First-time students

First-time students

First Time Application Student

Prepare Your University Application

A copy of your Secondary school Certificate

To start your higher educational plan you need to provide your recent grades and current courses. Some Universities also need you to self-report your high school transcript. 

A list of your activities, social and work experiences

You can share your interests and what you have accomplished outside of the classroom in the second section of My UniApp. You can share information about things like internships, work and community engagement. show the colleges what makes you unique!

Test scores and dates from your school entrance exams

You may self-report test scores in the second section of My UniApp. Every university has different testing requirements. Some will always need your test scores. 

Academic achievements

The first section in your uni-app isn’t the only place to show your passion, you will also have the chance to share your academic honors and achievements

Create Your Uni-App Account

Creating a Uni-App account is easy and take a few minutes
  1. Click on the create account button
  2. Choose your sign-up method, you can sign-up with your email, Facebook or Gmail
  3. Complete your registration information
  4. Once you’re logged in complete your Uni-App profile to use all UniApp functions

Find Your Preferred Course and Apply

you’ve created your account now explore your dream study
  1. After you are logged into your account click on ( Programs & Schools )
  2. You’ll see all the programs and schools listed on UniApp
use the filters button to narrow your degree seacrh

filters button includes

  • Degree Type
  • The language taught of programs
  • Category and Discipline
  • Country of study destination
  • University
  • Tuition fees
  • Duration of the study
  • Type of attendance
Apply to University

You’ve selected your study destination and preferred program, now press Apply, the admission process just began, congrats!

Every University Has Own  Requirements

types of university requirements
  • Deadlines
  • English language level
  • CV
  • Application Fees
  • Personal Essay
  • Courses & Grades
  • Test Policy
  • Portfolio
  • Writing Supplements
  • Recommendations
  • References
where you can find each universities requirements
  1. After you are logged into your account go to ( Programs & Schools )
  2. Choose which University or program you need to explore
  3. Click on the ( Read more ) button
  4. Click on ( Requirements ) 

Review And Submit Your Application

Submit your application

Submission is a three-step process:

  1. Reviewing your application
  2. Consent and accept the terms
  3. Submit your application