What are the different types of bachelor degrees?

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Bachelors Degree

What are the different types of bachelor degrees?

There are many study degree options; to the extent that you may find yourself lost knowing which is which and which is most prestigious. There are some degree titles which you hear more than others, the most frequently discuss degree and the one with the most number of applicants is an undergraduate degree, or bachelors degrees. Bachelor degrees are the ones which you apply for when joining the university for the first time, it is the most sought after and there are many options.

Why Study a Bachelor Degree?

By earning bachelor degrees, you would be perceived more highly by employers as they require someone who has completed a professional and recognized degree of studies for the fields which they are working in. Through academic bachelor degrees of study, you will be exposed to different rhetorical theories and apply your knowledge practically through projects, workshops and completion of internships. You will also create several connections to people who share similar interests as you, which might help you succeed.Additionally, you are more likely to earn a stable job with a stable income.

Bachelor degrees are the first step to help you enter the work force and gain an in depth knowledge in the field of your interest! But with many bachelor degrees options and several specializations, your decision becomes harder as you need to understand the different types of bachelor degrees to understand which will help you succeed and earn your dream job. This is why before choosing your bachelor degree of studies; this guide will help you in differentiating between the many different types.

Bachelor of Business

This is one of the most common choices of bachelor degrees for students, as it will open a lot of career prospects for you and will not limit your choices. The people who pursue a degree that falls under the bachelor of business end up working for private sector companies, start their own businesses over the long run and they must have leadership characteristics, can solve mathematical equations and understand theories easily. There are many areas of focus which fall under the bachelor of business such as; finance, accounting, human resources and marketing.

Specializations of bachelor degrees which fall under the bachelor of business include:

  • Business in Marketing
  • Management of Information and Communication Technology
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Business in Finance

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Science

If you are a decisive student and have a certain plan ahead of you which you want to achieve which will includes a technical job, then choosing to study a bachelor of science degree is the one for you. During your time studying courses for a bachelor degree in science, you will cover many science courses and mathematical courses.

During your four years of study, you will take each course in even more depth, the courses are specific and they are direct, meaning that creativity is not essential for this degree. There are several exams conducted in this field and they all aim to assess your understanding and provide you with means of improvement.

Specializations which fall under the bachelor of science include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Data Science
  • Mathematics, with an option in Statistics & Data Analysis

Bachelor of Arts

The bachelor of arts is believed to be on the other end from the bachelor of science, it is one where creativity is the key to succeed and your insights on the work are highly valuable. You must understand the theoretical concepts taught but should also be able to apply them through projects and group works, a lot of team work is held for this degree and you study general courses which will not direct you on a strict career path but rather open the door for many opportunities for you.

Specializations of bachelor degrees which fall under the bachelor of arts include:

  • Communication and Media Arts
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Multimedia Journalism

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Bachelor of Engineering

This type of bachelor degree is believed to be one of the most difficult to earn, resultantly, it is one of the most prestigious degrees. Engineers are the people who facilitate our everyday living and shape our world this is done through several branches of engineering. For example, when you wake up and use your personal care products such as lotion or perfume, this is because of a chemical engineer.

When you get drive your car or take the bus, this is because of a mechanical engineer. When you arrive in less time than before because of a new bridge or road, this is because of a civil engineer. When you use advanced technology in every other field to succeed, this is because of an electric engineer. There are other types of engineers and they affect our world significantly. The degree is among the most popular degrees in the world for both undergraduate and graduate level studies.

Specializations of engineering bachelor degrees which fall under the bachelor of engineering include:

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Bachelor of Accounting

Becoming an accounting is one of the fields which will allow you to work in multinational and national companies, at the country of your choice – assuming you speak the language – and will set you for several opportunities. Accountants are required for each type of job as they are in charge of taxes, can help you identify where your business is headed, analyze your profits, losses and different costs.

You will need to be interested in math as you will apply several calculations, understanding different rules and being very systematic in your work. Accountants also employ a lot of technology in their work and so you will work using highly advanced computer systems.

Specializations of bachelor degrees which fall under the bachelor of accounting include:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Environmental accounting
  • Personal Financial planning
  • Auditing Information Technology

When you come to choose between the different fields of study, make sure you first identify what is it that you want to do after completing your studies, what type of work interest you and what type of courses do you want to spend the next four years of year life learning about and becoming more knowledgeable in. The degree will help you succeed and will allow you and in depth understanding about what to expect after you earn your bachelor degree, your studies will put you ahead and help you succeed.

The different bachelor degrees in many fields will cater for your existing abilities and equip you with new ones, applying to either bachelor degree at either university is now easier than ever as you can do so through UniApp. This will guide you through each step and make sure your application process is a smooth and very satisfactory one.

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