How to use Student Reviews to find your perfect university?

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What to Study

How to use Student Reviews to find your perfect university?

We are constantly bombarded with options; whether you are buying a durable good or a non-durable good, the effects of trade have led us as consumers to debate between at least 2 options for each good or service.

In order to make the most efficient purchase and get our money’s worth, we are always headed for the review section to the extent that we have become somewhat masters in distinguishing between false reviews, verified Student Reviews or whether it is a paid promotion for a good.

But what about when you come to make the decision of which university to apply to, a choice which requires more than just hours of thinking, will determine your place of living and plans for the next four years and shape your entire future, what do you do then?

You cannot rely on only the previous experiences of students who used to go to the same school as you, this is why other student reviews will help you find the best university for you!

How is it that they can you? Regardless of whether you are applying to study a bachelor’s degree, master’s or PhD, student reviews will always come in handy! If you need more help, Uni-app should be your go-to!

Where to Study – Country

Reviews of other students will firstly help you determine if the country you are considering is suitable for you or if it’s a miss.

The activities which they take part in and the tours conducted prior to their learning experience are going to help you get an idea about the lifestyle at the country and you can then determine if it is something you would enjoy for the next four years of your life, or whether you should consider somewhere else.

Secondly, they would help you learn more about the culture of the country and whether the people are friendly, which is something you cannot get a true and honest review about by simple searching online.

Other students your age would be looking for nearby trips to other cities or other countries as this is one of the most interesting things for international students, to visit nearby countries. The students would help you in planning and budgeting and because you are likely to have a lot of common interests, they would tell you about how to spend your day and what not to miss.

Asking for their review about these specific things is likely going to help you determine the country of your choice to being with. For example, if you want to study in Germany, check out reviews about studying there!

Where to Study – University

As for student review related to studies, once you have decided on the country of your choice you can move on the university of your choice.

You can narrow down the options by looking at the best universities for your desired degree of study and program. Then, you can narrow them down based on tuition fees, extracurricular activities at the university, number of international students or partnerships and programs offered.

Some students would care about going to a university where study abroad programs are an option while some students may not care.

The Student Reviews from other students about the quality of the extracurricular activities, the procedures for stud abroad programs or likeability for you to receive financial aid are all going to guide you in the correct direction.

What to Study

You can also ask other students about reviews related to your desired major or specialization from other students, there are usually groups on social platforms for students to raise questions related to their academics and hear what others have to say, make sure you join your establishment’s online group or you will be missing a lot of worthy opinions from other students.

Student reviews are going to provide you with advising opinions based on real life situations which will save you from falling in the same mistakes as they did and benefitting from their experiences. You may ask about which courses to take together in a specific semester as to avoid being overworked and combining very challenging courses in one semester.

You can also as about briefs about the type of studies in a course and what does it discuss or the way it is conducted; so for example, some courses depend on projects while others depend on group work, research papers, graded assignments or examining you in class.

By knowing each instructor’s way of assessing you, you will be able to know if you should register the course or if it is going to be too much for you.

The Student Reviews will also you get an idea about what to do for the grade you want, and can sometimes link you with online notes or study groups to help you improve.

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The student reviews may also come in handy when you are stuck in your application process. In order to avoid doing any mistakes on your university application it is advised that you apply through a trusted application such as UniApp as this will simplify a huge step for you and provide you with a lot of insights related to your university, major and country of choice. Before arriving at the university you may still benefit from student reviews.

Application Process

The visa application procedures are a step which not many of us have experienced before and asking someone who has applied for the student visa provide you with a review about the time taken for the papers to be processed, the required documents, how early should you apply and the required documents if they were too many for example is defiantly going to help you have a clearer idea about when you should begin your application and what is expected from you to receive the student visa.

Then, upon completion of your student visa and university application, you will benefit the most from students when it comes to your means of accommodation.

Student Reviews

Accommodation Reviews

The last thing you want to happen if for you to decide on a rental only to travel and discover that it is a scam! The pictures of apartments online are sometimes to appealing to be true, especially when listed with a relatively low price in an expensive neighborhood and until today many students fall into this trap and transfer money to a dishonest landlord or one which will make sure you do not get your deposit back.

The student reviews can help you determine which neighborhood is most convenient and close to your university so that you do not waste time going back and forth between the two locations and which website to rent through.

Every single review you find is going to help you in some way, whether it’s about the country, the university, application process or courses offered at the university and all of them will work on helping you figure out which university is the best for you and most suited to your needs.

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The Student Reviews provided by students are going to be based on real experiences and not paid reviews which end up misguiding you, they have similar interests and have been exactly where you are now so helping you with verified and true information is their goal.

After you are done deciding on which university is best for you, be sure to review the whole procedure and answer any questions posed by students as you would also be helping them determine the best university for them as well.

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