Learn More about Studying Law in London for International Students | 2023

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Learn More about Studying Law in London for International Students | 2023

Study law in London for international students is sought by many young people around the world, whether Arab youth or young people around the world, where the law gives you an ideal opportunity to expand your intellectual and knowledge horizons, and enables you to become a part of achieving justice in any country you are.

You will be able to support those who need to be heard, represent clients to search for their interests, and provide them with legal and advisory services.

If you are a fan of the legal field and would like to become part of it. Studying law in Britain may be the right path for you because. It is one of the most important future study paths.

And in the following, we will learn about the most important features that distinguish it and attract students to study law in Britain.

Information about Britain

Study Law in London for International Students
Studying Law Degree in London

London is one of the most well-known cities in the world. As the capital of the United Kingdom for the past two centuries, it has been the center of attention.

It is the location of major industries as well as millennia-old universities. It’s also known as Fog City. However, it appears that fog cannot prevent the light of science from shining in all fields, particularly law. Many people consider studying Law Degree in London to be a dream come true.

A student could find high-quality education, well-established law colleges, and dedicated law professors there. There are numerous reasons to pursue a law degree in London, and the following lines will provide a glimpse of some of them.

The area of ​​Britain, according to a statistic conducted in 2016, is approximately 78,772 km², and thus ranks fifteenth in terms of area in the world and is considered one of the largest countries in the world.

The population of Britain, according to a census conducted in 2016, was approximately 65,097,000 million people.

The climate in Britain is characterized by a moderate climate with rainfall throughout the year, and temperatures vary between -11 degrees Celsius to more than 35 degrees Celsius, and the northern high regions of the country witnessed heavy snowfall.

Why Study law in London for international students?

For Study law in London for international students, you will find that the British Isles are home to some of the best universities in the world, where the quality of education drives you to excel. In addition to being an opportunity to gain the skills, experience, and knowledge that will enable you to obtain a degree.

Study law in London for international students is an ideal opportunity to step into a bright future and a prestigious career opportunity. You can then reap the benefits of your knowledge and study of English law.

By working in one of the leading law firms in Britain, and the rest of the world, and if you choose to return to your homeland. You can make your own glory wherever you are due to the quality of education you have obtained by studying law in Britain.

What are the requirements for studying law in London?

To be eligible to Study law in London for international students, the following must be provided:

  1. You must meet a number of specific requirements, including being able to speak English proficiently.
  2. Here you may have to take some courses or take tests to prove fluency and a good understanding of the English language.
  3. With high school completion with grades between 70-75% in your coursework.
  4. However, the actual requirements for each country differ, and if you are from Malaysia, you must pass the ABB Exam for Advanced Level at Cambridge College.
  5. The student must also submit a statement of financial sufficiency, which covers the costs of travel, study and living in Britain.

How much does studying law in London cost?

In any field of Study law in London for international students, the cost factor is a problem for the international student. Therefore, the Easy Uni team works to display study costs for all university majors in various educational destinations in the world, including Britain, as it is one of the most popular destinations for students.

If you are considering studying law in the UK, the current average for studying is £12,000 a year, or the equivalent of $18,000.

The study in Britain is also characterized by a system of advantages and rewards, as when students excel and achieve academic excellence in the field of studying law, the student receives special rewards and privileges.

What are the requirements for studying law in London?

To be eligible to Study law in London for international students, the following must be provided

For Study law in London for international students:

  1. Oxford University.
  2. Cambridge University.
  3. Edinburgh University.
  4. University of Manchester.
  5. University of Nottingham.
  6. University of Leeds.
  7. Sheffield University.
  8. University of Exeter.

Study law visa in London

When a Study law in London for international students is confirmed by UCAS, the student will apply for a Tier 4 visa, and this process must be done online three months before the start of your studies. In order to do this, you must have the following documents:

  • University acceptance letter from the university you want to study at.
  • Then the proof of financial ability to study in the UK.
  • Evidence of the student’s proficiency in the English language.
  • Then a medical examination is to prove that the student is free of infectious diseases.
  • The fingerprint statement is made at the application center.
  • Pay the visa fee.

How to get accepted to Study law in London?

If you aspire to Study law in London for international students such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham or Bristol, you must pass the following:

  1. You will need to pass the National Admissions Test to study Law which is abbreviated as LNAT. You must pass this test before you are accredited to UCAS.
  2. And then send the application to the university you wish to study with the UCAS form
  3. It is also very important that you try to apply as early as you can, especially if you are applying to study at Oxford or Cambridge universities.
  4. Because you will need to register your name to be among the LNAT test takers in October and take the test before mid-November.
  5. For other universities that require the LNAT test, you will be required to register and book the test in January of each year.

