Top 6 Electrical Engineering Master’s Schools in Germany in 2023

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Top 6 Electrical Engineering Master’s Schools in Germany in 2023

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that many students choose to go in to as it’s a very important field to study. Some choose after their bachelor’s degree to study an electrical engineering master’s degree because they are passionate about the subject. But what are the top schools in Germany to study a master’s degree in electrical engineering? Read on to find exactly which schools they are and what an electrical engineering master’s degree is really all about.

What’s an Electrical Engineering Master’s degree?

Electric engineering is a field of engineering that is closely related to technology and electronics. If you haven’t heard of this major before, Uniapp can help you learn a bit more about it! Basically, electrical engineers work with electricity and technology to design systems and solve other problems. They use creativity and engineering skills combined to create new innovative solutions and novel ideas. After graduating from your master’s in electrical engineering, you’ll work in designs, creation and testing of new technologies. You can also work with designing circuits, motors or renewable energy sources, among other forms of technology. 

electrical engineering master's

Coursework studied by an electrical engineering master’s student are courses in areas like science, mathematics, technology, system design and physics. Students also learn problem-solving and analytical skills at an advanced level, while learning how to focus and work under pressure. Students who want to study this subject area can choose to study online master’s degrees or pursue their degree on campus, as the subject is highly focused on technology so it can be a bit more flexible. 

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Top 6 Electrical Engineering Master’s Schools in Germany

After learning what an electrical engineering master’s course is and what students study, you might want to know what the best schools are if you decide to study in Germany. From the Technical University in Munich to the UE University of Europe, here are some of the top schools you might want to research if you want to study a master’s in this area: 

Technical University of Munich

Location: Munich 

The Technical University in Munich, known as the Technische Universität München or casually known as TUM, is the top-ranked university in the field of electrical engineering in Germany. The school is well-known for its electrical engineering degree programs, such as it’s master’s degree program in the field by the name of the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The school has many excellent programs that have thousands of international students attending them, with over 400 scientific experts as teaching staff. 

RWTH Aachen University

Location: Aachen 

The RWTH Aachen University, in German known as the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen is the second top ranked school for electrical engineering master’s degree programs in Germany. The Faculty of Electrical Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering has a focus to train students to become engineers that are highly skilled in the job market. Master’s degree programs offered at the school include options to study a master’s degree in Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering M.Sc. and the Technical Communication with Specialisation in Electrical Engineering Master’s of Science which are taught in the German language. The Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering Master’s of Science program is also a great program at the school which is taught in English. 

Technical University of Berlin

Location: Berlin 

The Technical University of Berlin, known as the TU Berlin, ranks at the third for electrical engineering master’s programs for international students. The school is well known for being one of the best in Germany, with around 60 excellent professors are almost 600 top-ranked academic staff. The faculty has modern buildings and highly comfortable study spaces for the 6,000 students that are enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. More than 2,000 of these students are international students who have come from around the world to study in Germany at the worldclass institution.  


The master’s program in Electrical Engineering offered at the school is ranked as excellent worldwide and has courses in many interesting topics such as Cognitive Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Analytics & Cloud and Sustainable Energy Systems & Mobility, as well as many other interesting areas for students to pursue deeper knowledge in. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Location: Karlsruhe 

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, located in the city of Karlsruhe is another top school for electrical engineering master’s programs. The school focuses on developing soft skills, as well as a focus on engineering subjects like mathematics and physics. 


Students who choose to study the MSc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program will learn how to develop systems and their components, as well as enhance efficiency and environmental compatibilities. Research topics studied include subjects like Electromobility, Communication Technology, Micro & Nanoelectronic Systems, Renewable Energies & Smart Grids and Aerospace Systems, as well as several other subject areas. 


Dresden University of Technology

Location: Dresden 

Dresden University of Technology, in German the Technische Universität Dresden is the fifth top ranked university for electrical engineering master’s in Germany. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at this university has many connections with international universities and companies in the field, as well as research entities. 


Students who choose to study the master’s degree program at this school will learn both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field and also build a valuable network of connections to benefit them later on in their professional careers. The degree has two different parts, an orientation year and then a more specialised degree course. They will also get the chance to pursue an internship in their area of specialisation. They can also choose to study courses in minor specialisation areas. 


Areas of specialisation that students can choose to focus on include subjects like

Electrical Energy Technology, Automation, Measurement and Control Technology, Information Technology and Device, Micro, and Medical Technology, along with several others. When studying the main course, students will learn about subjects like Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Numerical Mathematics, Measurement Technology and Circuit Technology. They’ll also get the chance to do both general and specialised internships with industry partners.  


UE University of Europe

Location: Berlin

Finay, the electrical engineering master’s program in the UE University of Europe is an excellent one that is worth looking into. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is located in Iserlohn, Berlin  with many English degree programs and also has a campus in Hamburg for German degree programs. It aims to teach students applied science degrees with a focus on business so they can become well-rounded individuals. 


The school focuses on developing creative, entrepreneurial and technological thinking in students with a cosmopolitan experience. They truly believe that all fields of study can converge and improve students as a whole, following through with the demands of Job Market 4.0. 


Students can choose to study many interesting master’s degrees in the field of electrical engineering and information technology at the school. For example, they can decide to study a software engineering master’s degree in the electrical engineering field. This degree focuses on the design of complex software systems to develop autonomous driving systems, through focusing on the software and electronics that make them. The course focuses on technological developments like mobility services, autonomous driving or automated driving, networking, infotainment and e-mobility that have shaped the current industry. Students learn to develop solutions to current problems and implement smart software solutions through topics like cloud computing and machine learning.

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In conclusion, pursuing an electrical engineering master’s degree is an exciting degree to study, with many technological advancements occuring in the field. There are excellent degree programs offered in German institutions from the Technical University in Munich to the RWTH Aachen, among many others. This means you’ll definitely find the perfect degree program for you if you are interested to pursue a degree in the field.

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