Boost Your Motivation to Study in 2023

When it comes to the commitment to studying, students get easily bored and unmotivated in a way that makes them want to give up. However, quitting is not a choice in such a situation. Especially and oftentimes this type of studying will play the role of the fortuneteller of the students’ academic and professional future. To stay motivated, several things should be taken into consideration in a way that helps you focus on your study goal. What’s more, is that a plan ought to be set to realize the outcome of your goal.

In 2023, there are a lot of studying obstacles that hinder you as a student who is in a need of motivation to study. Some of them are manageable, others demand a reasonable solution to overcome them. So let’s learn more about motivation and its types, and how to boost your motivation to study in 2023.


What is Motivation?

Psychology defines motivation as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. That is to say what makes someone do a particular action; to drink, eat, or go to college to come out with a goal set to reduce thirst and famine, to gain knowledge and study a bachelor’s degree. Motivation also embraces forces of emotion, biology, society, and cognition. All combined activate human behaviors. 

The verb “motivate” is derived from the Latin verb “movere” which means “to move.” In this way, there are several types of motivations you can be moved by, internally and externally. 

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Types of Motivation to Study

Either coming from inside you or outside of you, motivation has many types that decide whether you are willing to study. This could be mental or psychological motivation, as the drive to learn as much as possible to raise your intellect and awareness concerning a subject matter.  

It could also be an academic urge; you might be motivated to study medicine in Europe or get an external reward like a good grade in your preferred major. Certainly and at many times it is a professional urge for the best; to seek a great job, or you’re promised a promotion at work after passing vocational tests. 

The motivation to study is linked to lots of factors, many of which are controllable. Despite this, challenges never stop meeting any student through their learning journey. Furthermore, the new global issues we are facing these days are abrupt but thankfully manageable. Hence, in 2023 your techniques as a student can most readily be used on your own to excel through your study barriers and move your schooling forward.

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Challenges Against Motivation to Study


  • New Subjects at School

Whatever your school level is, you are exposed to brand new subjects that might be challenging or hard to study every academic year. This is quite a frequent problem that has encountered all of us as former school students, current undergraduates, or future postgraduates. To figure it out, you should set yourself some motivations for how to deal with this new course; maybe the vitality of this course among the taken courses, or an admission requirement in case of passing it. This thing is to set an urging reason to study.

  • Exams 

One of the tensest situations during the academic year is exam time. It is a stressful period for any student, due to the demand to finish the whole course work in such tight schedules and numerous submission deadlines. Don’t worry, it’s the nature of this period, so you should have a progressive mindset that elevates your studying spirit and focuses your motivation to meet all the deadlines on time and pass exams with high marks. consequently, there is another inner challenge that might cause some sort of a conflict; the fear of not getting high scores. 

  • Fear of Not Getting High Grades

It is a nerve-wracking but healthy feeling. To be feared by deadlines and exams is quite normal. Likewise, this should be the motivation for moving forward in your studies, not vice versa. You are likely to choose to have sleepless nights of studying and a tiring routine of revision so you achieve the highest scores. 

  • Global Issues (Lockdown and Covid)

No wonder what the globe has been through has affected the plans of the whole world. Some students planned to make their world’s favorite spot a designated destination to study. For example, to study in Greece and enjoy its ancient heritage. Others wanted to pursue their postgraduates somewhere abroad where they can master their field of expertise. Unexpectedly, the lockdown owing to COVID-19 made these dreams crushed. The good news is the world is gradually recovering and new opportunities have appeared, thanks to distance learning to study online degrees.     


Tips and tricks to stay motivated to Study in 2023

To boost your motivation to study, you should:

  • Make Priorities

Make a “To-do list” of tasks that should be done. Readings, assignments, quizzes, and tests. Write down those things that get done. Besides setting all of these things under the umbrella of studying may overwhelm you with all of the work you have to do. A list of priorities in a smaller to-dos form will aid you to absorb and digest your tasks more simply.

  • Study Smarter, Not Harder 

Everybody studies differently. A slight change in our perspectives on preparing for school, studying and exams would make a huge difference. So how about making your work fun? There are several ways to do so! For example, college applications could be filled faster and with better choices in friends’ company. As for studying, studying in groups with classmates would guarantee teamwork and elevate the sense of illicitness and achievement. 

To study, you don’t have to slave over your work for it to be good. Our minds function individually. The thing is, to be honest with yourself and your productivity. If you can find a way to enjoy your study, your motivation will be the enjoyment you get from doing it.    

