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About Grenada

Grenada is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean, the island has got many functioning ports for trade but its main port is St. George’s which is found on the southwest coast of the island and is considered the island’s capital as well. There is a lot to be discovered and enjoyed on this beautiful mountainous island; the island’s remarkable water-bodies and scenery are the main elements of this small island. Even though you will find several beaches at the island and waterfalls, you will also enjoy the island’s greenery as almost 50% of the island is a rainforest!



There aren’t many inhabitants living at the island and so the number of spoken languages are limited, with English being the official language and undoubtedly some French as a result being colonized before.



Being one of the members of the organization of Eastern Caribbean; the island is entitled to use the East Caribbean dollar as its official currency (XCD), which is also the medium of exchange for all other members.


Geographical information

Grenada is one of the island countries that make up the West Indies; it is made up of two others islands besides Grenada. The island is located in the Easter Caribbean, has a volcanic origin and has a total area of 348.5 Km2, and so it is not very populous. The island’s climate is warm all year long, even during the wet season you will find that the weather is still warm. The capital of the island is St. George’s which is also a port.



You will find that the majority of the citizens in Grenada are Christians who practice different forms will the larger portion of them being Protestants followed by the Roman Catholics. Christianity, in its two forms, is practiced by more than half the island around 75% of the people living there while the rest also practice Christianity but other forms.


Political stance

Grenada is an independent Commonwealth realm, Queen Elizabeth is the head of state since 1952 and they follow the monarch system of Britain. There are executive branches, leading power and legislative branch consisting of parliament, political parties and the judicial branch that is responsible for decided in law meanings. There is politically stability on the island of Grenada and is a safe place for tourists and international students to live.



Grenada is an island which attracts different types of travellers due to its numerous attractions and activities which can be found all year long. The island is perfect for people who seek an escape from the freezing Winters as it is warm all year around in Grenada, it is also complete with mesmerizing blue sparkling beaches, lots of greenery and delicious foods for travellers who explore places with their mouth. The most famous attraction at Grenada is the waterfall of the Seven Sisters; which you have to hike around 3 miles until you reach the top at the Grand Etang National Park.



Grenada is also known by the name of “The Spice Isle”, at Grenada you will find spices that burst in your mouth, adds flavour to all dishes and no dish is considered ready without spices. Oil down is the national dish of Grenada, which is prepared using breadfruit, coconut milk, dumpling, of course turmeric and salt fish. Sea food and spices are the go to when making food at Grenada and the combination is nothing short of delicious.

Study in Grenada

Studying at Grenada is an easy decision to be made by many; the universities there conduct teaching in English and so the language barrier is non-existent for many international students, the cost of tuition is affordable and you will be allowed to work and study using your visa. The experience will open you up as you connect with people from other countries and learn about different cultures while being in a vibrant and lively place such as Grenada.


Why should you study in Grenada?

Studying at Grenada will allow you to enjoy all what the island has to offer, its majestic scenery of beaches and rainfall. You will be waking up to dreamy views of mountains and rainforests as well as enjoying dressing lightly and being warm for the entire year! If you need more reasons, there is always the delicious food which Grenada offers and the cheap costs of living.


How much does it cost?

Overall, costs in Grenada are less than other Caribbean islands and considerably less than the United States or the United Kingdom. Applying to a university in Grenada for international students means that you should expect to pay a hefty amount if you are applying a medical program at St. George’s University, given all the facilities this is expected but this is excluding any awarded financial waivers and expect to pay a maximum of $430 if you are applying to the University of West Indies.

Living in Grenada

Living in Grenada is an easy-paced and relaxed way of living, even as you stay in the island’s capital and extremely lively capital St. George’s. Universities in Grenada welcome a number of international students each year, the diverse community will allow you to grow and learn from other people. Being a student there, also entails that you will make the most out of the country’s mesmerizing nature and adventures.


