How to choose the right undergraduate course for you?

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 How to choose the right undergraduate course for you?

The undergraduate studies is an education after secondary education and prior teaching postgraduate.  It usually includes all postsecondary programs to the level of a bachelor. For example, the United States, a novice university student is known by the undergraduate name, while graduate students are called graduate students.  In some other educational systems, undergraduate education is post-secondary education up to the level of control;  in the case of some science courses in Britain and some medical education courses in Europe. Are you stuck in deciding which right undergraduate course for you, university or college is right for you? Read on for Uni-app tips and advice on tackling that big decision.

 What is an example of undergraduate course?

Undergraduate course level last up to two years, at least four and received a bachelor’s degree.  Only if you manage to get your degree, you can start a postgraduate. In simple terms, the first cycle This is your first step in university life.  In other words, it is a series of graduate studies to achieve a graduate degree, which qualifies you as a professional in a specific career with a specialized focus.

 The undergraduate course are usually followed after the 10 + 2 level in most countries. These are Bachelor courses. These are classified in BSc, BA, etc., depending on the subjects chosen by the student (artistic materials, scientific, etc.).  involve a lot of practical work performed in laboratories. When a student pursuing studies degree or first degree, it is considered an undergraduate student.Thus, the term first cycle can be a reference during or at the student taking the course.

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Programs of bachelor studies

The bachelor, a very professional training is designed to train graduates immediately operational.  This is why the program built a close relationship with business, is dominated by the concrete.  The lessons are designed on draft mode, in small groups, often taught by practicing professionals.

 The monitoring of each student’s personalized. The curriculum includes long professional immersion in the form of internships or alternating (apprenticeship or professionalization contract).

 What is bachelor?

 The Bachelor designates an undergraduate program running on average in 3 years in a business school or a special school.  Every year it attracts more and more graduates because it is often more accessible than longer cycles and often more “elitist”.  Students holding a tray + 2 can also incorporate the 3rd year of a Bachelor by means of parallel admissions.

 It is also a cycle of studies little shorter and therefore less expensive for the student that said cycles “classic”.  Moreover, it is often these same schools that offer.  For example, much of the business schools and private business schools “independent” created these training cycles Post-Bac in three years.

 There are bachelors in different areas.You can bachelor in business school, a school of tourism, a multimedia school, a computer school.

Training often for internationally oriented jobs ,The cycles bachelors are in line with the labor market as they meet real recruitment needs.  Most often, the Bachelor is a general training but still oriented in a specific field (trade, marketing, finance, web marketing …).  Schools adapt to business needs and offer more and more bachelors in specific sectors such as the bachelor in luxury management, sports management or bachelor wines and spirits.

 The Bachelor allows rapid integration into the labor market.  These courses are often taught by schools that have a strong relational fabric with their local businesses.

 Bachelors courses are internationally oriented, so a good level of English is essential.  Some courses may be taught in English.  During your course part of the course can be followed in a partner school abroad.

 If your ambition is to work internationally and grow in an English environment, be aware that you can refer you to a BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration. The BBA is training in 4 years, in English aiming to train future international business managers.

 The FEDE (European Federation of Schools) grants European Bachelors corresponding to European standards and recognized by professionals and recruiters.  Integration in European Bachelor is after a +2 and many international vocation trainings are offered.

Bachelor alternately

 You can follow a Bachelor alternately via an apprenticeship or vocational training contract. For this you will find schools where you can carry your entire curriculum alternately and others only the 3rd year.

 To you belongs the research the company where you can make your Bachelor alternately.  The schools have a pool of companies where apprentices are training from one year to another.  They can help you in your enterprise search, if necessary.

 The advantage of preparing an alternating bachelor is that tuition fees are paid by the company.  Therefore, you will become an employee full of business and have the same legal obligations as other employees and the same benefits.

 The rhythm of alternating bachelor is supported because you have the same courses and exams that students in conventional cycle but in addition, you have your day business.  The periods in business vary according to regulation schools and can be 1 current week / 1 week business course 2 days / 3 days in the company … You must be rigorous and organized in order to pass an alternating bachelor.

 Make a bachelor alternately allows you to practice the school to study theory and experience life in business. Your professional experience will be a real plus when seeking your first job.

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 How to choose the right undergraduate course for you?

How to choose the right undergraduate course for you?

There are 3 steps to choosing the right undergraduate course you are truly interested in:

  1. Compare chosen courses of study

 Can not decide between two or even three programs of study?  The comparator program is here to enlighten you!  This tool allows you to highlight the similarities and differences between the various programs that interest you.  You can compare the offer price, but also information on admission and program features.  The idea is to allow you to make the best possible choice, by having all the cards.

  1. Learn about the craft referred to professionals

 Exchange with members of the business community from the domain you want is important to take the pulse of the art to which you aspire. They are often willing to give their time to share their passion with the next generation, then do not hesitate to approach them to explore their world on networking platforms like LinkedIn.  You can as well take the opportunity to ask them questions about their usual tasks, their typical days or qualifications for the job.  Check with them on the demand for labor and the prospects of the domain.  For example, careers in nursing will be in high demand in the coming years, as those related to the environment and technology. Besides members of the professional community in the field, you can also check with advisors who have your success at heart.

  1. provide a Plan B

 Allow yourself to explore related fields of study to those who challenge you and that you may not have considered. For example, the first doctoral degree in pharmacy interests you, but you do not know if your Rating meets the requirements?  Learn about the Bachelor of biopharmaceutical sciences that offers solid training, particularly in regard to the drug.  Keep an open mind throughout your journey maybe you will discover a new passion!

 Finally, keep in mind that a change in curriculum undergraduate course is entirely possible and frequently along the way. The important thing is to find a training you on and motivates you.

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