6 Convincing Reasons to Study a Master’s abroad in Greece

reasons to study a master's abroad in Greece
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6 Convincing Reasons to Study a Master’s abroad in Greece

Know the compelling reasons to study a master’s abroad in Greece? No? Are you ready to find out? Greece is the land of white buildings, stunning beaches and great weather. But did you know that Greece has some of the best European universities in several subject areas?

In fact, Greece has around 24 universities and 16 technical ones, with most of them offering English language programs. Some even offer British degrees when you graduate with your Greek degree. This is at a fraction of the price of UK degrees.

You can also transfer ECTS credits back and forth between other European countries. This is possible because they are part of the Bologna scheme. These are only a few of the reasons why you should study a master’s abroad in Greece. Read on to learn about several other reasons why you should study a master’s abroad in Greece. 

6 reasons to study a master’s abroad in Greece in 2023

Greece is one of the top tourist and study destinations worldwide. Here are 6 great reasons to study a master’s abroad in Greece. From the great education to the awesome food to the fact that you can master the Greek language, we’ve got you covered! 

1. Enjoy an affordable education and lifestyle

The first reason, and perhaps the most important, if you want to study a master’s abroad in Greece is the fact that you’ll get a great, affordable education. You’ll also pay reasonable costs of living. As an EU student, you won’t be charged any tuition fees for your master’s degree, except for several specialised programs.

International students pay reasonable tuition fees in most cases. These fees range from 1,500 euros to 9,000 euros, including textbooks. Don’t fear, though, the fees on the higher end of the spectrum pertain to private universities! If you choose to study at a public one, you’ll pay tuition fees that are better than all other top study destinations worldwide. 

Universities often also lend students related materials like anthologies, novels and other study materials. They might even give them to students to use. Greece is also one of the cheapest countries to live in as an international student. In general, you’ll need to factor in around 450 to 700 euros a month for all living costs. These cover living costs like accommodation, utilities, transportation, food and internet.

This is perhaps unheard of in Europe! In other European neighbours like Spain, Italy and France, you’ll pay around 950 euros on average for costs of living. Food and public transportation are cheap, with street food that is filling and delicious costing as little as 5 euros. If you buy and cook your own groceries, you’ll pay even less! 

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2. Live in the best location in Europe

If you want to study in Europe, Greece is a great route to take because of its location. The fact that it has, arguably, the best location in Europe is another reason to study a master’s abroad in Greece. It’s located in the centre of the world in the Mediterranean sea. This means there are many flights in and out of Greek cities like Athens and Thessaloniki to many nearby countries that are affordable.

For example, you can easily take a cheap and short vacation to hot travel destinations. Examples of these might be Venice in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey or Dubrovnik in Croatia. If you want to stay local in Greece, you also have many stunning beaches, islands and temples to explore. You’ll truly never get bored in this breathtaking country! 

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3. Study world-famous Greek degree subjects

Another reason to study a master’s abroad in Greece is the fact that you can study world-famous Greek degree subjects right from the source. Greece is known to take pride in their culture and history. They preserve this culture through education. This is all the more through excellent English master’s degree programs. This means students can join them, no matter what field tickles their fancy. They can learn everything about Greek culture and traditions.

For example, subjects that Greece is renowned for are philosophy, architecture and medicine, among more. What better location to study a Philosophy master’s degree than where Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were born and came to be?

You can also choose to study an Architecture master’s degree and learn from Greek architectural wonders like the Acropolis, Olympia and Parthenon. Another subject to consider is Politics, as Greece was considered the birthplace of democracy itself.

Furthermore, you can study a medicine master’s where the famous Hippocrates created his oath. He also came up with many ethical topics in medicine. Greece also had a great influence on physics and maths, as the first mathematical theorem worldwide was created by Greek Pythagoras. Many Greek characters are still used in Math today.

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4. Get immersed in a unique culture

A great reason to study in Greece is to get immersed in the unique culture that you won’t find anywhere else worldwide. Choosing to study a master’s abroad in Greece means you’ll get to experience the amazing Greek food, weather and hospitality.

Greek food

Greek food and drinks like Tsatsiki, feta, olives, gyros, tsipuro, metaxa, retsina and ouzo are tantalizing dishes that will truly delight your taste buds. Gyros, which is perhaps the most famous food, is a sandwich made of pita bread and stuffed with tomatoes and onions. They might also add tzatziki, lettuce, French fries and a form of meat.

The Greek are also renowned for a drink you probably already know: the infamous Frappe. Greek food is not only delicious but healthy. Greek people’s long lifespans have been attributed to this diet. 

Greek weather

Greek weather is also a tempting reason to study a master’s abroad in Greece. The country has a warm climate all year long. The weather is especially stunning during the summer. They have no rain for two or three months, especially in the Southern Greek areas.

In winter months, the weather barely ever falls below zero, meaning snow is very rare. So if you love the great summer weather, this is an awesome study destination to pursue a master’s degree.

Greek people

Greek people are also friendly and hospitality, some of the most welcoming people in the world. If you are a local at a Greek cafe or coffee shop, you’ll probably be greeted like a friend. You might also receive discounts and freebies.

In a restaurant, you may receive a free drink or dessert. Make sure you adopt the same endearing attitude with anyone you deal with during your study abroad time! That will make you part of the Greek family right away. 

reasons to study master's abroad in Greece
Beautiful Greek scenery.

