Top Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

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Top Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany in 2023

Choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in engineering has always been perceived as a notable accomplished by society; this is because of the great impact engineers have on our society and that it is not an easy degree to earn. There are many specializations which fall under the umbrella of engineering and one of them is a bachelor in electrical engineering. This branch is one of the most recent additions to the school of engineering and it is concerned with technology of electricity; the three main branches of this field are power engineering, control engineering and electronic engineering.

This study is thought of as one of more challenging engineering studies as it depends on a person’s abstract thinking skills. The demand for engineer students in the job market is consistently high, the options vary and differ based on your specialization.If you choose to study a bachelor’s in electrical engineering here are some of the options which you can pursue; a job in telecommunications, electronics manufacturing, consulting services or biotechnology amongst many other options.

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Where to study electrical engineering

Given that the number of applicants at engineering schools is high, the study is offered at multiple universities worldwide; however, the quality of education you receive and the opportunities which will pave the way for you are going to be significantly higher if you earn your degree from a country which is known for its outstanding academic degrees especially in engineering, such as if you choose to study in Germany. One of Germany’s main advantages is that their education system is a dual educational system; meaning that the focus areas of study are not only theoretical but practical as well. The competition as to which universities offer the most comprehensive and advanced electric engineering programs in Germany is high; read on to find the lead universities.

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Technical University of Munich

This university is not only known for its excellent engineering program but overall excellent in undergraduate and graduate studies. The university was founded in 1868 and is considered one of the best universities in Germany, international and national students seek an education at TUM and is where 40,000 students are enrolled annually. Their electrical engineering degree requires students to complete courses covering the basics of electric engineering, information technology, math, physics and areas of systems. During the first year of studying, these courses only focus on covering the basics; however, by the fourth year of studying you are going to have an in depth knowledge about these subjects.

The teaching at TUM follows in interdisciplinary style where courses from other engineering branches and computer science are integrated into the program. The degree aims to provide you with assistance for product development and research.

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The university is aware of its responsibility and required contributions to better our society and providing sustainable solutions to the problems which currently face us. They employ their resources to their maximum efficiency and aim to continue providing their students with excellent education and society with positive attributions. The electrical engineering department’s main areas of focus are researching, teaching and innovation; the department mandatory courses cover automation technology, applied materials, microsystems, information and technology and electrical energy systems.

These areas of focus are and studies are all aimed to help graduate of KIT of electrical engineering to become capable engineers who are able to develop a complete system which they design the materials for and incorporate its use into their systems. Additionally, the university has a centre for innovation and entrepreneurship which advises its graduate students and assists them with their career post-graduation.

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Electrical Engineering

RWTH Aachen University

This is the largest technological university in all of Germany and is well recognized over Europe for its excellence and continuous advancements. The university was founded in 1870 and is where over 45,000 pursue an education annually. The university’s degree program of electrical engineering equips students with the necessary knowledge in the field of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering for them to be able to analyze systems and develop their own.

The first semester you are required to complete all mandatory courses within these areas of study but as of your fourth semester you begin to choose between mandatory electives which determine your specialization. There are four specializations; energy engineering, Information and communications technology, Micro- and Nano electronic and Biomedical Engineering.

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Technische Universität Darmstadt

The university was founded in 1877, and is dedicated to becoming a more integrated establishment across Europe. The university’s teaching style follows a large interdisciplinary methodology across different areas of study; engineering, natural sciences and social sciences. The university provides the following bachelor degrees; Electrical and Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The main difference between both degrees is that the latter is more practical. Both degrees will provide you with an understanding as to how electrical systems work and the technology behind existing ones while educating you about how to upgrade or develop your own.

Technische Universität Ilmenau

The university offers a broad range of subject studies welcomes a large number of international students annually and offers many degrees for study. TUI is known for its well-rounded curriculum of studies and the vocational portion of each subject it offers. For electrical engineering the degree is divided into theoretical and practical work. The theoretical part is inclusive of research, mechanical equations, uses of electricity and electricity generation.

While the more practical end of the work looks at the different circuits, their build and components including in a circuit. The degree allows you to become well prepared for work after graduation and focuses on interdisciplinary studies such as information technology to help you further in the workforce. The university has many partnerships which will allow you to integrate your knowledge and learn from others more sustainable and efficient ways to developing systems and presenting your own ideas.

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Technische Universität Dresden

This technical university is located in Dresden which is in Eastern Germany, and was founded in 1828. The university has been in constant improvement and become one the nine universities to be recognized as universities of excellence within Germany. Electrical engineering at TUD is one of the best in Germany and is completed over the course of six years during your time there you will complete the bachelor and a Diplom-Ingenieur which is equivalent to a master level degree. The degree covers courses ranging between mathematical courses, natural sciences, computer science, mathematics and fundamentals of technical, electrical power and communications engineering.

During the fifth year is when you are allowed to pick your specialization, they cover common courses and the job prospective for some specializations overlap, automation, measurement and control, communications and information technology, electrical power engineering, microelectronics, or electronic systems and technology and biomedical engineer. The university is known for its outstanding program as it is one of the most comprehensive and analytical in all of Germany.

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A bachelor degree in electrical engineering is an excellent option for students with an interest in the technology behind working circuits and components of a circuit. It will enable you to develop new systems and amend existing ones. The job market for electrical engineers undergoes high demand constantly. Earning your degree from Germany will allow you to learn from distinguished academia professors and gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge theoretically and vocationally while earning your degree. You can begin to apply through UniApp if you are an analytical thinker, have an interest in the ways which electricity works and want to contribute to societies development in an effective manner.

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