The most important disciplines of studying law in Britain

There are about five important disciplines in British law, which are as follows:

  • Criminal Law: This law inserts a set of laws related to crime such as theories, criminal justice, crime problems, and terrorism issues.
  • Property Law: It studies the law relating to real property, land, rental, and building rights.
  • Intellectual property law: a law that preserves the rights of artistic and literary works and protects copyrights
  • Commercial Law: This major studies tax and financial law.
  • Family Law: This law studies family affairs, inheritance, as well as child custody.

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Reasons to study Law in London for International Students in 2023

Study Law in London for International Students
Studying in Britain

A globally respected teaching of law

Universities in London offer widely recognized degrees, comprehensive and up-to-date curricula, and an international faculty that ensures course balance, objectivity, and relevance regardless of field or specialization. In the United Kingdom, law is generally divided into practical domains. Constitutional Law, European Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, and Private Law can all be studied as majors. The educational process places a premium on peer interaction, encouraging debates, discussions, and creative thinking, as well as boosting individual research confidence. This makes studying a law degree in London an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Home to global institutions where law is the key pillar

Studying law in London not only depends on its unmatched universities or its massively dedicated professors. It also depends on the city’s being the host of global organizations where the law is the primary pillar and subject.

London is a large cosmopolitan metropolis with a population of over 7 million people. You, as a student, have the opportunity to study Law in London for international students, which has a long tradition and experience in higher education and serves not only as the capital of the United Kingdom, but also as the headquarters for the Commonwealth of Nations, Amnesty International, and the International Maritime Organization.

These organizations have bolstered the experience of London-based academic institutions, allowing them to provide targeted Law Degrees in London that aim to produce capable Law professionals.

Great accommodation, but a little bit expensive

Accommodation in London would cost slightly more. It’s a city with excellent but pricey lodging. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center would cost £1,632 GBP per month.

You could also pay around £1,120 GBP per month for living outside of the city center. However, most universities provide a variety of housing options, both on and off campus.

These offers will be significantly more affordable for students, especially because they involve shared housing and facilities. Furthermore, the average cost of on-campus living is 200 GBP per week, which includes utility and food service fees.

What about the tuition fees? 

While tuition fees in the United Kingdom vary greatly, the average for a Master’s program ranges from  £ 6,000 to  £10,000 per year, while Bachelor’s degrees can range from  £4,000 to  £16,000 per year.

There are some examples of tuition fees in the United Kingdom. Master’s Degrees in Law at University of Lincoln  cost £5,600 per year, while Master’s Degrees in Legal Practice at the University of West London cost £3,700 per year.

The Master’s in Social Justice and Education at University College London costs £15,525 per year. The Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice at City University of London costs £14,000 per year.

The London School of Economics and Political Science, Masters in Laws, costs £18,251 per year.

Luckily, there’s a promising future for law students in London

There’s another encouraging reason to study law in London for international students: The career awaiting you in the foreseeable future. Depending on the jurisdiction of the career option they have chosen, law professionals in the United Kingdom are classified as solicitors or barristers.

As a result, graduates must choose between the two, receiving a practicing certificate that is incompatible with the other certificate.

Given the complexities of integrating U.K. Law with European and International Law, often these London-based companies have abundant legal departments looking for well-trained graduates who are experts in the exact details of British Law.

Furthermore, because of the historic and cultural similarities between the United Kingdom and its former colonies, most Commonwealth nations (particularly Australia, Canada, and New Zealand), as well as former colonies such as Hong Kong and Singapore, recognize and value a Law Degree from a London University.

Integration and Brexit

There are two other factors that made study law in London for international students an even more favorable option. The first is that Commonwealth countries have modeled their higher education systems after the British model and are constantly looking for staff educated in the United Kingdom.

And at last, because of the recent Brexit decision, there will be a significant demand for legal professionals to implement the outcomes and implications of the legal transition out of the EU.

You should study a law degree at a British university, particularly those:

Great law schools and universities in London can be found in the United Kingdom. They are numerous and diverse in nature.

These universities make studying a law degree in London an asset for you as a student, given the countless aforesaid advantages of studying there at the hands of such veteran law professors.

To summarize, studying Law Degree in London would be an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would propel you into new realms of success and promising careers.

London’s law degree will be excellent for a variety of reasons, including well-established universities, dedicated law professors, the UK’s strong economy, sophisticated educational tools, and the presence of global organizations such as Amnesty International.

It’s an adventure worth having and a risk worth taking. When it comes to studying law, there is no better place than London.

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When all’s been said and done, there are many reasons to study Law in London for international students, from the many job opportunities and roles after graduation to joining the field of law, Don’t worry Uniapp can get you well-informed!

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