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About Jordan

Study in Jordan is one of the strongest Arab destinations on the scientific and living levels. The higher education system in Jordan is characterized by strength and reliability, and Jordanian universities include all levels of study from bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate according to the hours system and with recognized certificates all over the world.

Geographical information

Jordan (officially: the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) is an Arab country located in southwest Asia, in the middle of the Middle East, located in the southern part of the Levant region, and the northern region of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Syria to the north, Palestine to the west, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, and the Gulf of Aqaba to the southwest, where the city of Aqaba overlooks the Red Sea. This is the only sea port for Jordan. It was named Jordan in relation to the Jordan River, which runs on its western borders.


Jordan  has a variety of distinct experiences to offer tourists who venture there. One of the most important archaeological sites in the country: Petra, which is the home of the Nabatean Arabs, the city was completely carved in the mountains. Petra is located 262 kilometers south of Amman, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jordan. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations for world leaders.

There is also Jerash, which is the city of Roman ruins, with an ancient cultural heritage, and one of the few archaeological cities in the world that has preserved all its features until today.


The country’s official currency is the Jordanian dinar, which is equal to 1,000 fils or 100 piasters. It is available in the form of paper currency in denominations: 50 dinars, 20 dinars,10 dinars, 5 dinars, and one dinar. Coins are also available in denominations: half a dinar, a quarter of a dinar, 100 fils, 50 fils, 25 fils, 10 fils, and 5 fils. The exchange rate is 1.42 US dollars per Jordanian dinar.

Jordanian society

The Jordanian people are very hospitable and generous, so you will not feel alienated, you are very welcome there. Jordan is a safe country and you rarely hear of problems there. Jordan is frequently referred to as an “oasis of stability” in a turbulent region, given that it was mostly unaffected by the violence that swept the region in 2010.


Higher education institutions in Jordan offer most of the scientific, literary and linguistic disciplines in English and in Arabic, which encourages international students to enroll in Jordanian universities to learn the Arabic language on the one hand and benefit from the power of certificates on the other hand.

Study in Jordan

There are universities in Jordan that are ranked globally among the most powerful international universities, including the University of Science and Technology, and the University of Jordan. University education in Jordan has witnessed development in recent years, and a large number of Arab students study in Jordan, because Jordan is an Arab country and the Jordanian people are well-received and hospitable to students. in Jordan .

Why should you study in Jordan?

The idea of study in Jordan may be strange to some, but all this will change (or at least you will think of Jordan as an option to study) after you know the following reasons:

  • Jordan is a safe country and you rarely hear of problems there.
  • The cost of studying in Jordanian universities is considered average and competitive with countries in the region and the world.
  • If you are interested in scientific research, Jordan is the perfect choice, as it provides many local and international awards for outstanding students in scientific research.
  • The presence of some foreign partnerships with Jordanian universities, which in turn opens up new horizons for you after graduation.
  • The cost of living is low, compared to western destinations, and comparable to other countries in the region.
  • Most Jordanian universities adopt the hours system.

How much does it cost?

The costs of studying in Jordan vary according to the type of specialization and university, in addition to the city in which the student wishes to reside, but the costs remain reasonable and affordable.
Also, public universities only require the payment of registration fees, while private universities’ fees range from 15-45 Jordanian dinars per hour for Jordanian students, while international students reach 70-150 Jordanian dinars per hour, depending on the university and specialization as we mentioned previously. It should also be noted that The cost of studying in private universities is higher than in public universities

Living in Jordan

Jordan is one of the middle-cost countries, where the student can live in university housing if the university provides this option, and many universities provide this option, and the student can live in an apartment, but this option is considered high cost, as for living, the living is good In Jordan, the prices are average, and the student needs about 600 dollars per month for living.

The Jordanian dinar is the official currency in Jordan. In Jordan, there is a good transportation network that connects the cities of Jordan to each other, and the student can choose the transportation method that suits his financial capabilities. In general, the cost of a taxi In Jordan, it is low, and students can use the buses that link all over Jordan at very low prices. The Arabic language is the official language in Jordan.

The student needs approximately 700 Jordanian dinars per month, and many higher education institutions in Jordan provide housing for students inside or outside the university campus. The costs vary according to the university.


All Jordanian universities provide housing for international students, and there are many options available in terms of the number of rooms and the type of services available. The cost of university housing starts from about 210 USD.



