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About Israel

The small country of Israel is located in the Middle East and is only 8,550 square miles. The flag representing this country is white with two blue stripes and the star of David in the middle; the star of David represents the people there because of their religious beliefs. The country is landlocked and has a diverse climate.



The official language is Hebrew which was once considered a dead language but has made a comeback with 8 million speaking the language. English is also a common spoken language.



Their official currency is the shekel and is subdivided into 100 agorot. The US dollar can be used for rent or paying at hotels.


Geographical Location

The country is located in the Middle East and is very small, it is a landlocked country. From three sides. From the north side, Lebanon borders it while form the South it is bordered by Egypt. From the east side; it is bordered by Jordan and Syria while the Mediterranean Sea. There are two distinct climates; cold and rainy winters and warm sunny summer seasons.



The people who belong to the country of Israel are Jews and it is the only Jewish country in the world today. While there are some Muslims in the country they do not live peacefully together and are socially isolated from one another.


Political Stance

The country is internally safe and has low crime rates but political unrest is very apparent in this country because of the ongoing armed conflicts. The political framework followed within the country is a parliamentary democracy where the president is elected by the people and holds the power of being the head of state while their prime minister is the head of government.



The different type of tourists who visit are usually eager to visit the different religious sites at the country and the architecture there, visit the dead sea for relaxation purposes or the idea of getting new skin. Others visit to tour Jerusalem and view the old architectural gem that it is.



The nature of food there is very rich in flavour as they are highly influenced by their neighbouring countries. They mix many types of foods and use a lot of seasoning to prepare even the most basic dishes. The country is known for having a very fertile soil which enables them to plan delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

Study in Israel

There are many universities in Israel and the choice of which one to attend is one of the most important decisions you will make. This guide will help you select among the highest ranked universities and will provide you with statistical facts about the overall costs you will incur during your time there.


Why should you study in Israel?

By studying at Israel you will be able to earn a degree from very reputable universities offering top quality education. The educational degree you receive from there will help equip you for the job market; whether it is an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree. Additionally, the weather at this country is very unique and the natural beauty of the country is something to be enjoyed.


How much does it cost?

For international students, you will have to pay tuition fees for your degree type whether you are attending a public or private university; bachelor’s degrees cost and average of $4000 – $14000 annually and $3000 – $25,000 for a master’s degree.

Living in Israel

While living at this country, you can expect to be surrounded by many natural sites and everyday walks will seem as though you are walking in an open museum. The weather is usually warm and the activities vary. As an international student, you can expect to learn a lot about other cultures and learn a few phrases in a different language.



Many housing options are available to international students; you can confirm your place at the offered university housing units, stay at hostel or rent an apartment ton your own to better suit your needs. There are different neighborhoods and price differs from one to the other; the pricey neighborhoods will cost you a $1200 per month for rent while another neighborhood can be very cheap and cost you as little as $200 per month.


Other costs of living

Living costs in general are viewed as very expensive, the country is considered among the ten most expensive countries to live in. In general, you would want to allocate around $1000 per month for your expenses, utilities would cost you an average of a skyrocketing $200 and a public transportation monthly pass is for $60. You must be willing to spend in order to be able to live comfortably there.


Universities in Israel

The universities you will find at Israel are believed to offer excellent quality education, the certificate you will earn from a university there is going to help you earn a reputable job and not just in Israel itself. Many universities there are recognized and accredited worldwide.


Degrees available

The universities there are not short of any degree type; they excel in providing education opportunities and they offer different degrees. You will be able to register for an undergraduate certificate of your choice, graduate certificates or earn a PhD as well.


Top ranked universities

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The university is not just the top ranked in the country but has continuously ranked among the top 100 universities universally. The university offers different study degrees and you will have the chance to choose among their seven faculties of studies including science, economics, agriculture, environmental quality and public health. The university has more than 20,000 enrolled students annually, and is a diverse cultural hub with students flying in from over 50 different countries to pursue a degree at the university.

  • Tel Aviv University

The university offers undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, short term programs and study abroad programs for students. Their academics fall into the following ten faculties; arts, engineering, exact sciences, humanities, law, life sciences. Management, medicine, social sciences and neuroscience. The university is known for its outstanding neuroscience study offered courses and has six advanced degrees related to this specific field of study where they research using the best technologies in order to reach new discoveries which affect all everyone positively.

  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

The university specialises in offering technology courses and offers its students the most advanced technological tools and facilities to ensure they benefit the most from their time at IIT. The university also offers many degrees of study including undergraduate studies, graduate studies, Post Doctorate, Technion excellence program, exchange programs and continuing education. However, not all offered programs are taught in English, some are taught in Hebrew and so you must check before applying or selecting your program.

  • Ben Gurion University of the Negev

The university is a lead research university, with three main campuses and a focus on multidisciplinary research studies. The university has six different faculties for studies, 4 international programs as well as different academic units. The university relies greatly on developing and creating new researches which aim to provide more sustainable long term solutions to current problems.  The university has received multiple awards as a recognition of its excellence and welcomes 20,000 students each year.


Examples of other universities

There are other accredited universities in the country which are known for their brilliance and innovation in the academic world. These universities include; University of Haifa, Weizmann Institute of Science and Reichman University.

Student Visa - Israel

Students who wish to pursue a study degree at Israel must receive a study visa in advance, they are renewable each year and can be done from your home country or after your first year at the country. The visa requirements differ based on your home country and are usually proceed within a maximum of 3 weeks.

How to apply - Israel

In order to apply, you must visit the nearest embassy or consulate office in your home country and submit the required travel documents. These documents will differ based on your citizenship, but the general requirements include:

  • Valid travel document
  • Your letter of acceptance at your university of choice.
  • Two copies of the visa application form. Forms can be obtained from the Consulate
  • Photographs
  • Proof of sufficient funds for tuition expenses and living expenses

After gathering these documents, you will submit them to the embassy during your set appointment and await confirmation which usually takes around 3 weeks.

Scholarship in Israel

At Israel the scholarships are offered and monitored by the government for international students, as only students attending from countries which Israel has cultural agreements with. Applicants with a citizenship at the following countries are eligible to apply; Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada (Quebec Province), China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India, Great Britain, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Russia.They offer different scholarships types depending on your program of study and you can earn a scholarship when studying at one of the following universities: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Weizmann Institute of Science , Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, The University of Haifa , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and The Open University.