  • Change Up Your Learning Strategy

When the routine kills, it is time to be creative and look for something that motivates your learning style. In such a case, learning methods should vary; Instead of memorizing a paragraph by reading it, record it on reading. Or you can find a podcast on your given topic. Either and instead, find a video on your revision topic via educational YouTube channels and schools’ websites.  

  • Find a Study Partner

Remember “study smarter”? Having a study partner may help greatly, as you will be able to work through challenging subjects with each other, explain things to each other, improve your understanding and help them out at the same time. Typical totalitarianism. 

  • Plot the Progress

If you want to make sure you stay motivated throughout your academic year, plot the progress by doing something different. This is similar to switching up your learning strategy, doing something completely out of the ordinary for your study. For instance, to change your study place, a coffee shop instead of home. Or to start studying at an unusual time, early in the morning instead of the evening. This change in your schedule and environment drastically will refresh all of these thoughts and help you make the most of the time you have. Hence, it can have a great effect on your motivation to learn positively and give you a sense of accomplishment.

  • Get Some Revision Focus

Rise out of where you study and get some flowing endorphins every 45 mins: 1 hour. Do something other than study and revision: a short walk, a few push-ups, or playing some music… Your call. Such short breaks would affect your performance greatly. They will feel good while you are doing them, and you will notice positivity when you return to study later on.

  • Set Near Milestones and Far Goals

Near milestones in the mentioned to-do list above are important to achieve further goals. As they play the role of billboards in your journey to your ultimate goals. To keep motivated, imagine what you will come out of putting the time in here; your dream university place or the perfect job. How can you achieve all of these? By making short-term and long-term plans.

Moreover, clear goals should be related to the results of your efforts. Like earning an A on some test in a specific subject to affiliate specific major at college. Thus, setting a timeline for homework and studying the course will lead to finishing on time. Whichever your goal is, near or far, be sure it is determined, relevant, and timely.

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Motivation to Study
Motivation to Study
  • Forget about Performance, Aspire Mastery

Resist that urge of seeing the grades you receive on a test as examples of performance goals. If you set a goal to get an A and stop there, you are likely to study only for the test, but not necessarily for the mastery of the concept. Students who invariably strive for mastery of what they are studying, and consequently always see their grades improve as a result. Mastery goals boost your motivation to study. If you want to learn everything there is to know, you may put off starting that process.

  • Be Responsible for Your Study

On considering quitting in the middle of studying and heading for something more comforting, pause. Inhale deeply and say this out loud, “No one is going to learn this for me. I take my own responsibility” Hearing those words would affect your focus no doubt.

  • Have a Growth Mindset

Successful people tend to believe that intelligence is something acquired over life. This is called a growth mindset. Believing your brain can get stronger when you tackle hard tasks not only improves your mastery of what you are learning, it also improves your grades and increases your motivation to study. As people with a growth mindset critically think, “I am not familiar with this, if I work hard, I will learn it.” 

  •  Find the Relevance

Sometimes the connection between what you are studying and how it applies to your real life is not easy to notice. Making a connection helps in seeing the value of what you are learning while doing the assignment or studying the topic. From this, the motivation comes.

  • Imagine Your Future Self

Imagining your future self is a skill that has been shown to improve motivation to study and is related to higher grades. Some students connect the school work they are doing at the moment with getting into a good higher education that will introduce them to their desired future. Others find that difficult. Therefore, picture what your desired career to be like, and bear in mind you have to do your homework in front you.

  • Incentivize both your soul and mind 

Appreciate the bits you take on reaching your eventual goal. A great way to boost your motivation is to set rewards for yourself. Study for an hour, and you can watch thirty minutes of your favorite Netflix series as a reward. These small victories are what will keep it up during the stressful exam period.

You should take a break! Remember that sometimes all you need is not motivation, it is just a little break! After a long period of studying, take some time to relax and recharge! Do make, or have something you are dearly into during this rest. You will come back with a new attitude and a refreshed mind. The key is to incentivize yourself with bonuses for achievements.


Studying in 2023 can be kind of a drag and getting motivated can be incredibly difficult. There are a hundred other temptations you would rather do and give up studying, it is hard to get started and even harder to finish. Particularly with the recent post covid incoming challenges, it is harder to stay motivated to study. The bottom line is finding the motivation to study is less about going on a treasure hunt and more about changing the way you think about learning. Check out featured articles and study opportunities on UniApp. Accordingly, remember that nothing good comes easy, good things come from hard work and hard work should be rewarded. Plus it is okay to take a break filler and a motivational lifter sort of activities. Build your motivation upon this strategy and you will witness the difference!




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