Unique master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality to study in Europe in 2023

master's degrees in tourism and hospitality
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Unique master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality to study in Europe in 2023

Have you heard about the most unique master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality in Europe this year? Tourism and hospitality major is an exciting major to study as it opens you up to an exciting career. This is a career full of travelling, socializing and experiencing the world through a tourist’s eyes. You could also choose to work in event and hotel management. Both of which are interesting fields to work in.

The fact that you’ll have an exciting career is only one of the reasons why you should study a tourism and hospitality master’s program. There are many unique and exciting master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality to go for. That is if you want to study in Europe.

From L’école de management du Tourisme to EU Business School, these great schools all have exciting programs. These programs can help you become well-versed in the field of tourism and hospitality. Read on to find out more about them! 

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Unique and exciting master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality to study in Europe in 2023

Tourism and hospitality is a major you might not have considered. However, if you love to travel and want to have a dynamic and flexible career, you should give it a chance. UniApp brings you the most exciting and unique European tourism and hospitality programs at the master’s level to study in 2023. Here you go!

1. L’école de management du tourisme

Location: France

The first option for an interesting master’s degree in tourism and hospitality in Europe is the one offered by L’école de management du tourism. In English, this is known as the tourism management school in France. If you want to study in France, you can look no further to pursue an exciting degree program in the field. The school offers a great master’s of management program for those who want to study a master’s in Tourism management. It’s undoubtedly a great choice to go for. 

Students who choose to study programs like these master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality will learn topics like Event tourism management and Revenue Management. They’ll also learn about Hotel Management, Hospitality & Marketing and how laws are applied to tourism Marketing tools. It prepares them to not only work in the tourism field but become successful managers of an organisation.

The program also includes information on how to work in and manage various hospitality venues. These might be Transport companies, business and convention centres and hotels. In the first year of the program, students learn how the tourism sector works. They learn skills that are critical to be able to manage businesses in the Tourism field.

In the second year, they pick a specialisation from event tourism, hospitality or Revenue Management. They can also pick from majors like Hotel Management or Hospitality and Marketing specialisation. They can also get the chance to do a 6-month internship in France or abroad in the tourism field. This depends on what they choose to do to gain work experience before they head out into the field after graduation. 

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master's degrees in tourism and hospitality
Student of tourism and hospitality travelling.

2. EU Business School

Location: Germany, Spain 

The EU Business School is another school for intriguing master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality. That’s if you want to study a master’s degree in the field in Europe. The degree program features an outline of topics like Hospitality management, Event management and Conference management. Students can also study the unique topic of Digital tourism.

Students who graduate with the Tourism and Hospitality management master’s degree will receive a university-specific master’s degree from the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) in Spain. This is known as the Título Propio. They will also receive a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the EU Business School.

The school recognizes the importance of tourism as one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. This is why they developed a master’s of arts program in Tourism and Hospitality management. The program aims to produce executives with strategic management skills.

The degree teaches students about the theories and frameworks that are important in the tourism and hospitality spheres. These theories include international and intercultural topics, which are critical in such a highly globalised world. 

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3. C3S Business School Barcelona

Location: Spain

Another top contender with unique master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality is the C3S Business School in Barcelona. If it was always your dream to study in Spain, this could be a good option for you. The master’s of arts degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management features topics like Strategic Management and Marketing, Destination Management and International Tourism Policy and Development. Students also cover topics like Digital Tourism and Hospitality and Organisational Behaviour in the International Hospitality Contexts. 

 The degree offers students a deep dive into business practices in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.  It can lead students to improve their career prospects and gain a better and more extensive business network after graduation from the program. They can join leadership positions in a variety of career fields.

In these leadership positions,  they can effectively create tourism strategies and get involved in marketing plans. This means they can contribute to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Positions that could be considered after graduation from a master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management include working as hotel managers or marketing directors at hotels.

They might also choose to work as sales managers, quality assurance managers, general managers and public relations managers for any famous hotel chains or resorts. Besides hotels, they can work in many other businesses like cinemas, theatres or restaurants. They might choose to work in casinos, cruise line operations or spas. Finally, they can work at event management companies and catering companies of all types. 

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4. CBS International Business School

Location: Germany 

An option for those who want to study in Germany for their master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality is the CBS International Business School. The school is located in the city of Cologne in Germany. The innovative master’s program in Tourism and Sustainable Management involves study topics like Strategic Investment Decision and Risk Management and Strategic Renewal. Students also cover topics like Digital Business Models, Environmental Impact Management and Corporate Governance. 

The master’s of arts degree is a program that merges two schools at the University: The Department of International Tourism Management (ITM) and the Center for Advanced Sustainable Management (CASM). Students enrolled in the tourism and hospitality master’s program get to explore how touristic developments handle sustainable growth models. They learn about the social issues and current trends to develop new conceptual ideas in the field of Tourism and sustainability. 

