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About Dominica

The island of Dominica has always been known for being a nature island; this reputation is the result of having nine volcanoes, 18 waterfalls and over 300 rivers. Not to mention the second largest thermal lake on earth! The island’s beauty has been an attraction to people from all over the world; however, if you haven’t seen it yet in person you will find that you’ve seen it through movies. Yes, the same Dominica we are talking about it is where Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was filmed. Now before reading on, be notified that this is an article relating to Dominica and not the Dominican Republic! Dominica has been an independent island since 1978 and is located in the Western side of the Caribbean.



The official language of the people of Dominica I English, with a difference in accents. However, you will most defiantly find several French speakers as the country was once colonized by the French.



The official currency to exchange at Dominica is the Eastern Caribbean dollar which is issued by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and is exchanged in all eight Caribbean and all members of the Eastern Caribbean States.


Geographical information

The independent island of Dominica is located in the Eastern Caribbean and is 29 miles long; it is bordered by the French islands from the North and Martinique from the South. It is famous for being an island where nine volcanos stand and home to countless waterbodies. The current population at Dominica is around 74,000 citizens. The weather at the island is tropical and nature lovers always find themselves attracted to this country to enjoy this lovely climate and observe the island’s beauty.



At Dominica you will find that the majority of the people you meet are Christians; almost 85% of the people despite their practiced faith. Though the Roman Catholics make up more than half the Christian community there while the minority are Protestants. The remaining 15% of the population who are not Christians are either nonreligious or believe in other religions which the island has not officially recognized.


Political stance

The island of Dominica is known for being a democratic state since is independence, from being a French colonized island. The Dominica house of assembly is made up of 30 members and most of them are there as a result of elections and there are 9 senators. The elections take place once every five years and adults above 18 years are allowed to vote.



Tourists are attracted to Dominica despite their different interests; the attractions are mostly nature based but the activities vary from relaxed to daring. The most common attraction in Dominica is visiting the world’s largest thermal lake, this boiling lake is where visitors go to watch one of nature’s many miracles which was founded in 1870. Another attraction which amazes people is how the sand at the beaches there are not white but black, this is because of the volcanos which have erupted years ago. The tourism sector is a booming one in Dominica and one which they are constantly working on developing to attract different travelers, for example, there are a number of high-end hotels which will open in the coming years to attract luxury travelers to the island and the number of excursions and organized trips by agencies there are also becoming more.


The food at Dominica does not have a lot of variety such as other Caribbean islands; however, the most famous dishes there include frogs, seafood and lots of fresh fruit. The food is basic yet delicious and the most famous dish is the mountain chicken, which in fact does not include any chicken but includes frogs! The dish is named after a special of large frogs found in the Dominica islands and is prepared by marinating the frog legs using spices and seasonings and then frying them, they are served with a side dish of local vegetables.

Study in Dominica

The majority of International students who head to Dominica for study purposes are English speaks who are looking for a different and affordable study destination for a short period of time around 4 months. The country is more popular for students who come to complete a semester abroad from their home country or take a number of specific courses.

Why should you study in Dominica?

These are the reasons as to why you should consider Dominica for studying; the first and foremost being that at Dominica you will get to enjoy a number of natural views and natural attractions which are not anywhere else in the world. Secondly, you will be connected with many other islands and get to visit them easily. Thirdly, there is likely no language barrier as the island is an English speaking one and there are also French speakers. Lastly and most importantly, you will not be grounded living in a stressful, fast-paced and competitive place, instead the opposite.

How much does it cost?

The costs of being at Dominica are much less than at being in the US, international students can expect that the cost of tuition will vary depending on your selected course of study and university. However, tuition at the most prestigious school in Dominica is valued at $1,821 per credit while another university offering independent studies is only for $900.

Living in Dominica

Dominica is an island which is started to become more dependent on its tourism sector than any other for its income and the tourists who are attracted to live there can expect the following; when comparing the living costs between the US, the Dominica is relatively cheaper, you cannot expect the frantic life of cities to be at Dominica but you can expect a relaxed environment with a welcoming tropical weather where an adventure awaits you around every corner of the island. You will never get tired of discovering the countries waterfalls, rivers, volcanos or aquatic life surrounding you.


