Best Mechanical Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

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Best Mechanical Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

Mechanical engineers can work in many fields after graduation, which is why so many students decide to study a mechanical engineering master’s degree. There are so many different specialisations to pick from and you can even choose to work in another field that isn’t related due to the critical thinking and problem solving skills acquired during the course of the degree. Germany is one of the top countries in the world to choose to study a master’s degree at, especially in the field of engineering. Read on to learn about the best mechanical engineering master’s degrees in Germany and why you should choose to study your degree there. 

Best Mechanical Engineering master’s programs in Germany in 2023

There are many good engineering master’s programs in Germany, with around 430 mechanical engineering study programs offered at 128 universities across Germany. From RWTH Aachen University to SRH University of Applied Sciences, they can be found in many beloved German cities and have unique programs so you can choose a subject you are truly passionate about. 

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Here are the best mechanical engineering master’s programs in Germany for the year 2023: 

RWTH Aachen University

Location: Aachen 

RWTH Aachen University, known as the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen in German, is a huge university that is well known for its top engineering programs. It has a whopping number of 46,000 students, with around 11,000 of them international students from almost 140 countries. The University offers several different mechanical engineering programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level, with the master’s degree offered there being the General Mechanical Engineering Master’s of Science. 

Technical University of Munich

Location: Munich 


The Technical University of Munich also ranks highly on the list of top mechanical engineering master’s programs in Germany. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the school is ranked highly worldwide, with employers choosing students from the school over others. The school has a welcoming and comfortable working environment for students and they work with the top level technology. The Faculty has an aim to create the most advanced technology for humans so that students can learn to be more efficient and better. It offers high level education with manly publicly funded projects and collaborations with many companies in the industry. Master’s degrees offered at the school are the Mechanical Engineering Master of Science and Engineering. If you choose to study this degree program, you’ll learn to apply many theoretical methods to solve real life problems, as well as develop your own solutions when you join the workplace. 


University of Stuttgart

Next on the list is the University of Stuttgart, a leading university in the field for students who want to study engineering and technology master’s programs. The school is known for its qualitative research and focuses on offering research-intense degree programs. If you choose to study your master’s degree at this university, you will be taught the fundamentals of engineering and deep knowledgeof science and mathematics. You’ll also be taught creativity nd problem solving skills, as well as learn how to become an excellent researcher. 


Most students who choose to study the mechanical engineering master’s are typically students who previously chose to study a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering or those who have studied subjects like vehicle and engine technology or technology management. The master’s programs offered at the university include a General Master’s of Mechanical Engineering, which is a joined program with Georgia Tech University and a normal Mechanical Engineering Master’s of Science degree. There’s also the chance to choose more specialised master’s degrees like Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Microtechnology, Device Technology and Technical Optics or a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Product Development and Construction Technology or finally, a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Materials and Production Technology. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Location: Karlsruhe 

Another top university for mechanical engineering master’s for those who want to study in Germany is the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, known more informally as the KIT. The school offers several mechanical engineering master’s, with one of them being a course especially designed with international students who don’t speak German in mind. The master’s programs aim to develop students who can identify problems independently and then work on developing top innovative solutions for these problems. 


The degree programs typically have a teaching style that is student oriented, with comfortable learning environments so students can excel and become as creative as possible. There are several master’s programs offered in the field such as the Mechanical Engineering M.Sc, Master’s of Materials Science and Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering M.Sc international program, which focuses on non-German speaking international students. 

Technical University of Braunschweig

Location: Braunschweig


Technical University of Braunschweig is an excellent school for mechanical engineering master’s programs. It offers several mechanical engineering master’s, with various different specialisations. The school is specialised in offering a research-intensive approach with a solution-oriented manner. They also have many collaborations with industry partners so students can take part in projects with them. The school offers two master’s degrees, one in industrial engineering and one with a focus of general mechanical engineering. They also constantly encourage students to reach their goals and pursue their dream careers. 

SRH University of Applied Sciences

Location: Berlin 

Last on the list for great universities to pursue master’s in mechanical engineering at is the SRH University of Applied Sciences. Located in Berlin, the school offers several master’s programs in the field for students who choose to study there. Students can choose to study a master’s degree in Engineering and International Business, with a focus on the Mobility and Automotive Industry. The degree focuses on combining a master’s in business with an engineering master’s degree so students can get the best of both worlds. It focuses on topics such as Financing and Investment Strategies, Renewable Power, Heating and Cooling, Sustainable Residue, Waste and Water Processing Technologies, as well as Environmental Analytics, International Negotiations and Contractual Management, among other topics. 


There’s also a mechanical degree program at the master’s degree level in Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management, with a focus on the Mobility and Automotive Industry. This course gives students a deep understanding of topics like autonomous driving, alternative drive concepts, assistance systems and new sales and business concepts in e-mobility. 


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Why study a Mechanical Engineering master’s in Germany? 

After learning about the top master’s programs in the country, you might want to know why you should study a master’s of Mechanical Engineering in Germany especially. Reasons to study the degree In Germany include the following:

  • The country has a booming mechanical engineering industry that has been growing over the last few years. 
  • Germany also prioritizes research, which is very important when it comes to any master’s degree in engineering.
  •  Most German universities don’t have tuition fees so you will study at a great cost. 
  • The country has great employment prospects for mechanical engineering master’s graduates. 


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In conclusion, there are many reasons to study a mechanical engineering master’s in Germany and many great programs to study it at. From the RWTH Aachen University to the SRH University of Applied Sciences, there are many options for prospective master’s students to choose from. If you’re still confused, Uniapp can help make the decision easier so you can find the perfect school and degree program to suit your needs. 


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