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About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small yet very rich country in north-western Europe, it is often overlooked being landlocked between Europe’s most attractive destinations but this small country has a lot to offer. Luxembourg is the ricked EU country in the region with a GDP that is constantly on the rise, it has also had the lowest unemployment rates and holds several UNESCO titles.


Almost everyone you meet at Luxembourg is a tri-lingual; this is become they are taught three languages at school; Luxembourgish, German and French.


Being a member of the European Union, Luxembourg business is conducted in euros. You can easily exchange your currency for euros from anywhere in the world and not just at Luxembourg; however, they are known for going cashless as almost everywhere in Luxembourg cards are accepted.

Geographical Information

Luxembourg is a small country in north-western Europe and is landlocked by Belgium from its north and west, France from the south and Germany from the east. Hence, the three languages and being a multi-cultural country. The capital is Luxembourg city and is one third of the country is covered in forests. There are many castles build around Luxembourg city as they were constructed to protect the people during invasions as this country was the route connecting different European countries.


The official religion in Luxembourg is Christianity, almost 90% of the population are Roman Catholics and the remaining are Protestants, Jews or Muslims.

Political Stance

Luxembourg is one of the safest places to live in, universally. Their politics are following a unique framework where they are a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Their current head of state is the Grand Duke and their prime minister is their head of government. The country of Luxembourg is the only country today with a monarch system of Dukes and Duchess, making this the last Grand Duchy in the world.


Luxembourg is a very charming place to visit, and the travel procedures are quite simple as anyone holding a Schengen visa can travel freely to the country. Luxembourg’s most famous attractions are; the museums which enrich the country especially Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art which is located in the southern part of the country and students under 26 years of age can enjoy for free. Another attraction is the Palais Grand-Ducal which is where the monarch who is the head of state resides and there are tours to take you here and explain different areas around the palace. All in all, the country is very accessible and you can easily cover all of Luxembourg in two days with a jam-packed itinerary.


Luxembourg food is a fusion between the German cuisine and French cuisine; their national dish and most popular one is the Judd mat Gaardebunen, which consists of smoked pork and beans. Their dishes are quite simple and do not use a lot of ingredients, the portion sizes are moderate and almost all dishes are served with vegetables.

Study in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has one of the highest literacy rates worldwide, with 99% of its citizens being enrolled at an educational establishment. While studying there you will be immersed in a fusion of multi-cultures and enjoy unique experiences. Their quality of living and their quality of education are excelling and will leave you in awe in terms of how much you will learn from the people and professors there.

Why you should study in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an extremely rich country; the quality of living matches the statistical facts. The health system at Luxembourg is very advanced, their transportation system is well developed and you will be able to take advantage of its prime location when you want to visit other European countries. You will also be able to do so using your Schengen visa easily as the country is an EU member. There are multiple schools at Luxembourg and the language of instruction differs so you will be able to find the university which matches your needs easily.

How much does it cost?

Around half of Luxembourg’s population are expats living there and being an international student there is very common and you will be among an extremely diverse population while studying there; average tuition fees if you are applying for an undergraduate degree are going to cost between $870 to $9,800 annually and for a graduate program will cost you $9,800 to $15,800 seeing as they cost more in general.

Living in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the safest countries for people to live in and a very developed country. Seeing as the country’s GDP is very high, so are the minimum wages and overall pays in the country. This has led to higher prices, which may seem affordable for people living there and earn such high wages but for international citizens, Luxemburg is one of the most expensive places to live. You will get your money’s worth, but you will have to pay!


For international students; there is always the option of staying at the housing units offered by your university which are likely going to be close to the campus and will allow you to become quickly accommodated with other international students. Such housing units will save you money as they provide certain facilities for free; such the internet and study rooms with computers. There is also the option of choosing a shared room which is going to cost you even less and will earn a you companion right away! People also rent apartment on their own, an apartment in Luxembourg city is going to cost you a hefty $1,400 and a bit further from the city will cost you less.