Finding accommodation in Dominica is not a challenging process, as the characteristics of rentals are almost the same in terms of, the apartments sizes, distribution and locations. The option of renting an apartment is viable though and seeing as universities interfere, upon student’s request if a landlord is being difficult, the landlord’s at Dominica know better than trying to scam you. Such rentals are usually around $350 even accounting for utilities, which is a very cheap opportunity for rental. Another accommodation type for students who want to be part of an international community and get to learn about different cultures of different residents as well, are the housing units offered by the university. Though they are not very luxurious, the island life housing units are usually small, cozy and will include a shared kitchenette area.

Other costs of living

The overall cost of living at Dominica is less than that of living in the United States and is much less than neighbouring Caribbean countries or islands. The overall rent cost is low and so are the basic necessities; for example, 1kg of tomatoes are for $3.14, 1kg of apples and $3.14 for a litre of milk. The overall costs are contained and studying at Dominica on a budget or when looking for a destination where you will be able to save money means that this islands is calling out for you.

Universities in Dominica

There are several degree options for studying at Dominica; undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The universities there are known for offering specific degree programs and not a variety of degrees at the same university.

Degrees available

The most reputable degree to earn at Dominica is a medical degree which can be earned at their top ranked university, this is for the undergraduate degree and a university which offers only post graduate degrees with the most reputable being in the fields of education and business.

Top ranked universities

  • Ross University School of Medicine

This is the top ranked university at Dominica and was established in 1978, it is a private university offering medical studies. The university is currently has over 3,000 enrolled students and the majority are from the state of California and Florida. When enrolling for an MD at this university you must know that while you are studying the basic sciences you will be enrolled at the campus in Dominica; however, after that you will be entitled to attend at the United Sates for electives. Each semester you may enroll to study at least 9 credits or a maximum of 21 credits; the tuition for these courses are divided into medical school tuition and education resource tuition with their fees being $1,821 per credit and $27 per credit, respectively. The university offers housing services which are located a bit off campus but you can transfer to and from campus using their shuttle bus service; the housing options account cater for different needs and different family types which may be registered at the university.

  • International University for Graduate Studies

The university offers a total of 14 degrees in graduate studies, it is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The private university for graduate studies was founded in 1979 and is known for its excellence in medical, educational and governmental degrees. Classes and researched are conducted in English and for a doctoral degree you can expect to pay $20,000 for tuition while for a master’s tuition is valued at $13,000.

  • New World University

The university offers a number of studies for undergraduate students; joining the university there is easy as the application fee is non-existent, very high acceptance rate and there are no fixed dates for when you should start the semester. Students are allowed to start whenever they are ready and at their own pace making this the only guided independent university in all of Dominica. The tuition fee is only $900 and so it is viewed as more affordable than other universities; they offer a study in the program of International Business Leadership.

Examples of other universities

Other universities in Dominica are also focused on providing very specific programs of study, offer housing options and are relatively cheap when compared with other universities; such universities are Ballsbridge University and Dominica State College.

Student Visa - Dominica

Study visas are a must when travelling to any university at Dominica, the process is quite simple and getting the visa is not an issue but takes a lot of time. The documents required at easy to attain and they are the following:

  • Identification documents (ID or Passport)
  • Academic credentials
  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid accommodation or contract
  • Financial means for spending
  • Health Report

How to apply - Dominica

The steps for applying for a student visa at Dominica are to begin by completing the application process with your selected university of choice; finding accommodation if you do not plan on staying at the offered housing units by your university, confirm your flight ticket and ensure that it is a roundtrip ticket otherwise you will be considered and deliver all required document to the embassy in your country. Processing and replying back to you will not be a speedy process, unless you get lucky, therefore it is very important that you begin preparing all required paperwork and appointment well ahead of time.

Scholarship in Dominica

Scholarships are rewarded at every university in Dominica and applicable for all degree types and any students who demonstrates academic excellence from the start. The university provides you with the scholarship at the beginning based on your previous grades but you may keep it by continuing to excel academically, they are rewarded by the Dominican Republic governments and the universities.