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About Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most famous spots for studying and living across the world. It’s reputed for being one of the most exciting destinations. There’s no question that international students will enjoy completing their studying there. The country has a nice climate, sunny beaches, and vast green areas. This makes it a perfect option for students who love such a fabulous natural setting. Universities there are among the best in the world, a thing will be loved by the international students. 

Cyprus is unique in terms of location. It’s situated between Asian and European continents. Cyprus has a rich culture, inspired by both the Asian and European atmospheres. Nonetheless, it’s part of the European Union. The country is surrounded by several top global tourist destinations. The country, hence, has a unique location helping it have a unique cultural characteristic. 

The country is favored by students from inside the EU and from the non-European regions. Indeed, the costs of living and studying there are to a big extent affordable in comparison to other European countries. 

Every year, the country allocates massive sums of money to education, inviting international students to study therein. International students find themselves presented with a wide range of majors—mainly tourism, leisure and hospitality. 

Cyprus is implementing the US educational system. There, most universities are applying this system. The system causes the international students to become qualified for the labor market, making getting a job a far easier mission. 


The basic language you have to master before studying abroad, regardless of the destination you want to go to, is the English language.English is the language students should command before considering moving to Cyprus. It’s a requirement in Cyprus and anywhere else. 

The public universities in Cyprus teach in English along with several other foreign languages. On the other side, private universities in the country teach courses mainly in English. Choosing English or preferring any other language is up to the students’ discretion. They surely will pick the language they command most. 

Proficiency in English is urgently required for applying—whether for student visas or universities and courses. There are courses that are entirely taught in English. Thus the matter is not a big deal. But it should also be remembered that English is required in official documents of application. 

Note: Students should choose other languages besides English. It’s preferable for them to choose the second language in the country where they study. For instance, in Cyprus, students have to learn Turkish and Greek besides English as their second and third languages. 

Students should have a full background of the country to which they are heading for studying. They should know where the country is located, what its climate looks like, what its characteristics are and how nature there seems. 

The Republic of Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is third to two islands in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of size. It is bounded by Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, and Egypt.

Why students should study in Cyprus?

Studying in Cyprus is more than a study journey. For the students intent on going there, it’s an charm living experience, brilliant adventure, and new life in one of the most spectacular islands across the globe. Living in Cyprus is a lifetime filled with creativity in the most formidable place in the world. Nature in Cyprus is charming beyond measure. Students have a good time with their fellow students and housemates because heaven is a place on earth in Cyprus.

They will feel relax and breathe bacteria free air. They can do many outdoor activities, which may help them to become more extended and friendly, and make new friends there.

In Cyprus, international students will be exposed to two different cultures. The island is divided into two parts, the first one is under Turkey’s control, and the second is original Cyprus. Thus, students can exchange cultures with people there and learn more about their historical events, natural landscapes, and have fun under the sunshine. In addition, people there speak many languages and accents. All that the students have to do is improve their English language and learn some Turkish. Cyprus is one of the most leading cities in the world for study and work. Students will thus enjoy a high quality education and graduate from your university with high qualifications in their major.

All in all, Cyprus is a destination that must be visited, an opportunity that must be seized and a place that should never be missed—especially for students seeking to elevate their educational level and have better experiences in their life.

Study in Cyprus

For international student’s studying cost varies according to the chosen study course, major and the university.Bachelor’s undergraduate degree the cost is around €3500 a year. It’s up to €7000 per year for all majors except pharmacy. Tuition-fees vary between €2000 and 2500 for the Master’s degree or PhD course.

The academic years in Cyprus are divided into two semesters – one semester begins in October and the second semester begins in February.Tuition costs vary according to the educational institution, the region in which it is located (Greece or Turkey) and the student’s proximity to major cities.

Living in Cyprus

There are many factors determining affordability in Cyprus. The factors directly affect the costs of food, accommodation, transportation, study facilities, budget and many others. Food and beverages are indispensable for students moving to Cyprus for studying. They should be affordable for the students to easily get access to them and put aside money for the other needs.   A one-course meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs 12 EUR, while a meal for two persons at a mid-ranked restaurant stands at 45 EUR. A fast food meal could cost 6 Euros. A 0.33-litre bottle of coke costs 1.48 EUR while one liter of milk: 1.36 EUR.