Other costs of living

Named as one of the most expensive places to live; do not expect to go there and save money. After paying rent, here are the everyday costs you will encounter; $8.69 for a kilogram of tomatoes, $7.90 for a kilogram of apples, $8.96 for a litre of milk, $170.00 for monthly utilities per person and transportation costs are free for students under 30 years. You will require around $800 per month to live comfortably in Luxembourg but depending on your personal needs, this may be much lower or higher.

Universities in Luxembourg

The top ranked universities are all located in the capital city, Luxembourg city. At the capital you will find two universities, two business schools and one Administration studies institution. The universities at Luxembourg are constantly working on becoming more known internationally thus, they have many partnerships with lead universities.

Degrees available

At Luxembourg you will find many offered degrees; the country is known for its excellence law degrees as well as business and management studies. Luxembourg has graduate universities dedicated for graduate business studies specifically. Their public university is recognised as one of the best in Europe and provides undergraduate and graduate degrees for students.

Top ranked universities

  • Université du Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg was established in 2004, it is a public university and the highest ranked in Luxembourg. The university is recognised worldwide and includes the following academic divisions; three faculties and three interdisciplinary research centres. The programs offered at the university are offered in different languages; mostly English followed by German taught course and finally French. The university welcomes 6,000 per year from different countries and cultivates a diverse and inclusive learning environment as the students come from over 100 different countries. The university of Luxembourg ensures that it remains as a well-recognized institution in Europe and its ties to other universities allow it to remain connected and constantly improving.

  • Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

Sacred Heart University was founded over 30 years ago and offers business studies to graduate students; it is one of the few universities to receive the AASCB accreditation for its provides business studies. The university offers full time and part time MBA studies as the graduate students applying are usually already employed, this makes it easy for them to manage their time between both without any compromises. The universities’ main lead is that they have partnerships with more than 80 companies in Luxembourg; ensuring that their students are at an advantage within the workplace and provided with several work opportunities at one of the best countries to work.

  • Luxembourg School of Business

The school of business was founded in 2014, the school’s academic division provides the following programs; a part-time Master in Business Administration, short specialized programs which is also tailored for companies. The organization is a member of the AACSB. The programs are designed to provide you with all required knowledge and to ensure that the program will give you the value added for and so programs are tailored for individuals as well as companies.

Examples of other universities

There are other study opportunities at Luxembourg universities specialising in specific fields; such as LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise, and Sports which is the number one university when looking for an undergraduate or graduate degrees related to Physiotherapy or Sports. Another specializing university Business Science Institute which is located in Wiltz Castle is known for offering excellent courses in business administration.

Student Visa - Luxembourg

A study visa is not required for any citizen with a European residency; seeing as Luxembourg itself is a found member of the European Union. However, non-EU residents will be required to apply for their visa ahead of time. The required documents for applying to attend university at Luxembourg follow your acceptance at the university of your choice. Here are the steps you must follow when applying to university at Luxembourg:

  • Decide on your chosen program of study through the university website
  • Complete the application and upload it
  • Complete the application payment
  • Create an account online to track your application status through it
  • Upload the documents required for your chosen program
  • Submit your online application

After the university confirms your placement at your desired program, you must complete the first payment and begin your visa procedures.

How to apply - Luxembourg

Through the embassy website select the type of visa which is required for citizens of your country; select the nearest appointment as to not waste time and prepare all required documents of travel. You will be asked to present the following, regardless of your home country;

  • Airline tickets, roundtrip
  • Financial means for funding your trip
  • Valid travel document
  • Photographs
  • Accommodation
  • University acceptance letter
  • University proof of payment

Other documents may be required, you will need to check before applying and the application fees will differ based on your home country as well.

Scholarship in Luxembourg

Scholarships which are provided by the government are rewarded through the centre de documentation et d’information sur l’enseignement superieur which rewards students who excel academically but this scholarship type is limited and only EU citizens are eligible to apply. This does not mean that non-EU residents will not get the chance to receive a scholarship at Luxembourg, you are still eligible to apply but you will need to do so through your university and this will be even more competitive but is not restricted for specific students and funded by the ministry of higher education at Luxembourg for both undergraduate and graduate students.