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About Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country located on the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is home is three UNESCO world heritage sites and where the tree of life is located since the mid 1500s. Bahrain is known for its thriving economy and high income salaries which attract many expats every year. The capital of Bahrain is Manama which is home to many large financial structures and is at the center of major trade routes since its finding.


The mother tongue language of Bahrain is Arabic, though the Bahrani dialect includes more than once accent; the most dominant ones are Muharraq and Sitra. The public schools in Bahrain teach in Arabic but when visiting you can expect that the majority of the people are fluent English speakers.


Transactions in Bahrain are processed using the Bahraini dinar; this currency is the second highest in value in the world. The Bahraini dinar (BHD) is issued by the central bank of Bahrain in the following notes; BD – 0.5, BD – 1, BD – 5, BD – 10 and BD – 20. They issue coins for the following values; 5 fils, 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils, 100 fils and 500 fils.

Geographical information

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a relatively small country of only 293 square miles across several islands. The country located in the in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East, Bahrain shares maritime with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The country of Bahrain has derived its name from its location where the name translates to “two seas”. Bahrain climate is arid with only two seasons; its summers are known to be extremely hot and they experience a mild winter.


The most dominant religion in Bahrain is Islam; and their constitution is guided by the sharia in principal. The society in Bahrain is known to show high levels of tolerance for people’s different religious beliefs, the other officially recognized religions are Christianity and Buddhism, though they represent a minority.

Political stance

Bahrain is a monarchy and the current king is Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The country is generally safe but highly affected by its neighboring countries due to its small size and weak political influence on the rest of the world. The country has several allies with both Arab and non-Arab countries; Bahrain has experienced some political unrest back in 2011 with protests but were quickly repressed and the political situation within the country has been stable since then.


The tourism sector in Bahrain is a booming one, where it plays a critical role in their GDP. People are attracted to Bahrain due to its high standards of living and the many attractions it offers such as visiting the Bahrain Fort which is clearly captures the contrast between two civilizations and was announced a UNESCO world heritage back in 2005 and the Fateh Grand Mosque which is one of the largest mosques in the world with beautiful architectural details since 1987 and became the site of Bahrain’s national library later on.


The food in Bahrain is known for its rich flavors; being a middle eastern country, the food is diverse and there are several ways to prepare the same way. There are several famous dishes in Bahrain; the machboos tops the list. There are several variations to preparing this dish where one may use meat, chicken or seafood but the most popular one and the national dish of Bahrain is prepared using chicken. The ingredients required are onions, rice, lime, chicken and cloves. The ingredients required are not a lot but the time required for the dish to become prepared is, it takes around 1 hour to cook.

Another famous dish in the Kingdom of Bahrain is makiosus; which is prepared almost the same way as the machboos but can only be served with seafood and a broth is added to the rice and fish. Their food depends heavily on the combination of different flavors and some people prefer adding spices to their dishes, which are also popular in Bahrain.

Study in Bahrain

If you are looking for a country to study in where the weather is mostly warm with almost no winter days, primal historic landscapes and a diverse global community then Bahrain is where you should apply. The country provides several degree options for students to choose from and if you pursue an undergraduate degree at Bahrain then the chances of finding a high paying job at a globally recognized firm after graduation are going to be high.

Why should you study in Bahrain?

Bahrain is a country which places great emphasis on the importance of education, the literacy rate in the country is approximately 98%, with the highest number of female literates among Arab countries therefore it comes as no surprise that their economy is consistently thriving. Studying at Bahrain will expose you to multiple work opportunities in the country post-graduation, becoming part of this community of international students and expats will allow you the chance to see how different people think, learn about different cultures and will enhance your critical thinking skills.

How much does it cost?

Living standards in Bahrain are high, with high literacy rates and low unemployment rates. The overall cost of living there is almost 35% less than at living at Dubai and it offers just the same benefits. Tuition fees at a public university there will cost around $7,000 annually but can be less when accounting for a financial aid but will also be more given accommodation fees.


Living in Bahrain


Living in Bahrain will expose you to several beneficial experiences, the most important one is that you will get to interact with a community of expats like no other in the world and benefit from such connections. Another benefit is the quality of living, where Bahrain is a lead economy and work opportunities can be easily found or created in Bahrain. This small country makes it easy for you to move around. The cost of living is affordable and not as costly as other developed Arab countries in the region.


There are several accommodation concepts in Bahrain for international students; the most preferred one is student housing which is provided by most universities and is selected by many students as it is guaranteed, safe and allows them to connect with other students hence, settle in easier. Another type of accommodation offered for students are the housing units which are run by the university but are not located on campus. They are usually more spacious, allow for more privacy and are just as safe. The last housing option is for you to rent from a trusted website on your own, this is also a safe option in Bahrain where the majority of rentals are verified and given the small area of the country, you will be able to commute between places without wasting time and will be just as connected. The price for a one-bedroom apartment within the city center is around $950 while outside the city is about $690.

Other costs of living

The cost of living in Bahrain is seen as more affordable than neighboring Gulf regions priding the same standard of living. You can expect to pay the following for basic grocery supplies; $1.5 for a liter of milk, $1.3 for a loaf of bread and $1.3 for a kilogram of tomatoes. Transportation costs are also affordable where the monthly ticket pass is $40. You can expect to pay around $540 utilities for two people in an 85m2 flat. Basic necessities are almost as the same in the US; toothpaste is for $4.00, a movie ticket is for $8, one-month gym membership is valued at $44 and a meal at a fast food restraint will cost you at around $7.00, resultantly, at Bahrain you will get an excellent value for money. When comparing wages in Bahrain and the cost of living, it is a fair trade-off and affordable for its citizens.

