Bachelors Degree And Their Time Requirements | The Full Guide

How many years is a bachelors degree?
Bachelors Degree

Bachelors Degree And Their Time Requirements | The Full Guide

How many years is a bachelors degree? This is one of the more common questions which plague the mind of entry-level students. After all, you don’t want to stay in university forever-you want to get out as soon as you can and get a job.

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Given that a secondary education can be a costly endeavor, getting the timeframe down to the minute details is very important if you don’t want to waste neither money nor time.

Fortunately for you, this article covers everything you’d ever need to know on the topic. We’ll be going through them in said sections:

  1. How many years do you need to earn a bachelor’s degree?
  2. How many required credits do you need to earn a bachelor’s degree?
  3. Why do you need core curriculum/electives for a bachelor’s degree
  4. Is it possible to earn a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years?
  5. What if I spend more than 4 years getting my degree?

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How many years do you need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

If you are a full-time student, you can usually finish your bachelor’s degree in four or five years, but first, you should be familiar with a number of points:

This is as high as you can go in an undergraduate education

Of course, you can still acquire nanodegrees and other supplementary, short-term degrees to buff it up but when we’re talking about a formal education in an institution, the bachelor degree is about as far as you can get. You want to further your education, then you’re going to have to go for master studies.

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If you just want a job as quickly as possible, you can stop here

Depending on the major, you can simply enter the workforce with a bachelor’s degree. It’s not recommended to go in there with just your bachelor degree, though-the job market is VERY competitive, and you need something to stand out. Nanodegrees, internships and part-time jobs are your friend here.

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The average time isn’t set in stone

Much like the rest of life, nothing is a universal experience. Some people are going to want to finish earlier, others are going to end up finishing later. We’ll go into more detail at this aspect in points 4 and 5.

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How many required credit hours do you need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

In order to study a bachelor’s degree, you need 120 credit hours. It’s up to you how you get those credit hours, but you can’t get your degree if you haven’t gotten the minimum number of credits and taken the required classes. However, it’s not just that simple. These credits are split up into 3 distinct groups:

Major credits

These are the courses relevant to your major, the ones which are suited to your specific field of study. Self-explanatory.

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Core credits

Most institutions have their own core curriculum-a set of courses that everyone, regardless of major, must take. The number of credits which will be taken up by core classes vary, but generally it’s roughly half the total credit requirement. These will include:

  • Writing
  • Foreign language
  • Arts and humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Science
  • Math

Some of you might be less than enthused that you have to spend money and time to learn about matters which aren’t relevant to your field-the science majors in particular tend to see it all as a waste of time. If you want to sidestep the whole ‘core curriculum’ matter, then avoid liberal universities and be sure to do research into the curriculum of the universities you wish to register in.

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Elective credits

Core credits, but the university doesn’t tell you what to take. 9 to 12 credits of courses outside your field that just seem interesting to you. If you want to avoid this, look at the advice above.

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The number isn’t set in stone

This should be known by now. Universities will have different credit requirements depending on their curriculum, as well as if they have a core curriculum or not. The number of credits also tends to vary by majors, with science majors requiring more and humanities majors getting away with less, though generally I’ve never seen the number dip below 110 credits.

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Why do you need core curriculum/electives classes to earn a bachelor’s degree?

They offer a more rounded education

Sure, you may only need learn about the essentials to your specific field but without the core curriculum supplementing you might be unable to form the criticial thinking, problem solving and other analytical skills needed to truly thrive in the job market. Of course, there are plenty of ways to develop them without having it taught to you in university so make of it what you will.

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It will be more attractive to your employers

Going off the point above, getting a education in both your field and the core arts will be of use when trying to convince employers you’re worth hiring. Learning of the know-hows needed to engage in your trade and having the brainpower necessary to actually make use of them during your job are two very different things, and employers would very much like it if you had both in your arsenal.

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Venture out of your zone of expertise

Unsurprisingly, most students will stick to the field that they majored in for the majority of their degree. But there’s no reason that they shouldn’t want to branch out-what if the mechanical engineering student has a fancy for eastern philosophy? What if the philosophy major wants to take a few beginner courses in coding to help his employment chances? What if the economics students wants to dabble in political science for a bit to see the connection between politics and economics? Electives are a good way to get students to explore other fields without making them commit to a minor/double major from the get-go.

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earn a bachelor’s degree

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Is it possible to earn a bachelor’s degree in less than four years?

Yes, it is possible to earn an online bachelor’s degree in less than four years, if you already have an associate degree.

In order to do this, you need to be dedicated, focused, and able to handle the workload without fed up or being overwhelmed.

It is always a great option to get an accelerated degree if you are good at putting your mind to work and can handle the pressure very well.

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You also will be able to save your money once you enroll in an accelerated bachelor’s degree program, especially if you go to a school with a flat tuition rate or if you have work experience that can be turned into class credits.

There is no one requirement for an accelerated bachelor’s degree program:

  • A normal semester lasts between 15 and 17 weeks, in fall and spring.
  • Most classes for online degrees meet once a week, but some may need students to show up more than once a week.
  • Summer school classes are usually shorter than those in the fall and spring.
  • Some schools may offer classes for the degree program for all three semesters, while others shorten the semester by making weekly attendance mandatory for online degrees.

Whether or not it’s worth it is up to you. You are there to learn, and getting it out of the way quickly so you can move on with your life sounds enticing at first, but keep in mind that this process is going to take years to accomplish. That’s a lot of time spent sitting in a chair looking at books, time which could be spent making friends or joining clubs or having experiences which enrich your life. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

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What if I spend more than 4 years getting my degree?

Do not worry too much about this-in truth, you’d be in the same boat as many other people. Recently, many students have had the tendency of graduating a year or two longer than intended in their degrees-a few even manage to eke out 7 to 8 years on the bachelors alone. The reasoning for you being delayed depends:

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You don’t know what you’re doing

Many such cases. Young people rushing into university hoping to get a degree because it’s what their parents and society tell them will bring them a good job. Then it turns out, they actually don’t know what they’re doing and just sit there floundering about. This is the case which causes the most concern, as the student could likely drop out. If you’re finding yourself in this scenario, please seek an advisor to speak about your future with.

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You had unforeseen consequences

Maybe you had an injury and couldn’t get to your studies, maybe you had a gap year. Whatever the case, this circumstance is for those who, will they did miss out on time, wasn’t out of them not knowing what they were doing-they just wanted to take some time off for various reasons.

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You are taking a science major

Very rare is the science major which ends in 4 years. More often than not, the sheer workload has them extend into 5 or 6.

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Now, you know it takes time and effort to earn a bachelor’s degree. Yet it’s also not as hard as it used to be to study an online degree nowadays.

In fact, you can always give yourself the boost you need to go to college or earn a bachelor’s degree if you choose to get a campus degree or an online one via uni-app.

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Worth to mention that online institutions allow you to finish your schoolwork from the comfort zone of your own home, unlike most campus-based universities. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to connect to your classroom at any time of day or night with online classes.

You don’t have to relocate or cut back on your full-time employment to attend a reputable college because of these great benefits.

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Deciding to earn a bachelor’s degree is always the key to a promising future and a life full of amazing opportunities.

Just as -Nelson Mandela once said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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