For international students who come for the first time to Cyprus, they have to know that there are many types of accommodations they can rent. Here we bring the most two popular accommodations for international students.There are dormitories and off camps. If students prefer keeping privacy and living by themselves, the perfect option for them is the single room. It costs nearly £50 per month.

Yet there’s the shared apartment. The second option is an apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom with a few students.

Studio accommodation is a common housing for international students in the first years of studying. There, everything will be under control for students, such as kitchen and bathroom, and at the same time they will afford its costs without needing a partner to share the cost. Other options are also available such as the 1+1 apartment and 2+1 apartment. 

Therefore, there are several kinds of rooms. Such kinds depend on the type and area of the room a student is planning to rent. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs about 594.36 EUR. Meanwhile, a one-bedroom apartment outside the center of the selected city (the costs vary based on whether the city is small or big and the lifestyle of people living there) is 489.84 EUR. The cost of three-bedroom apartment in the city center is about 1.017.29 EUR. Yet, a three-bedroom apartment outside the center of the selected city costs nearly 857.96 EUR.

Universities in Cyprus

Cyprus houses a host of universities deemed the best in the country for international students. Those universities have a rich history, highly efficient professorate and sophisticated equipment. 

Near East University

Near East University was established in 1988 in Nicosia. It is distinguished by the high-quality educational programs and its possession of high-qualified professorate. It comprises 16 colleges with 220 departments and branches and is a member of many international federations.

Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University was created in 1979. It is a global university with government support, ranked second at the level of Cypriot universities. It is a member of the European Union of Universities. It has over 20,000 students from different nationalities and 1,100 professors.

The Cyprus University

The Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences was established in 2016. It consists of two central departments, the Department of Medical Sciences and the Department of Social Sciences. The university has a prosperous and sophisticated infrastructure and includes faculty members from various nationalities. They are qualified and highly trained. English language is used as the primary language of study.

Bahcesehir University

The university was established in 2017. It is considered one of the top-quality universities in Northern Cyprus and is one of the branches of the international Bahçeşehir Foundation universities. It signed cooperation agreements with many universities globally, such as New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and the Technical University of Berlin.

The European University 

The European University in Lefke was established by the Cyprus Science Foundation in 1989, a public university with 11 faculties. It offers a wide range of programs that train its students to become professional and innovative after their graduation. Programs offered by the university include business administration, economics, journalism, special education, and advertising software engineering.

Euro College was officially created as a higher education institution in 1991. It provides a wide range of academic courses to its local and international students, including business administration, travel and tourism management, computer science, hospitality management, and accounting.

Cyprus College was established in 1961. The college offers various programs of study that include two-year diploma courses up to a four-year bachelor’s degree courses.  Such programs cover aesthetics, business management, music technology, online marketing and social media.

Grine University of America was created as an American-style higher education institution in 1985. It concluded educational partnerships with schools in various countries, including India, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and the United States. The university houses ten colleges and nine schools offering a good range of programs to its students.

Cyprus Institute of Marketing was founded in 1978. It is one of the cheap universities in Cyprus. It has two campuses, and offers a suitable range of business-related courses, including Marketing Studies, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Insurance, Sales Management and Tourism Management.

Cyprus International University was established in 1997, north of the capital, Nicosia. It is a newly established private university. It has competed with all international universities and gained high ranks. It comes in second at the level of universities in Cyprus.

Cyprus Institute was created in 2005. It officially started working two years later. It concluded several partnerships with different organizations and universities worldwide, including the University of Illinois and the Max Planck Society. The Institute has many research facilities in which it works in cooperation with different organizations. The Institute provides different master’s programs for students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized academic institution.

Student Visa - Cyprus

There are a host of steps for a student to get a visa for moving to Cyprus. A student has to apply for any university in Cyprus on the official university’s website. Then they receive a conditional or unconditional offer letter from the chosen university. A student should fulfill the conditions that include in this letter to receive an acceptance letter.

Then the student must prepare the other required documents and submit them to send to the migration department. If the visa gets approved, the chosen university will send a copy of the student’s study visa. The university will arrange an appointment for the acceptance interview at the Cyprus embassy in the student’s country.

In order to obtain a Cyprus student visa, you will definitely need to first obtain admission from a Cypriot university in order to be able to apply for the visa. The documents required to apply for a Cyprus student visa are as follows.