5. Experience awesome student cities

Another advantage of the reasons to study a master’s abroad in Greece is the chance to experience some awesome student cities. One of the major student cities in Greece, which was once the epicentre of the whole world, is Athens. Athens today is a modern student city. It is known for its cool rooftop bars, historical neighbourhoods and many exciting attractions.

Thalassaki in Greece is another awesome student city, the second largest one in the country. It enjoys its own unique culture that students can enjoy. The city has had an influence not only from Ancient Grece but from Byzantium. It is considered the modern city of Greece, with a majorly growing tourism pull.

Meteora is another good student city. It is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the Eastern Orthodox monasteries that are built there. If you go to this student city, you can combine the great outdoors while learning about the unique religious history of the Greeks. 

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6. Learn greek

Finally, a good reason to study a master’s abroad in Greece is to learn one of the most influential languages in the world. The Greek language has existed for thousands of years.  Many modern words come from it, spanning several languages.

For example, the words “democracy”, “planet”, and “music” are a few words from the English language that were derived from Greek. Many locals speak English, but not everyone. This means it might be a good idea to get some basic Greek knowledge before arriving to study a master’s abroad in Greece. This will help you have an easier and more pleasurable study abroad adventure. 

Master’s in Greece admission requirements

After learning about why you should study a master’s abroad in Greece, let’s next talk about the master’s admission requirements. Thankfully, the requirements to study in Greece aren’t too difficult if you want to pursue a master’s degree. Here are some of the admission requirements to study a master’s abroad in Greece: 

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • 2-4 years of work experience (if you want to study an MBA program)
  • Proof of English language proficiency ( in the form of TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic or C1 Advanced test scores). These should be with a minimum grade score of B or a score of 7.0 on a scale from 1.0 to 9.0. 
  • GMAT scores of at least 500 (if you want to study an MBA program)
  • Overall GPA of at least 7.5 on a scale from 1 to 10

However, you shouldn’t be too worried if you don’t meet all the needed criteria. From one Greek university to another, admission requirements can differ.

If you have lower grades and still want to study a master’s in Greece, UniApp can give you a hand in searching for a good program. These programs might have less strict admission processes. This means you can still study the master’s degree program of your dreams, no matter how eligible you are. 

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Master’s in Greece Application documents

Finally, after finding out the reasons to study a master’s abroad in Greece, you might want to know the application documents. Here are some of the application documents you may need to submit if you want to study a master’s abroad in Greece: 

  • Online filled-out tapplication form
  • Personal photographs
  • Application fee of 50 euros
  • Previous academic records and transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if it isn’t your native language)
  • Personal statement document 
  • Scholarship request (if you need one) 
  • Two letters of reference (If you are employed, one of them needs to be from the current employer.) 
  • Research proposal 
  • Academic writing samples
  • Your bachelor’s thesis (translated into Greek or English)

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Things to know before you study abroad in Greece

Before you study abroad in Greece, there may be a few facts you want to know. This ensures you get the possible study experience when at a Greek university. Here are some things to know before heading to study abroad in Greece:

1. Learn Greek

A good word of advice is to learn the Greek language. Brush up on some Greek local language before heading to your master’s abroad.  Words like “Thank you”, “Good bye” and “Excuse me” might come in handy. They’ll help you better deal with the locals. It’ll also be a major point to impress them!

2. Pack for the weather

Before heading off to your degree, do your research about weather conditions. Be practical when it comes to packing and only bring what you need. Be sure to bring a jacket, as even if the weather is warm, it may get chilly at night.

Also, pack based on what you will do daily. If you love hiking, bring along your hiking shoes and ditch the heels.  If you want to party at night, bring appropriate clothing and skip on anything you don’t need.

3. Stay off your phone

Another way to enjoy your study abroad experience is to stay off your phone and the internet as much as possible. This will make your study abroad journey more enjoyable. Being constantly online can take away from the experience of your classes and enjoying the new Greek city you’ll be living in. When you get home, you can always catch up with friends and family.

4. Ask the locals questions 

A good rule of thumb is always to ask questions. Ask whether tap water is drinkable so that you can save money on that. Ask where the bar with the best music or the restaurant with the best Gyros is! Locals can tell you about local gems. They can also give you hacks to use during your study.

Even if you’re worried about asking stupid, you won’t! Just ask, and you shall receive…And asking locals means you’ll receive a lot!

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5. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal of your study abroad journey can also be a good way to keep the memories alive. You won’t always be able to remember the little details. These details might be how your school looked or how the professors talked, or who your friends were. In a few years, these will simply fade out of your memory.

Keeping these memories means that your study abroad journey can stay with you forever. You can also recall memories from your trip easier to tell friends and family.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should pursue a master’s in Greece. The culture is unique and exciting. There are several awesome student cities to choose from with excellent master’s degree programs.

Furthermore, living costs are reasonable when compared with the rest of Europe. You can also study subjects that the Greeks were experts in while being in good company. These subjects might be Politics, Medicine and several forms of Engineering.

However, be sure to follow our tips and tricks before going to Greece so that you can get the most out of your study journey! What are you waiting for? Look up some study programs using the Uniapp degree search today and find some great Greek master’s degree programs!

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