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About Kenya

The country of Kenya is located in Africa and its capital city is Nairobi; it is home to approximately 49 million people of different ethnicities and groups. You have defiantly seen Kenya before in movies; as the country is the number one safari destination globally. This is because of its beautiful greenery and imposed laws which protect the country and help it maintain its identity; hunting is illegal and criminalized in Kenya. Kenya is known for having over 50 natural reserves and parks all intended to protect Kenya’s wildlife. The East African lion is the country’s national animal.



Kenya is often referred to as the country of languages and this is because you can find over 60 languages being spoken at the country. However, there are only two official languages which are Swahili and English. Swahili is the language of their natives and English is spoken there are a result of being a previous British colony.


The official currency for exchange in Kenya is the Kenyan shilling, it is the only accepted currency in the country and Kenyan shilling can be divided into 100 cents. The currency is one of the most stable in Eastern Africa and nearby citizens of other countries exchange their money to Kenyan shillings as a form of investment.


Geographical information

         Kenya is located in East Africa and has an area of 224,960 square miles. The country is landlocked from the sides by the following countries; Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia but from one side it is open to the India Ocean. The land is rich is natural reserves and being a home to a number of wild animals but also to rivers and the second highest mountain in Africa. The weather there is either rainy or dry; which allows the country’s agricultural sector to boom.



There is more than one religion in Kenya; the people of Kenya are granted complete freedom upon religion to follow. The two most found religions there are Christianity and Islam; however, Christians make up the majority with over 90%. Other religions at Kenya are Hindus and Sikhs.


Political stance

The country of Kenya is one of the most politically stable countries and known to not experience any conflicts in recent years internally or externally. This is also one of the main reasons as to why the country is experiencing a surge in its tourism industry and its economy to develop. The country used to be colonized but has gained its independence in 1963 and has followed a republic regime with an elected president since then.


Tourists are drawn annually to Kenya and several movies have been filmed there, which means that you have probably seen glimpses of the country here and there, as a result of its incredible nature and unique wildlife which is not found anywhere else in the world. Being the lead safari destination in the world you can expect that Kenya is going to amaze you by the animals there. At Kenya you can expect to see elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebras, rhino, it’s official animal the lion and of course the world’s fastest animal the cheetah! This makes Kenya a suitable destination for adventure seekers, families and people who want to relax amongst nature.



Kenya’s national dish is a ugali; this is a dish which is a primary dish in all East African countries not just Kenya. It is a type of corn porridge that can be served with meat, vegetables and stew. Another popular dish in Kenya is also made of corn; it is called Githeri and is quite simple to prepare as it requires only boiled beans, corn kernels and mixed vegetables. The simplicity and highly nutritious value of the dish is what made it a staple in Kenya.

Study in Kenya

If you are looking for cheap travel destination, exquisite views, attractions and adventures not find anywhere else in the world, then Kenya is your ideal destination. Many universities can be found in this country at Eastern Africa, this guide will help you determine the best ones and where you should head based on your desired degree and major.


Why should you study in Kenya?

Studying at Kenya is a chance to live among the majestic wildlife which Kenya has to offer, the people are friendly and known for their hospitality. At Kenya you will be exposed to a very diverse community and the opportunity to become more knowledgeable through such connections is a golden opportunity as well as through the high quality education offered at Kenyan universities and different degree programs.


How much does it cost?

Tuition varies in Kenya, different universities offer different facilities and so the ranges will range from $1,3800 to $5,000. There are scholarships and financial waivers available at Kenyan universities and international students may apply.

Living in Kenya

Living in Kenya is a chance for you to become part of a truly diverse community, you will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors because of the warm climate and you are not going to struggle communicating as they communicate in English. The trip is for people who are looking for a reasonable economy and not wanting to spend huge sums of money. Kenya is a nice place to live but you must be willing to adapt to the difference in lifestyles and abiding their customs.



While traveling for study purposes Kenya you might want to consider the following options for our accommodation; dorms offered by the university of apartments run by the university. These provide you with rooms including the very essential needs and are safe for you to stay at. The other option is to rent from a trusted website such as Airbnb which is a globally trusted site and has verified renters but do bear in mind that they will require a security deposit and might ask for in advance payments. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is going to cost you around $900 for an 85m2 apartment.


