Top study destinations for engineering master’s degree in 2023

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Top study destinations for engineering master’s degree in 2023

Engineering is a field that is critical to all we do. Everywhere we go and everything we do has engineers behind the scenes making it work. From the houses we live in to the roads we voyage on to the airplanes we travel with, everything needs an engineer’s planning. That’s why pursuing engineering master’s degrees is critical for students, not just for themselves, but for the correct functioning of society as a whole. However, there are many universities worldwide and study destinations to pick from if you want to study an engineering master’s degree so however will you choose? Never fear, here’s your ultimate guide to the top study destinations for an engineering master’s degree if you want to study one in 2023. 


Taking the gold medal is the USA, home to many leading engineering universities that we all hear about constantly when people talk about engineering universities. These universities like MIT and Harvard, among 72 other engineering schools that rank as the best schools in the world, are the reason why the US is the top choice for an engineering master’s degree. The country is well known for its STEM courses and its excellent technical engineering master’s degrees. It also offers international students exclusive exposure to the latest research so they will graduate from their master’s programs already ahead of the game. The best majors to study in engineering if you want to study in the US are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Master’s degree courses in engineering fields are typically completed in 2 to 2.5 years so make sure you keep that time frame in mind when applying to study there. 

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Next on the list of the top study destinations for an engineering master’s degree is the United Kingdom. The country has some of the oldest engineering universities worldwide, which offer an incredibly high standard of education. They also offer deep and rigorous research courses which are critical to give engineering master’s degree students industrial exposure that they will surely need in the working field. They also have many budding innovators, making graduates from engineering master’s degrees in the UK highly employable after graduation. The United Kingdom is typically one of the most-loved study destinations for an engineering master’s degree, which means you’ll find a huge magnitude of specialisations to pick from. For example, if you want to study in the UK, you can pursue a master’s degree in fields like Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as those are truly the fields of expertise in the country. 

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Often called Down-Under, Australia is another top study destination when it comes to engineering master’s degree. The educational system there has a major focus on experiential learning, making it the perfect place to pursue such a practical degree. Australia offers many great engineering master’s programs that are highly research oriented and cost a fraction of the cost of many other master’s programs in other countries. Top Universities there if you want to study a master’s degree in engineering include the University of Melbourne and University of Sydney. There are also many engineering specialisations that are out of this world in Australia like Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, so if you’re interested in one of those degrees, your best bet is to go Down-Under. Australian universities also offer graduates awesome prospects after graduation so you’ll be able to work in the country after you graduate if you are interested to do so! 


Another study destination to consider if you want to study an engineering master’s degree is Germany. An automotive powerhouse and known for advances in the manufacturing and technological industry, it’s home to many automotive giants like BMW, as well as many technical giants like SAP and Siemens. This means you’ll get exposure to these big names and professionals from the field during the course of your master’s degree study. You could even pursue an internship or placement at one of thse companies during the course of your master’s degree. You’ll also be able to find an engineering job after graduation easily, as engineers are highly in demand. Home of scientific prodigious like Einstein and Oppenheimer, you’ll be among good company with some of the best universities with engineering facilities in the world. 


German Engineering master’s degree programs are also top of the game, offering endless opportunities for research and to deep dive into the specialisation of your dreams. German education is also free, which is another plus if you choose to study at a public university. RWTH Aachen is considered one of the best engineering schools in Germany, Europe and the entire world. If you decide to study at this top study destination, the engineering specialisations worth looking into are Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering, and it makes perfect sense why they are so good! 



Oh Canada, Sweet Canada is next on the list of top engineering study destinations. Canada is known for being highly welcoming to international students so it makes sense it’d place highly on the list for schools for great engineering master’s degrees. Even though so many international students flock to the schools and the numbers of students are growing, standards of education at these top engineering schools have been maintained, and are actually improving. Despite the great standard of education and worldclass universities, Canada is actually one of the cheapest study destinations for an engineering master’s degree so if you’re a little bit on a budget, you should really take a look into this destination. However, keep in mind that if you want to work in Canada after pursuing your Engineering master’s degree then you’ll need to join a professional engineering association. That’s not typically a problem as it is one of the most active and dynamic workplaces in the world. This makes Canada a great choice if you want to study a master’s abroad with the aim to join the workforce of this study destination after you graduate. 

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Singapore is another one of the countries with the top engineering master’s programs in the world. The country has been trying really hard to fund the science and technology fields, which includes improving on educational programs in fields like engineering. This has made Singapore one of the best study destinations in the world for students to choose for their master’s degrees. Engineering programs in the country are known for their excellent hands-on approaches, worldwide orientation and participation that’s out of this world. 


The top engineering schools in Singapore are the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Singapore is a great choice for a study abroad destination though you might not think of it when you first think of engineering master’s degrees. The country has top living standards, great high tech organisations and some of the top educational institutes worldwide. 

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Switzerland is another top choice for engineering master’s degrees, known worldwide for it’s special opportunities when it comes to the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Swiss education is considered one of the best higher education systems in Europe, with top notch universities and schools there. It also has four official languages, so you’ll easily be able to communicate if you speak one of the four languages. 


Switzerland has two of the best engineering universities in Europe. These are “ETH Zurich” (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and “Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne”. It’s also a great study destination, due to the many events that are held there yearly. However, keep in mind that the living costs in Switzerland are on the higher side of the spectrum so if you choose to study in Switzerland, you should keep that in mind. 


Last but definitely not least, the land of Rome and pizza has one of the best and most famous engineering universities in the world, known for it’s great engineering master’s degree programs. It also has the 

CERN and Politecnico di Milano that have many major engineering programs. The degrees there are word-class so if you want to study in Italy, you should go for it for your engineering master’s degree. The schools are great, the food is delicious and the weather is awesome most of the year. What more could you want from a study destination?

There are several amazing study destinations if you want to study an engineering master’s degree. USA, UK and Germany are some of the destinations that come to mind, as well as some more unique destinations like Singapore and Italy. You should consider the engineering specialisation you want to study when choosing your study destination as some locations are better than others when it comes to each kind of engineering. If you don’t know which specialisation you would like to choose, or don’t know if you are qualified to study an engineering master’s degree in the field of your choice, the experts at UniApp can help you out!

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