Figuring out your accommodation before arriving to Grenada is essential for international students; there are a number of options for you! The first is to organize with your university and stay at a university apartment; this is a simple process and guaranteed. However, you may also wish to rent an individual apartment which is also a safe option but may be costlier as renters require a deposit fee and a minimum rent. There is also the option of renting a room with a family, this will help you learn more about the island and its history but is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially people who highly value their privacy. For accommodation, you would want to allocate a budget ranging from $400 for a one-apartment bedroom in the city excluding utilities and almost $900 for a three-bedroom apartment. Moving away from the center will save you money but not a significant amount as the island is already not that big.

Other costs of living

Living costs in general are inexpensive at Grenada; expect that you will need an around $300 monthly for a living. This budget will allow you to make ends meet while enjoying yourself, studying at Grenada does not have to cost you a lot. For basic necessities, you will pay; $3.14 for a 1kg of tomatoes, $2.77 for 1kg of apples, $3.15 full loaf of bread, $30.00 per person for utilities assuming that you are renting with one other person and for a monthly transport ticket you will only pay $15.00. Sticking to your budget is easy at Grenada and you will get more than your money’s worth for sure!

Universities in Grenada

There are two available universities for international students and locals, they offer different degree types and programs but all are taught in English. The university located in the capital, is known for its outstanding academic excellence and offering several academic and non-academic facilities to its students. The second university is known to offer a flexible mode of study as it is completely online and its tuition is very affordable.

Degrees available

Despite there being only two universities on the island, they are still comprehensive of different programs of study; you can find undergraduate graduate and post graduate degree options at Grenada. The most prestigious degrees though offered at the island of Grenada and most accredited are degrees in the medical field.

Top ranked universities

  • George’s University

The number one ranked university for medical studies at Grenada and all of the Caribbean was founded in 1976, it is located in the exotic and lively city of St. George’s and has been the number one option for international students seeking and education at Grenada for many years. There have been around 22,000 graduates from St. George’s University who have been excellent leaders in the field of physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and public health and business professionals globally. At St. George’s, they offer medical and veterinary medical degrees that are taught in English and known for their top quality of education.

The school of medicine offers an M.D program which can be completed in 4 – 7 years. The veterinary school at this university is one of the few schools which have attained accreditations from the following; American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK. They also offer undergraduate degrees in the following fields; accounting, biology, International Business and International Technology and a graduate school offering studies in health, international business, education and public health. The university has international students from 150 different countries enrolled, ensuring an inclusive and diverse learning environment.

There are financial aid options as well as scholarships designed for each program of study; the tuition fee and admin fee to attend the medical school is $152,614 for a total of the 5 terms of schooling.


  • University of the West Indies, Grenada

The University of the West Indies has an open campus in Grenada. The university offers online degrees; undergraduate and graduate and offers 10-week courses as well as 1- year programs. They are mostly courses in professional development and while enrolling is quite simple at this university, you will be required to have a stable internet connection and access to attend courses.


Examples of other universities

With a top university as St. George’s, it’s attractive location, variety of offered programs and outstanding accreditations who would look any further? The university has been the number one choice for years for international and locals alike. Along with the previously mentioned establishments, there aren’t any more in the island of Grenada.

Student Visa - Grenada

A student visa must accompany you on your educational trip and adventure to Grenada. You will need to start by selecting the program of your choice and completing all admission procedures including payments and finding a reasonable accommodation before applying for the visa. You may need proof of an English qualification test such as the TOEFL when applying, check with your university of choice.

How to apply - Grenada

The steps for applying after you receive your university’s official acceptance letter, completed the payment transaction and figured out accommodation. You will fill out the application form online and submit it along with other required documents. Begin the visa procedures as early on as possible so you’re not short on time.

Scholarship in Grenada

If you are applying at St. George’s University you can benefit from their scholarships which are put in place depending on your chosen program on study and they are pretty generous, 75% of students enrolled in the four-year M.D medicine program have received scholarships during the academic year of 2020-2021. There are different scholarships offered; the first is if you are applying to attend the school of medicine: the value of the scholarship is for $120,000 and the criteria which they decide if you are eligible or not is based upon is having a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7, a 3.5 science GPA and 506 MCAT score.

There also other scholarships offered for different programs but these vary depending on your application and desired program of study. In order to apply you must contact your admission officer after you are done with your admission application and if you meet the requirements, you receive the scholarship on the spot.