The following Points are showing the basic costs of interest to a student coming to Jordan:

  • Accommodation from $210
  • Food and drink 180 – 220 $
  • Transportation 130 – 160 $
  • Student activity $30-60 depending on the student’s research and scientific interests
  • Recreational activity 140 – 240 dollars, depending on the type and location of the activity


Universities in Jordan

The most important universities in Jordan

1- The University of Jordan:

It is one of the most important universities in Jordan, and it is a public university located in the Jubaiha area in the Jordanian capital, Amman. This university contains eighteen colleges, and it dates back to the year 1962, and the number of students of this university is about 45 thousand students, and the percentage of international students in it is 12%, and this university is distinguished by the quality of education.

2- Jordan University of Science and Technology:

This university is one of the most important universities in Jordan, and was initially part of Yarmouk University, and in the year 1986 it became an independent university. The most prominent of them are the College of Medicine, Science and Arts, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Agriculture.

3- Applied Science Private University:

This university is considered one of the most important and prominent private universities in the Kingdom of Jordan. The date of the establishment of this university goes back to 1991. This university contains eight faculties, and these faculties contain thirty-four majors. The most prominent faculties in this university are the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics. , College of Engineering, Pharmacy, Basic Sciences, Art and Design, Nursing.

4- Al-Isra University:

This university is one of the Jordanian private universities, which was established in the year 1991, and this Friday is located in the south of the capital, Amman. and financial.

5- German Jordanian University:

It is one of the newly established public universities, which was established in the year 2005. This university is located in the Al-Mashkar area of ​​the Naour district. There are nine colleges in this university. The most prominent of these colleges are the College of Technical Sciences, the College of Applied Sciences, the College of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, and the College of Administrative and Logistic Sciences. Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Applied Humanities and Languages.

6- University of Petra:

It is one of the private Jordanian universities located in the Jordanian capital, Amman. The history of the establishment of this university dates back to 1991, and the number of faculties of this university is six, and these faculties are the College of Arts, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the College of Information Technology, the College of Architecture and Arts, and the College of Administrative Sciences and financial.

Student Visa - Jordan

First of all, the student must make sure that he needs a visa to travel to Jordan, as there are a group of countries that do not need a visa to enter Jordan. After obtaining university admission, you must prepare to apply for a study visa to Jordan, which requires the following documents from you:

  • University acceptance letter.
  • Application for a visa.
  • A medical report showing the vaccinations you have received.
  • A medical certificate proving that you are free from contagious and contagious diseases.

After starting the study and during the first semester, a student card is issued, and this card is considered as a residence. In addition, if the student wants to rent a private house outside the university residence, he will need to obtain a so-called white identity card from the police station.

How to apply - Jordan

Most Jordanian universities require students to have the following documents for registration, which are:

  • passport.
  • birth certificate.
  • Secondary school certificate (to apply for a bachelor’s degree).
  • Bachelor’s degree and earlier (for applying for a master’s degree).
  • A research plan and a master’s degree (to apply for a PhD).
  • Recommendation letter and motivation letter (some universities may require it).

Admission to Jordanian universities

The steps for obtaining university admission are simple and similar to many countries.


Requires a high school certificate – transcripts – birth certificate – passport – language certificates (Arabic – English) – personal card

Postgraduate Admission

Bachelor’s or master’s degree – transcripts – birth certificate – letter of motivation – letter of recommendation – degree of the national exam in English – research proposal for PhD

Also, the required papers differ from one university to another in some cases, so it is necessary to make sure of what is required when registering.

Scholarship in Jordan


When it comes to studying abroad, Jordan remains an admirable country as it has a great Education System in the Arab world, moreover, Many Higher education institutions in Jordan offer several scholarships for international students.



it offers scholarships for Jordanian and Arab students, it covers partially tuition fees (amount to JD14,000)


it is a fully-funded scholarship for the Syrian refugees in Jordan


It is a Fully-funded scholarship for both Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs of all majors.


It is a fully-funded scholarship for different levels.


EDU-SYRIA/ EDU-JORDAN Scholarships- funded by European Union


Scholarship student needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. A student must be Jordanian or Syrian.
  2. The student must be a beneficiary of one of these organizations:
  • National Aid Fund
  • Al-Zakat Fund
  • Tkiyet Um Ali
  • Al-Aman Fund
  1. The student must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university average.
  2. The student shouldn’t be employed.
  3. The student must have a good command of both written and spoken Arabic (for non-English Subject students).
  4. the students who apply to English major should pass the English placement test.