  • A passport valid for at least one year
  •  Pictures (4 Pieces)
  • A completed application form
  • Educational certificates
  •  Language Skills
  •  A bank statement showing the sufficient financial ability of the person
  • Pay the application fee
  •  Certificate of absence of precedents

How to apply - Cyprus

Bachelor’s studies in Cyprus

Undergraduate studies in Cyprus are available to international students so that students can study in the English language. Bachelor’s studies in Cyprus usually take 4 years. To study in Cyprus at the undergraduate level, the student must either submit a certificate of IELTS 5.5 or IELTS 6, or attend a language course and reach the required level to be allowed to study at this stage. Tuition fees for the undergraduate level depend on the field and the university and range from 3000 to 9000 euros per year.

Master’s study in Cyprus

Studying a master’s degree in Cyprus can be a good option for international students, given the breadth of courses offered. According to the recorded statistics, international students make up about 30% of the students of Cypriot universities.

A master’s degree in Cyprus usually takes two years. At this point, it is also possible for individuals to get a scholarship. To study at master’s level, it is necessary to submit IELTS 6.

Of course, as mentioned, you can apply for these courses without having to provide a language certificate. The cost of studying in Cyprus at the master’s level ranges from 3000 to 13,000 euros per year. These amounts depend on the field and the university.

Most courses in Cyprus are taught in English. Of course, there are also courses that are offered in Turkish or Greek.

PhD studies in Cyprus

There are two ways to study a PhD in Cyprus. Either study for free or study by paying tuition fees. Study in Cyprus is often offered at the doctoral level in the form of research. This course lasts for three to 5 years. A PhD study in Cyprus costs around 13,000-15,000 euros per year.

It is possible to study at this stage in different fields such as computer, oil and gas and … In order to study at the doctoral level, it is definitely necessary that the person submit the necessary papers, including a master’s degree.

Scholarship in Cyprus

One of the most important matters of interest to a large number of international students wishing to study in Cyprus and international universities is to obtain a scholarship to study in Cyprus. Because covering study expenses can be a big step in the path of academic advancement. Cypriot universities will also be no exception and will award scholarships to qualified international students.

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad in 

To obtain these scholarships, students must return the following documents:

  • Completed and signed Cyprus Scholarship Application Form.
  • personal pictures
  • A copy of the passport
  • For students at the undergraduate level, provide a diploma
  • For students at the master’s level, they must submit the original master’s degree certificate in addition to the grades or any other recognized certificate that has been translated into English.

The most important scholarships in Cyprus

1- International Student Scholarship

All undergraduate students are granted a 60% scholarship in all departments, which covers 75% and 100% of the tuition fee, for a period of 4 years in an undergraduate program, plus 1 year in an English language preparatory program if required.

2- Western Cyprus University Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Registered undergraduate students who have studied for at least two semesters and who have achieved at least 3.00 cumulative general score (CGPA) and 3.50 cumulative general score (GPA) will be awarded the Western Cyprus International University Scholarship for Academic Excellence at 25% to 75% tuition fees according to their educational status.

It is possible to apply in any field of study specified by the scholarship in advance at the university, provided that the student holds a previous degree in line with the requirements of the scholarship program, and must obtain a recognized academic qualification.

This scholarship finances tuition fees and requires that documents be translated through a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well, a copy of the passport or national ID, statement of purpose, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae, school or university transcripts, and certificates Training (if applicable), and a white background photograph.

3- Near East University Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is requested for a student wishing to study a master’s degree

  • A copy of the bachelor’s degree
  • Transcript
  • a copy of the passport
  • Recommendation letters, if any, and application form.
    These scholarships do not cover foundation courses and middle school fees in English and Turkish.

Students with 70% and 75% scholarship are also required to publish one article in one of the journals published by Near East University, and students awarded 100%, 95%, 90% and 85% are required to complete 3 credit courses of lectures and one article must be published in One of the journals published by Near East University.

These scholarships do not cover foundation courses and middle school fees in English and Turkish and are valid for 4 years.

Students awarded 70% and 75% are required to complete 3 credit courses of lectures and must publish 2 articles in total Students awarded 100%, 95%, 90% and 85% are required to complete 6 credit courses of lectures and must publish 2 articles in total .