How to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the UK in 2023?

bachelor’s degree in architecture
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How to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the UK in 2023?

Have you ever thought about how to make a difference in the world? Have you ever thought about how to make communities more sustainable, how to make urban spaces feel more like home, or how to use designs to enhance how people work, live, and travel?

With carefully planned drawings, standards, and structures, creative manipulation can turn your ideas into genuine artworks.

If you like architecture and want to study a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the UK, we have got a great treat for you. It’s all about architecture. Architects can shape the future of buildings, neighborhoods, cities, and even whole regions.


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Get a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the UK


The Architecture programs at UK universities focus on the technical, design, artistic, and historical aspects of the field. You will also attend lectures on architectural history and theory alongside classes on art and 3D design, which is the best way for you to learn about all the different requirements of the profession.

To become a fully qualified architect, you have to study architecture for five years and then work and train for another two years before taking your final exams. After you get a bachelor’s degree in the architecture of three-year, you can join the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and then go on to get a BArch, Diploma, or March degree.

In order to become a great architect, you need to be patient, work hard, and be more dedicated to the field of study. According to recent research by the Times University Guide, architects are among the graduates who are least likely to be unhappy with their jobs after three years of studying.


Why you should earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the UK?


Higher education in the United Kingdom is widely valued not only by people living in the United Kingdom but also by those living in other parts of the because of its best universities.

In most cases, UK students begin their university careers at the age of 18. In order to keep prices down, the majority of citizens get their undergraduate education in a supported school by the state.

In the United Kingdom, a bachelor’s degree is considered an entry-level degree. The majority of students take three years of study to get this degree, and during this period, they will be referred to as undergraduates.

Eligible students have the option to pursue further education after completing their first degree, whether an undergraduate degree or another type of first-degree program.

The first available choice is to study a master’s degree, which may usually be completed in a single year. And the second option is to study a doctoral program, which will take about three years.

Furthermore, the admissions process for graduate programs is extremely challenging in the UK, especially when they are not funded by the state.

So, if you choose to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture and pursue your education in the UK, you will have the opportunity to graduate from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

Plus, you will be surrounded by brilliant minds and researchers around the UK, Since the country is highly invested in education.


bachelor’s degree in architecture



What are the requirements to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the UK?


In order to study in the UK, and before applying for a bachelor’s degree in architecture there, you need to have some entry requirements as following:

  • English language proficiency
  • Preferable subjects such as art and mathematics.
  • Drawing freehand and design skills
  • Portfolio of your work
  • At least 32 points to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture
  • AAB, with good results in arts, sciences, and writing skills
  • A total score of 6.5 on IELTS, with no single score lower than 6.0.



What are the best universities in the UK to earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture?


Since the United Kingdom has some of the best universities in the world, many of which have a high reputation in the field of architecture, such as:


1. University of Cambridge


Cambridge University is known as the best UK institution for architecture. It has a great academic reputation which makes it one of the universities to study a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

The university has 31 independent colleges where you will receive college supervision.

St John’s College teaches a bachelor’s degree in architecture, which is described as the ‘only Cambridge degree that integrates arts and sciences with creative design.’, according to the university website.



3. Queen’s University Belfast


As a member of the Russell Group, Queen’s University is one of the best places in the UK to study a bachelor’s degree in architecture, which is accredited by RIBA, ARB, and LAM.

Over 75% of their students usually get a 1st Class or 2.1 degrees. This is because they have a diverse group of academic staff and outside tutors who do international, award-winning research and practice.

Since they’ve had a good reputation for over 50 years, their graduates often get job opportunities with top companies from all over the world. T


3. Cardiff University


Cardiff University is also a member of the Russell Group of universities. It is located in the capital city of Wales and has two main campuses.

It has a design-focused Architecture program that focuses on the creation process, with two-thirds of the BSc, based on practical work in the studio.

It takes 5 years to finish a full-time bachelor’s degree in architecture at Cardiff University.

After the last year of the BSc degree, you will spend the first year of the March degree learning about architectural practice.


4. Nottingham University


The University of Nottingham is one of the founders of the prestigious Russell Group. It also has campuses in the UK, China, and Malaysia, which makes it a truly global university.

According to the most recent High Fliers survey, Nottingham is one of the top five universities that most of the UK’s top graduate employers look for.

Also, more than 80% of students find high-skilled jobs or go on to graduate-level study within 15 months of graduating.


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Now you may imagine that architecture is everywhere. You can find it in everyday objects and in all art forms around us like Planning, designing, and building. Just as we like to look at ancient buildings, architecture plays a vital role for the coming generations to see what it has done historically.

Over the years, famous architects have tried to teach us not to underestimate the power of design. Famous architects like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, and Le Corbusier are known for their innovative thinking, out-of-the-box perspectives, and beautiful projects, but their legacies are much more than that. It’s their wise words that give us the most to think about:

  •  “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”  – Frank Gehry
  • “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid
  • “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”  – Le Corbusier

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