In the first semester, they’ll learn foundation courses in international business and sustainable management. They’ll study corporate social responsibility and governance. They’ll also learn what happens when this governance is applied to tourism management and its impact on it. In the second semester, they’ll take on case studies to understand the relationships more deeply. They’ll also apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in a practical setting.

Furthermore, they also carry out a group project to apply the knowledge even more. They partner with a company in the tourism industry and work as a strategic consultant for them. Students also take an international field trip to explore touristic cultures more deeply. In the third semester, they’ll look at tourism through the lens of digitalization, innovation and social entrepreneurship. They’ll then critically analyse the tourism industry.  

Students who graduate from the Tourism and Sustainability Management Master’s study program get the chance to work in many industries. These industries include Cultural industries, Destination Management and the Marketing and Sales industries.

They might work in areas like Non-governmental organizations, Events Management and Airline companies. They may even choose to work in Airports, Tour operations companies and travel agencies, among many other business sectors.  

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5. Paris School of Business

Location: France 

Paris School of Business also has a unique and exciting Tourism and Hospitality master’s program for those interested to study the degree. One of the hubs for Tourism and Hospitality, Paris is the perfect place to study a master’s degree in the subject. Students who want to study the tourism and hospitality master’s program degree will learn subjects like Hospitality Actors & Markets, Trends & Innovations in Food and Strategy in Hospitality Markets. They’ll also learn about Forecasting & Budgeting in Marketing for hotels in the Hospitality Industry. 

Alumni of the program graduate with advanced knowledge of managing institutions in the tourism and hospitality field. They become ready to work in managerial positions in areas like Airlines, Casinos, Event organisations and cultural attractions. This is in addition to more business areas. They’ll also gain analytical skills in all areas of the field, especially in the areas in which they choose to study electives in.

Essential subjects covered during the program are recruitment and ensuring ethics and corporate social responsibility during all aspects of the organisation. They also learn the true nature of managing a tourism and hospitality organisation. Students learn this through study tours, exposure to experts in the industry and work experiences. These experiences emphasize critical issues in marketing, finance and other business areas. 

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6. BSBI Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Location: Germany 

Finally, a special program in the area of International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management is an intriguing one offered by the BSBI Berlin School of Business and Innovation. The master’s in arts program in International Tourism Hospitality and Event Management offers courses in Event Management, Tourism, Hospitality and Human Resources.

If you want to study a master’s degree in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in Germany, consider the program by the BSBI Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

Students study core concepts of business management, like topics of business strategy and operations management. They also learn about project management and leadership across cultures. They then learn to effectively apply them to the tourism, hospitality and event industries. 

Students who study the International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management master’s will also apply their knowledge practically through the application of business theories and their real-world applications.

They’ll also develop excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills. They can use these skills in their careers after graduation. Before graduation, they’ll also hand in a dissertation on a topic they choose. This means they’ll get a deep dive into the specialisation of their choice.

By graduating time, they will have carried out an advanced project in their chosen niche. They also gain in-depth knowledge on this topic and are ready to apply it in the real world. 

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7. INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School

Location: Spain

The INSA Business School, Marketing and Communication school also offers a great master’s degree in Tourism and hospitality.  It offers a degree in E-Tourism and Revenue Management.  The degree is a part-time degree that is offered in Spanish. That means that, unfortunately, you have to be fluent in Spanish to study it.

The degree provides a deep knowledge of digital tools and social networking with a focus on tourism. Students learn information about a wide range of marketing activities and sales. They also receive specialised placement training. In this training, they learn how to optimise resources and generate revenues in such a competitive industry.

8. University of Plymouth

Location: The United Kingdom

The University of Plymouth in the city of Plymouth in the United Kingdom also offers a good master’s degree. The master’s of science in Tourism and Hospitality Management degree can be full-time or part-time. The program has a solid managerial focus and gives students specialised knowledge in the area. They learn both managerial skills and tourism-related ones.

For example, they study tourism and hospitality theory, as well as operational skills. They also offer students to learn practical methods of analysis. This program gives students the tools to become high-level managers in the field of tourism and hospitality sector.

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9. Les Roches

Location: Switzerland

Les Roches School in Switzerland offers an excellent Master’s in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation degree. The degree is 18 months long and is taught in the English language. It can be either a hybrid degree, an online degree or a traditional degree. This depends on what the student prefers and whether they want to come to campus or not for their master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality.

The program focuses on how digital technologies revolutionise hospitality. It creates opportunities for professionals who have excellent skills in technology. They can also lead digital transformation strategies for the organisations they go on to work in. The school considers the program the first of its kind in the world.

There are several exciting and unique master’s degrees in tourism and hospitality for students to choose from. This is if they would like to study in Europe. Some students might choose specialisations in the popular major of international tourism. Others choose to study other specialisations, like the subjects of event management.

No matter which specialisation you want to choose and how rare it is, you can find a program that focuses on it. If you want to study a tourism and hospitality master’s program but still aren’t convinced by any of the previous programs, reach out to us!  Uniapp can help you choose a program of your choice and apply to it. 

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