Why study a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management in 2023

master's degree in tourism and hospitality management
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Why study a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management in 2023

Why study  a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management in 2023?  Master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality management are postgraduate degrees focused on managing tourist resorts or hotels. However, you might not know much about what this master’s degree is. You might also not be aware of why you should choose to study a tourism management and hospitality master’s degree.

There are also specific skills that you should have when you choose to study a tourism and hospitality management degree. This is so that you can be successful in the tourism and hospitality field after you graduate from the program. Here’s your guide to studying a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management. UniApp tells it like it is! 

What is a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management? 

A tourism and hospitality management degree is a master of science degree. It’s especially for people who want to work as managers in tourist resorts or hotel settings. Those who study a master’s degree in the field will become experts in the area of tourism and hospitality management. This degree focuses on marketing and business management in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Students take courses in management and marketing in resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and hotels worldwide. Courses in the degree program include subjects like business administration, tourism trends, and business strategy. Study programs usually merge both theoretical concepts and hands-on practical internships. After graduating with a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality, alumni are qualified to work in many job roles.

This might be in jobs like event managers, hotel managers and purchasing directors. They might also work as convention organizers, cruise line directors or entrepreneurs. Graduates of the program can work in big or small organisations based on their interests. The tourism and hospitality field is fast-paced, dynamic and exciting. It also lets people who work in the field the chance to travel and meet interesting people. 

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Why study a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management? 

After learning what a tourism and hospitality master’s degree is, you might be interested to learn why you would want to pursue such degrees. From extraordinary business management skills to improving social skills, there are many reasons why you might want to pursue such a degree.  In addition to working in both local and international travel fields, there are many other benefits to pursuing a tourism and hospitality master’s degree. 

Here are some reasons why you should study a tourism and hospitality management degree:

1. Awesome business management skills

One of the benefits of studying a Tourism and Hospitality master’s degree is the excellent business management skills they’ll gain after studying the degree. This means they’ll be qualified to work as managers in many fields. They’ll learn many transferable business management skills that they can use in most industries. That is, if they don’t want to work in the hotel and hospitality industry. 

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2. Adventurous job

The fact that pursuing a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management leads to adventurous and exciting jobs after graduation is another reason to pursue a master’s degree in this field. Tourism jobs usually need you to be creative and think fast. As well you have to go out of your comfort zone. If you are guiding tourists on a vacation while you work as a tour guide, you’ll need to create an adventurous agenda for the trip.

That’s essential so that they can enjoy themselves. Other jobs in the field are also very dynamic and adventurous. For example, you might pursue a career such as working as a hotel manager or travel attendant. As people say, there will never be a dull moment in this field! This means that those who work in the business need to be relaxed. They should also have highly-extroverted, outgoing personalities. 

3. Improved social skills

Another reason to study a management master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality management is the fact that you’ll get to improve your social skills on the job after graduation. You get to meet so many people daily when you work in this field. This experience is rewarding and can help you learn a whole lot.

However, this might be overwhelming for some people if they are introverted. That’s why it’s essential to make sure if you enter this field that you keep an open mind. That is, if you aren’t naturally an extrovert. After all, pursuing a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management will help you enhance your social skills. 

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4. The choice to work in local or international travel 

Another advantage of studying a Tourism and hospitality management degree is that you can pick between working in local and international travel. This is a plus for those who want to stay in a stable location or raise a family. This means they’ll have the flexibility to stay in one place.

In this case, they’ll work at local sites, museums or resorts in your area. They’ll serve tourists who come and visit your area. If you want to have a more international career and have no restraints, you can do this. In this case, you’ll get the amazing chance to enjoy a career full of travel and exciting experiences. 

5. Joining a booming industry

A plus to studying a Tourism and hospitality management degree is that after graduation, you’ll get to join a booming industry. It is actually considered the largest service industry worldwide. And it has continued to grow, even during the course of the pandemic.

There are so many opportunities to work as many different jobs. For example, you can work at luxury resorts or outdoor adventure areas. You can also choose to work in event planning. The possibilities in this booming and advancing industry are truly endless.. 

6. Fun job full of travel

The fact that studying a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management allows you to have a fun job full of travel is another reason why many choose to study a degree in the field. There are so many job options that will let you travel around. If you love travelling, you can easily find jobs at tourist destinations or attractions abroad and guide tourists.

This is whether from your home country or a foreign country. In case you work in a foreign country, you’ll head there along with them and help them have a good time in their vacation spot. Working in this industry means you can easily travel a lot.  If that’s what you’re interested in, it’s the perfect job for you! You’ll get to travel to your heart’s content and broaden your horizons. 

However, you should remember that working in the tourism field might not be the best option if you want to make a lot of cash. This applies especially at the beginning of your career. You’re more likely to gain experiences through meeting new people, enjoying life and exploring the world.

