Why Study a Computer Science Master’s Degree in Germany?

computer science master's degree
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Why Study a Computer Science Master’s Degree in Germany?

Computer Science is a field that is growing by the day, especially as technology is advancing. This means that many students decide to study a master’s degree in the field so that they can jump on the trend and work in the technology field, even if their bachelor’s degrees weren’t in the same field. Germany is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world so it makes sense that many students choose to study for their computer science master’s degree in the country. Read on to know why you should choose Germany from the different study destinations if you want to study for a degree in the field.  

What is a computer science master’s degree?

Before we talk about why you should study your computer science master’s degree in Germany, we should talk about what a computer science master’s degree focuses on. Students who choose to study for a master’s in this degree field learn advanced technical knowledge and skills relating to computers and IT in general.

Master’s in computer science usually focuses on courses like machine learning, programming, software and hardware development, database management and data analysis, among other topics. These specialised subjects build on the basis that students have probably already received in their bachelor’s degree in computer science. Most degree programs will teach you classes in the areas of machine learning, advanced algorithms development and advanced computer architecture topics and will require you to hand in a thesis at the end of the degree program. 

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Most computer science master’s degrees take two years to complete, especially in Germany. They’ll require you to finish from 30 to 60 credits. How much you are going to pay depends on which school you are going to, whether public or private, the program format and which country of origin you are coming from. It may also differ based on your degree specialisation in your computer science master’s degree. Uniapp can help you find a great school to study a computer science master’s degree at, no matter which country you want to study in. 


Why Study a Computer Science Master’s Degree in Germany? 

There are several reasons why you might choose to study in Germany for your computer science master’s degree. From the fact that Germany is a highly digital country to the fact that computer scientists earn great salaries there after graduation, students who want to study a master’s degree in the field will get an excellent benefit from studying there. 

computer science master's degree

High levels of digitisation 

Germany is a highly digitised country, with a high demand for specialists in the area of Computer Science and IT. It is also one of the most digitally developed countries in Europe in the areas of business digitisation and digital public services. Personal digital skills of German citizens are also on the higher end of the spectrum, when compared with other European countries. This means you’ll truly enjoy living in such a digital country if you are interested in technology and the study of Computer Science. 

Excellent computer science salaries

The excellent computer science salaries are another reason why you should study your master’s degree in Germany. Technology is advancing around the world, and more so in innovative countries like Germany. Because of the prioritisation of technology and digitisation, IT employees have seen their salaries increase, and receive way more benefits, when compared with employees in other non-digital fields. There’s also a shortage of IT specialists, which means there’s a very high demand for them. This also leads to an increase in salaries for those who work in the industry.

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English Taught degrees 

One of the problems students face when studying in Europe is the language barrier. This barrier doesn’t exist in Germany when it comes to the master’s programs, computer science master’s degrees included. Many people think mistakenly that German master’s programs are all in German but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, most master’s programs, especially in the fields of technology, are offered in English. This is more so the case in private universities, where English is the preferred teaching and communication language. You’ll also see many options for study programs because of the advance in innovations, to stay up to date with the newest technologies. 

Minimal tuition fees 

Another reason why you should pursue your master’s degree in computer science in Germany is the minimal tuition fees and costs of living. In excellent German public universities, students aren’t charged tuition fees but instead only pay administration fees. However, you should bear in mind that this means that the admission process is very competitive because of this fact. Costs of living in Germany are also affordable when they are compared with costs of living in other European countries. 

Many Specialisations 

If you are interested in studying your master’s in computer science in Germany, another benefit is the many specialisations you can choose from, due to the focus on digitalisation and innovation. Some of the best specialisations offered in Germany are Algorithms and Scientific Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Business Analytics and Data Science and Analysis, Computer Architecture and Design, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Databases and Information Systems, Distributed Systems and Computer Networks and Software Engineering, among others. This means you’ll truly be able to find the specialisation of your dreams and focus on it. 

Eligibility for computer science master’s degrees 

When applying for a degree in computer science in Germany, you’ll need to fulfil several eligibility criteria to be able to apply. In order to pursue a master’s degree in computer science, you’ll need to have already acquired a bachelor’s degree in Computer science or a similar field, most preferably with a high GPA with a cutoff score of 3.0. You might also need to have done an internship or have work experience in the field, depending on the program you are applying to. This is in addition to English or German language proficiency proof, depending on the degree program of your choice and the university requirements.  

Popular Computer Science job roles

Finally, there are many different roles you can choose to pursue after graduation from your master’s program. If you are confused about which are the popular Computer Science job roles,  some popular occupations for students who have pursued master’s degrees in the field of Computer Science include some of the following ones: Cyber Security Engineer, Data Analyst, Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer, Security Consultant, Security Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) or Software Engineer. 

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All in all, Germany is one of the top countries in the world to pursue a computer science master’s degree in. From the intense focus on digitisation in the country to the many specialisations you can choose from at German Universities, the reasons are truly countless. Once you have acquired a master’s degree in this field, you’ll get the chance to work many exciting jobs like Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers and Data Analysts, among many other options. This means you’ll work in the field you are passionate about for sure! 

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