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About China

When it comes to China, there are countless reasons for students to move there for studying.Many students turn to study in china for their study abroad adventures so they can study somewhere where the universities are excellent, the culture is amazing, and the food is fantastic!  The country is beautiful and fast growing with a wide variety of cities and cultures, beautiful architecture and an intriguing way of life.

The country is located in eastern Asia. China is the world’s most populous nation with approximately 1.35 billion people. Its capital is located in the city of Beijing, which is home to the nation’s government branches.

Geographical information

Geographically,China is also the world’s second largest nation by land area. This means there are many different areas and provinces across the country. With so much land area, the climates within China can vary. Some areas may be mountainous and cold like tike the Himalayas, or more subtropical like southern China

China is endowed with two of the world’s largest rivers, the Yellow River and Yangtze. China has some of the richest history of any nation, with political and cultural history going back centuries. In recent years, China has been seen as the world fastest growing economy, a great asset for international students looking for jobs.

The languages

The official languages of China include Mandarin, Wu and Cantonese.It is possible to study in English in many universities, and the academic programs available in English are annually increased in an effort to accommodate more international students.

Despite what is known about Mandarin as one of the most difficult languages in the world, it will not be that difficult if the student thinks of learning it there, as most universities provide special courses to teach Mandarin to foreign students, in addition to that the student will be in the middle of the language and culture, Thus, this will make it easier to learn.

Study in China

From the great cultural attractions to the world-class level of education, there are many reasons why you should study in china International students love the atmosphere and the excellent universities and professors that teach there! With 50 universities that are recognized globally, you’ll indeed find the school that suits you best.

Read on to find out why you should study in china and how much it costs as an international student to pursue a degree there.


Why should you study in china?

In recent times , Chinese schools have been ranked some of the best in the world for science and math. China is yet endowed with a host of great colleges, with each province having their share of those unmatched colleges.

For the most part, a safe bet for top colleges and universities are in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Yet there are smaller colleges in rural areas, but it is advised that the best places to study are around the big city where internship and career positions are the best and educational opportunities are many.

Maybe one of the most popular Chinese universities is the Tianjin University, as it has a great reputation for enrolling international students from all over the globe. Schools in China provide several different types of degree programs including engineering, business and medicine.

 Many students opt to accomplish their education and apply for graduate level schools like masters programs and PhDs.

In the end, international students will be pleased to know that postgraduate education is the fastest growing educational group in China.

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees in China based on the university—whether public or private. But in general, the average tuition fees in Chinese public universities range from $2,500 to $10,000 per academic year. Students can also find several programs with no tuition fees. Such programs are usually provided by universities from other countries (e.g. the UK, Germany, Denmark), which have campuses in China.

Of course, these numbers remain average and can be lower in some universities and more in others, and medical specialties are the most expensive among all disciplines, and if you are looking for a study at low costs, it is recommended to avoid universities with a high rating.

Living in China

With regard to the living cost in China, Beijing is one of the most expensive cities. A student will need between $1,000 and $1,200 per month to cover their expenses.

Additionally, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the second most expensive cities, where students will spend between $850 and $1,200 per month.

In all the other Chinese cities, students could manage with $600 – $1,000 per month. This amount can also include accommodation if the students choose to live in a residence hall.


Shanghai and Beijing are known worldwide as some of the most expensive cities to live in. However, students can find several affordable options for housing in these metropolitan cities. In places like Tianjin, Jiangsu or Sichuan, rates are even cheaper. 

For student residence halls, prices range between $150 and $400 per month.When it comes to renting a flat, students are expect to pay between $300 and $1,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment (depending on the city, the location of the apartment and the included facilities).

In the meantime, living with a Chinese family could cost between $350 and $550 per month.

Universities in China

China is home to some amazing colleges and universities with many different degree programs. 

Tsinghua University 

Tsinghua University is located in the Chinese capital of Beijing and is a member of the elite C9 League.  The university is ranked 15th in the world and first in the Mainland China Ranking in 2019. It was founded in 1911. Tsinghua University has a community of just over 46,000 students, including nearly 2,700 from outside of China.

When checking the most recent QS World University Rankings by Subject, Tsinghua University performs best for architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and materials sciences. For all three of these subjects, it’s ranked in the top 15 universities worldwide.

Fudan University 

Fudan University is China’s third-best university according to the both the World University Rankings where it occupies the 34th position and the Mainland China Rankings. It spreads across four campuses in Shanghai, one of the nation’s largest hubs of finance and trade.

Yet, the university is another member of the C9 league and also currently ranked sixth in Asia. Yet the university has a current enrollment of just under 32,000 students and is known to be one of China’s most selective schools.

Moreover, Fudan University was featured among the world’s top universities in 30 subjects in 2018. And it performs best for modern languages, chemistry, business & management, materials sciences and politics, for which it ranks among the top 50 across the world.

Peking University 

Peking University is a prestigious research university belonging to China’s C9 League. Additionally, it is a consistent contender among the top universities in China. The university was founded in 1898 and located in Beijing. It admits a high number of international students every year and has maintained partnership with Germany’s Freie Universität Berlin since 1981. In addition to its leading academic offering, Peking University’s campus grounds are loved for their traditional Chinese architecture.

The university is ranked 23rd in the world and second in China. Yet it is ranks among the world’s best in many of the 48 subjects covered by the subject rankings, achieving top 20 positions for chemistry, dentistry, modern languages, linguistics, materials sciences and more.

Student Visa - China

There are two types of visas for international students in China. X1 visa, or the long-term visa. It lasts for more than six months and X2 visa, the short-term one.  It lasts for six months or less. 

The documents required for getting a visa include: 

  • Passport and photographs 
  • Application form
  • Letter of admission 
  • JW201 or JW202 Form 
  • Proof of payment 
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements 
  • Physical examination record
  • Language proficiency test

How to apply - China

Applying to Chinese universities is easier than you think, as for international students who want to study, there is more than one way to apply, the first of which is through the website of the university directly in which the student wishes to study in.

And it is possible to apply through the Chinese government center to apply to Chinese universities. The last option is also available for those who wish to study there through one of your friends who are studying there (if you have a friend who studies in China), as this person can apply for you to any of the universities after providing him with all the required documents.

The required documents to study in Chinese universities: 

The documents that Chinese universities usually require include personal proofs such as a passport, personal photos, a language certificate in the language in which you intend to study, whether Chinese or English (TOEFL, IELTS are accepted) and the study certificate from the previous stage.

Chinese universities also require a letter of commitment from the student’s parents or officials Confirms that the student is determined to study and will abide by the laws in force there, in addition to other requirements such as financial proofs, health guarantees, and the student’s record free of any form of crimes.

As for the dates for applying for admission to any of the universities there, this varies from one university to another and according to academic programs, but in general most universities open the door for applications in late February until late May, sometimes applications are accepted after this period if the university is still It has seats available for international students.

Scholarship in China

In China, students could find several kinds of scholarships. 

  • Chinese Government Scholarship
  • Private University Scholarships
  • Chinese Government Scholarship

They are one of the most common scholarships awarded to international students. They are presented by the Chinese Scholarship Council. This type of government scholarship is an initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Education to promote education, cultural exchange, political cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China

As for the Chinese Embassy Scholarships, this is actually the Chinese Scholarship Council scholarship Type A handled by embassies across the world. 

Chinese University Scholarships 

The majority of universities in China provide scholarships for students. These scholarships can cover your tuition fees plus the cost of the students’ accommodation.

Most of the time, these scholarships are offered to students who apply early, have high grades, or have other exceptional extracurricular contents.