Working in this field also helps you become a more relaxed and outgoing person. This means that the non-monetary rewards may be able to make up for the monetary ones if you don’t need the extra cash. 

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master's degree in tourism and hospitality management
A job full of travel!

7. Flexible work schedule

Finally, if you’re looking for a flexible job, you should choose to pursue this career. Professionals in this field usually have a dynamic schedule that isn’t the standard 9 to 5 career! If you’d like a flexible work schedule like this, then tourism could be an excellent job for you.

Choosing to study a Tourism and hospitality management master’s means you can avoid being stuck in an office all day. You can escape doing routine tasks on a daily basis. In a career like this, you’ll have flexible tasks and schedules. That means you could work for one week and get the month’s salary you’d earn in another career path! What a great idea if you like this dynamic way of life? 

Potential jobs after tourism and hospitality management degrees

After learning about the benefits of studying a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management, you might want to know what the potential jobs after graduation are. That’s if you choose to study a degree in this field. You could work as a hotel manager, flight attendant or event planner.

There are also numerous other interesting picks to choose from. Read on to learn about the potential jobs after you choose to study a master’s degree in the field of Tourism and hospitality management. 

1. Hotel Manager

 Salary: 49,000 USD/year

The first, and perhaps most famous, job you can work in tourism is as a hotel manager. In this role, you’ll manage all activities related to the hotel. For example, you’ll set budgets and evaluate how staff are performing. You’ll also carry out quality assurance on the products and services offered at the hotel. This is to make sure they are of high quality. 

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2. Flight Attendant 

Salary: 40,700 USD/year

Another job you can pursue in the field is as a flight attendant. As a flight attendant, you’ll greet passengers and help them with their bags. You’ll assist them to their seats. You also solve conflicts between passengers and answer their questions to ensure they’re satisfied. Finally, they present safety instructions and give people their food and drinks. They basically ensure that people enjoy their flying experiences! 

3. Restaurant Manager 

Salary: 45,700 USD/year

Working as a restaurant manager is another option for those who study a Tourism and hospitality management degree. They hire and train restaurant staff members and carry out meetings. They also organise schedules for cleaning and closing up the restaurant. Furthermore, they manage the ordering of missing items for inventory. Finally, they organise payroll and carry out all administrative tasks.   

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4. Entertainment Manager 

Salary: 52,900 USD/year

Another job option to work in the field is to work as an entertainment manager. An entertainment manager organizes activities and events to keep guests in the hotel interested and having fun. They also organise shows for nighttime, inviting famous performers or singers to perform in the hotel. Furthermore, they try to ensure that there’s something for every type of guest. This means they make entertainment diverse.

For example, they might try to make sure there are entertainment options for toddlers and kids. They may also try to cater for bachelorette parties or bachelor’s parties, as well as other special events. They basically make sure all guests are entertained and enjoying their hotel stay.

Critical skills to work in the tourism industry

People who work in the tourism and hospitality field need specific skills to be able to excel in the job sphere.

Here are some of the critical skills you’ll need to work in the tourism industry after pursuing a master’s degree in the field:

1. Communication

In this industry, you must express yourself clearly and choose your words carefully. This is so you can persuade your clients. The easiest way to become a good communicator is to be a good listener. Always listen to understand rather than to speak. This is because if you understand people, you’ll be able to communicate better. You can find out what they need and provide it for them.

2. Diplomacy

Diplomacy is also another skill that is useful in this field. You should be aware of the emotions of your clients. This is because bad situations might happen during travel that can freak them out or upset them. That means you’ll need to be patient, empathetic and responsive.

You’ll also need to be ready to solve conflicts. It’s also critical to be able to handle clients who are angry or upset with grace. You must also be savvy and solve problems quickly to satisfy them. 

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3. Problem-solving

Another skill that is crucial to the career is problem-solving. This skill also needs to be combined with analytical skills and good attention to detail. This means you’ll be able to analyse available options. You will then choose the one suitable for your clients. Sometimes, you might not be able to find a solution. In this case, you’ll need to find another way to gratify the customers to compensate for the problem. 


When it comes to studying a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management, there are many reasons to do so. From a career full of adventure and travelling to the socializing skills you’ll gain, the benefits of pursuing a degree in this dynamic and exciting field are sky-fold. You’ll also have many job opportunities to choose from after graduation. For example, you can work as job options like a hotel manager or flight attendant.

In any case, you’ll need to apply skills like communication, diplomacy and problem-solving if you want to excel in this career path. If you still don’t know which career path you want to pursue, reach out to us! If you don’t want to waste your time on the wrong major, give Uniapp a chance to help you study a bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in a field that’s right for you! 

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