Should you study an Engineering Master’s Degree in Germany or USA?

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Should you study an Engineering Master’s Degree in Germany or USA?

Engineering is a field that many students choose to study, due to the stable career opportunities and challenging study courses. However, when choosing to study a master’s in engineering, you might be confused about the right study destination for you.

If you are confused about studying for your degree in the US or Germany, UniApp can help make your choice easier. Read on to find out which country you should study for your engineering master’s degree in. 

Why study an engineering master’s degree in Germany? 

There are several reasons why you might choose to study an engineering master’s degree in Germany, from the low tuition fees and cost of living to the fact that German universities are very international, so you’ll surely feel like you belong. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to study in Germany for your degree. 

Low tuition fees

Most public German universities have low tuition fees, or none at all, for their engineering master’s degree programs. This includes fees for international students who aren’t from EU countries. The only things they’ll need to pay are the administrative fees, ranging between 100 and 200 euros per year.

These administrative fees cover costs like student services, bus costs and access to the student cafeterias. However, keep in mind that universities in cities like Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia charge tuition fees, though they are low fees.

You might also have to pay if you join a master’s program in a field that is completely different from your bachelor’s studies subject. 

English language Master’s programs 

Master’s programs in the English language are another reason why Germany is a good study destination for you. If you were worried that you’d have to learn German to be able to study in Germany, you’ll be happy to know that this isn’t the case.

Most engineering schools in Germany have engineering master’s degree in English that especially target foreign students. All degrees are very high-quality ones, especially in the Engineering fields, as they are considered challenging subjects. 

Many scholarship opportunities

Another good reason to study for your engineering master’s degree in Germany, as opposed to the US, includes the fact that Germany offers many scholarship opportunities for students in the engineering fields.

Many private and public institutions, including universities, research institutes, government organizations and companies offer scholarships to international students.

Some scholarship providers that are the most popular include DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium, though there are many others that offer engineering scholarships for masters.

These engineering scholarships either pay your full tuition costs or parts of your monthly financial bills, like bills for accommodation, study materials and more.  

Moderate costs of living

If you want to study your engineering master’s degree in Germany, a good benefit is the fact that costs of living are reasonable when compared with other countries in Europe. Especially in the smaller German cities, you can pay as little as 700 euros per month for costs of living.

International students can also work up to 720 hours a year, with part-time jobs paying students about 8 euros an hour. This can help students make some money to support themselves.

Welcoming to the international community

Germany is a country that is very welcoming to the international community as many students from all over the world come to study in the country. Over 300,000 students choose to study in Germany, coming from different companies. They learn about different cultures and learn a high quality education, with very high academic standards, great professors and innovative university facilities. 

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Why study an engineering master’s degree in the US? 

There are also several reasons why you might decide to study your engineering master’s degree in the US. Students who choose to study in the US may decide to do so because of the many specialisations they can pick from, as well as the chance to work in the country after graduation.

Working in America after graduation is simply the dream for many international students. Read on to learn why you should study your engineering master’s degree in the US. 

Many specialisations 

Students who study an engineering master’s degree in the US usually get the chance to pick a specialisation very early on, which means you’ll get to study your passion right away! This isn’t the same in many other countries, where you study general engineering subjects and only specialise in the last time period of the course.

Countless universities in the US offer numerous engineering specialisations, up to 15 types from environmental, aerospace, chemical sciences, computer sciences and many more. This means you’ll be able to study whatever you are interested in sooner rather than later

High chance of job after graduation 

In many countries, the job market after graduation is a challenging battlefield, especially in the engineering field. However in US, the engineering field is thriving and there are a multitude of opportunities for engineering graduates to enter the industry, especially those with master’s degrees who are considered specialised experts.

Even if you aren’t a US citizen, international foreign workers who have studied an engineering master’s degree from a US institution are allowed to be employed in companies. You might have to find an employer to sponsor you but this is much quicker than applying for a green card to work in the US. 

Innovative research facilities and mentors

Yet another reason to study in the US are the innovative research facilities available there and the top class professors who will become your mentors.

The US is leading much of the research in engineering so you know you’ll be taught by the most qualified researchers with the latest knowledge. You’ll also get access to the newest high tech tools and technologies at the US universities so you know you’ll be ahead of the technology game, no matter where you work after graduation from your program. 

Increase your salary potential 

The fact of the matter is that engineers that are based in the US tend to earn more than engineers working anywhere else in the globe.

The average salary for an engineer in the US is around 77,000 USD, compared to 64,000 USD in Germany and 42,0000 USD in the United Kingdom. Interns and part time employees are also paid better in the US than those in other countries around the world. 

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Engineering Master’s degree: German VS American Study experience 

When it comes to the number of universities, US has a bigger number of schools than German ones, with over 300 engineering schools available. This makes sense though due to the fact that the US is bigger in size than Germany is. The study experience also differs based on subject that you choose to study.

If you want to study aerospace engineering, for example, you’ll have more opportunities after graduation if you study in the US because of NASA and the opportunities to work there and in the space industry.

On the other hand, Automotive engineering schools might be better in Germany because of the advanced German automotive companies, like BMW and Mercedes-Benz that have partnerships with German Universities.

For example, the most popular engineering degrees to study in the US are Master’s in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s in Environmental Engineering and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering degrees. In Germany, on the other hand, you’ll find more affordable study programs in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

engineering master's degree

Job opportunities after graduation

After graduation, job opportunities also differ based on whether you studied in Germany or the US. If you want to work as soon as you finish your degree, then Germany is the best choice for you as you can work while your diploma is being published, as there’s an extremely high demand for engineers in Europe, and in Germany especially.

On the other hand, if you want to work in innovative research and achieve high academic achievements like working as a professor, US Engineering schools may be better for you. They’ll give you an in-depth, lengthy education which will give you the best chance to excel after graduation. 

In conclusion, there are benefits to studying an engineering master’s degree in Germany as opposed to studying one in the US. For example, in Germany there are low tuition fees and many opportunities for scholarships, as well as low costs of living, while in the US, there are many engineering specialisations to choose from and higher salaries offered after graduation.

There are also differences based on the specialisation you choose, as Germany is better in some engineering areas and the US is better than others. However, there’s no denying that both are great study destinations so no matter which one you choose, you’ll get a high level education during your engineering master’s degree. 

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