Universities in Bahrain

All universities in Bahrain are open international student admission, they provide several programs for International student to help them pick the most suited course of study. There are programs which are taught and covered in English but the majority are in Arabic as this is their mother tongue language. The university locations are close to one another and are mostly situated in the capital city Manama.

Degrees available

The Kingdom of Bahrain offers on the best educational degrees in the Gulf region, they offer a variety of degrees but are known for their striving degrees in economics, finance and management. Their prosperous economy is reflective of their monetary related programs, and they are also proving one of the leading medical degrees in the region. Other available degrees in Bahrain are in the following fields, law, engineering, management, interior design and sciences.

Top ranked universities

  • The University of Bahrain

The highest ranked university in Bahrain and one of the top universities in the region is a public university which was founded in 1986. The university offers studies under nine different faculties and they also offer a master’s degree in six different fields. There are currently around 30,000 students enrolled at the university and they benefit from the university’s academic and non-academic facilities including their study abroad programs which allow the students a chance to study in another part of the world for a fixed period, one of the largest libraries and student housing for international students. There are currently 176 housing options for international students, some of which are on campus.

  • Arabian Gulf University

The Arabian Gulf University was founded in 1981 by six Gulf countries and Iran after the fourth general meeting convention. The university is divided into two colleges and a school. The first college is the college of medicine and medical sciences which is the university’s appeal to several students. This is the top university in Bahrain to offer a medical degree and provide its students with the best learning facilities where the university has its own clinical research center and a medical skills and stimulation center in addition to holding several conferences in order to help their students to reach their full potential and gain the most while studying at AGU. The second college is the college of graduate studies; the main focus of studies there are technical studies and special education. The university has a very high admission rate of about 85%, making the admission process less competitive than at other universities.

  • Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance

Given Bahrain’s excellence in the banking field and its booming finance industries, which are set there, the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance is becoming increasingly popular and its offered programs more progressive. The BIBF was founded in 1981, this institute is linked with the country’s central bank and provides a variety of monetary programs which all align with the country’s economic status giving the students of the real economy in more practical terms. Studying at BIBF opens numerous job opportunities in the country of Bahrain, as its ever growing economy creates a greater need for citizens with an economic and finance understanding of their community.

  • Ahlia University

The fourth ranked university in Bahrain is a relatively new one, Ahlia University was founded in 2001. The university offers a range of degrees, with twelve under graduate bachelor degree options and provides several opportunities for international students to benefit from studying at Bahrain. The university allows international students to apply and has a designated office whose main goal is to facilitate your application process and help you with your visa and any required documents. Additionally, there are three different study abroad programs for students who want to want to study at Ahlia University, but not for the full duration of an undergraduate degree that ranges from four to six year, their first program is the exchange program which you can apply to assuming your current university has an official agreement with Ahlia University and your credits will be transferred and no additional tuition payments will be made. The second program is the study abroad program which does not require your university to have an official agreement with Ahlia University and you will still be allowed to have your credits transferred to your home university. Lastly, is their International Study Tours which give all international students a chance to come experience living in Bahrain and complete a specific program for five days.

  • Kingdom University

The fifth ranked university is not located in the capital city as the rest but rather in Riffa which is only around 20 minutes away from the capital by bus. The university was founded in 2002 and has a small campus with only 1000 student in total. They offer six bachelor’s degrees; law, science, business, finance, architecture engineering and interior design. Depending on your chosen field of study, the university offers an industrial training for students to apply what they have learnt in more practical terms in the form of a training taken during their last year at Kingdom University.

Examples of other universities

There are other universities in Bahrain which also provide studies in the fields of management, economics and engineering. One of the universities which stands out in Bahrain is the Royal University for Women, given the name, it is specifically for women and does not allow the admission of men. Another one is the Gulf University which is recognized by the ministry of Education of Bahrain and offers different degrees.

Student Visa - Bahrain

In order for you to study at the university of your choice, study visa is required. The documents required are the following; valid passport, photos, university acceptance letter, accommodation in Bahrain, flights to and from, stamped bank statement for the past six months and proof of payment made to your intended university. After these documents are ready, you may then begin with your visa procedures.

How to apply - Bahrain

The first process of studying at Bahrain is to complete an application with a scanned copy of your passport, reason for travel, country of residence and any other requested documents and email them to the visa and immigration office along with the transfer of the visa fees which are $65. After that, you will be required to follow up with the embassy and wait for their response regarding your visa status. If you receive a “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” from them, it means you may continue with your travel procedures and this is viewed as a preliminary acceptance.

Aim to apply at least two months in advance as the process requires some time before completion. After all the steps are completed and you arrive at Bahrain you must pay a visit to the student services office in your university as you will be required to change the status of your NOC to a permanent residency to be eligible for multiple entries and be viewed as a permanent citizen of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Scholarship in Bahrain

Scholarships are highly common in Bahrain and some are funded by the ministry of education; there are two types of scholarships in Bahrain. The first one awarded scholarships is not common and covers the full cost of tuition, accommodation and sometimes flights as well are included. The second type of scholarship is a partial scholarship for tuition only and is the more common one. For this type of scholarship, you will have to apply through your university’s website or financial aid office and you if you are eligible, you are provided with a certain percentage of aid. This awarded percentage differs based on your situation and on the university you are attending.