Other costs of living

The costs are less in Kenya than the US by almost 35%, living costs in Kenya are reasonable and the following are the prices of basic goods; litre of milk is for $0.77, 500g loaf of bread is for $0.47, 1kg of apples is for $2.02, 1kg of bananas are prices at $1.00 and a transportation monthly pass is for $37.00. You can expect that utilities will cost you around $50.00 monthly. The overall living standards reflect what you pay for the goods and utilities at Kenya.


Universities in Kenya

The universities at Kenya are focusing on teaching new material to their students and developing new methods for teaching. If you are seeking an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, postgraduate degree or online degrees then there is defiantly something for you at Kenya.

Degrees available

There are a number of degrees available at Kenya, almost of universities offer agriculture studies as this is the number one industry at Kenya, they also provide excellent information technology degrees and education degrees. There are universities with international affiliations and the facilities offered for international students make Kenya an interesting destination for study.

Top ranked universities

  • University of Nairobi

The highly ranked university located in Kenya’s capital was founded in 1970. The university is divided into faculties and departments. The following faculties are available for study; agriculture, arts and social sciences, design, education, engineering, law, healthy sciences, technology and veterinary medicine. The faculties provide related specialization degrees for undergraduate studies and the largest faculty is the arts and social sciences which offers a total of 14 major study options. The university of Nairobi offers studies in the following programs; bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, fellowship programs and high doctorate programs. There are more than 45,000 students in the university, including international students.

  • Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University was established in 1985 and its programs have increased overtime; the university currently offers you the chance to register for one of its seven programs of study. They offer certificates which start at $500, diplomas which start at $660, undergraduate degrees for $1000, graduate studies for $1200, master’s starting from $1200, PhD for $1700 as well online MBA programs. The university has something for everyone and welcomes international student admissions. There are 120 bachelor degree options for you to select from, they are all taught in English and they acceptance rate is not very high and welcomes students of different academic levels.

  • Strathmore University

This is the highest ranked business school in Kenya and a lead in ICT innovations. There are seven facilities in Strathmore University and it focuses on specific courses. The options for study are different than that at any other school, they have a faculty dedicated for studies in tourism. The university has 5,000 enrolled students and is located in the capital city of Kenya.

  • United States International University Africa

At United States International University Africa, you can choose between undergraduate studies in 19 departments, master’s degrees in 12 degrees of study which relate to the studies of philosophy and information technology. There are four doctorate studies, also with a focus on information technology. The university is continually improving and developing new affiliations to place new courses on the map for potential and current students.

Examples of other universities

The universities which follow in ranking and provide excellent English taught courses for study are; Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Egerton University and Moi University.

Student Visa - Kenya

There are 157 countries who are eligible to apply for an online visa for Kenya. You must check your if your home country qualifies for an online visa and prepare the necessary documents. The visa type can be determined by checking their online website or checking with your university and check if you have taken any of the recommended vaccines; cholera, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, malaria, measles, rabies and yellow fever.

How to apply - Kenya

The application procedure is very simple, of course do check if the required documents based on your home country and apply at least 3 weeks ahead of time for your visa:

  1. Decide on your desired courses of study and degree
  2. Apply through the university website and upload all required documents
  3. Settle on your type of accommodation
  4. Await the final acceptance and then pay the university fees
  5. Find if you are eligible for an online visa
  6. Apply through the embassy’s official website and upload all required documents
  7. Pay for the visa fees and await your approval

Scholarship in Kenya

Governmental awarded scholarships are not frequent at Kenya and so receiving a scholarship means you will have to check with the university of your choice. The requirements for a scholarship are pretty competitive as the universities do not provide them for a large number of students and not all universities provide them to begin with. The students who are awarded these scholarships are usually coming from developing African countries as well but there is an organization which aims to provide full tuition scholarships for American students that is known as “The Rotary Foundation”. This is aimed at encouraging US citizens to come and pursue an educational degree at Kenya.