8 Great Masters to study in Canada

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8 Great Masters to study in Canada

Picking out what master’s degree you will study is very important for a student’s future career. Not only will it build up on the education you received in your bachelor’s degree, but also enhance it by allowing you to choose a speciality in your field-in some cases, the bachelor’s degree education is so broad that this is almost a requirement. On top of this, there have been the occasional case where someone goes into a master degree which has almost nothing to do with their bachelor degree and come out of it with two degrees which seem to have no revelance to one another, yet the student can combine the knowledge of both the degrees in a never before seen combination that can really make them stand out in the marketplace, such as a student with a bachelor’s degree in music studies and a master’s in law ends up becoming a lawyer in copyright law. All in all, studying your masters seems to be a more and more enticing offer these days.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best masters you can choose when you choose to study in Canada.

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Computer Science

This is one of the more obvious picks. With the global development of technology showing no signs of stopping, computer science majors are in extremely high demand and you’d be remiss to not get in on the action. Canadian universities know this and offer a lot of different options when it comes to what type of work you want to do in the world of computer science, be it data science, information management, robotics, cloud computing, business systems, you name it. There is also lots of potential for those coming in from different fields-those with a background in business can go into the aforementioned business systems, those with a background in math or physics can easily shift their focus onto data science and so on.

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Civil Engineering

For those who want experience when it comes to building and designing urban structures, be they bridges, highways or buildings, then a master in civil engineering is for you. A masters in civil engineering is also the right moment for you to decide whether you want to focus on making the foundation structures of a building (shallow foundations, deep foundations, etc.) or the more aesthetic parts of making a building (exterior, glass, etc.). Usually paired up with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (engineering doesn’t have as much flexibility as most when it comes to bachelor’s degree variety).

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Public Health

As a developed country, quality health care is going to be one of the foremost priorities on Canada’s mind with factors such as quality of life, public health management, or health prevention topping the list. Master’s degrees in Public Health cover work placement in Public Health Agency of Canada, public heath units, Ministry of Health or World Health Organisation-so jobs either in the hospital or in the government, essentially. You can come in here from a wide variety of degrees-a bachelors in Biology would set you up well with a typical hospital job, one in Psychology could help you set up for a field in psychiatry and so on.

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Money makes the world go round, and if there’s no profession that’s never going to go out of business it’s the group of people who are going to look after said money. Finance is an extremely profitable industry to get into, with a social market that boasts both an open market with high security. Not only will you learn about the financial systems across the globe but also be able to analyze and assess first hand some of the advantages the Canadian economy possesses.

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Human Resources Management

A highly skilled labor force and supportive inclusive market are one of the top reasons why the Canadian economy is flourishing. Equal employment opportunity and offering support to minorities has been the cornerstone of Canadian employment, so protecting those rights is an important priority for the Canadian job market, so studying something that will protect said rights is a safe bet for a job. Enter stage left, Human Resources Management. These are the people who make sure that equality and justice will reign in all the workplaces. Optimal bachelor degrees include Psychology and Business.

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Mechanical Engineering

Similar to civil engineering, most engineering jobs will tend to be in high demand in the job market, and mechanical engineering is no exception. Studying a masters of mechanical engineering in Canada will ensure you both a world-class education and an opportunity for you to do research in remarkable and modern laboratories. On top of the work experience, you’ll also gain knowledge in many fields, including computer-aided vehicle engineering, composites or computational fluid dynamics, as well as getting involved in several projects in applied mechanics.

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You can do a lot with a masters degree in pharmacy-drug and vaccine delivery, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-technology, molecular biology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy education, you name it. And in terms of the facilities, you will have a lot at your disposal, including high tech laboratories, special rooms for organic synthesis, facilities to cultivate special cells and labs for pharmacology. You also have a lot of opportunities when it comes to where exactly you want to work-you can work in the government, in academia or in other health professions, such as psychiatry.

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Electrical Engineering

Same thing I stated with the other engineering paths apply here. Engineering jobs are universally going to be in demand, and electrical engineering is no different. With a masters in electrical engineering, you’ll be focusing much more on the ‘hardware’ side of electronics (as opposed to Computer Science, where you focus more on the ‘software’ side). On top of your typical courses of technology, you will also have an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the trade such as economics, technical writing, ecology, the things that will get you adapted to the real world of having a job.

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And there you have it. Just a few of the lucrative majors you can choose to study in Canada. If you’d like to do some more research on the matter (or just on university related stuff in general), be sure to check out UniApp.

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