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About Macao

Macao is an administered region in China, even though it located there the country follows different laws. This is known as the “one country, two systems” regime. Macao is famous for being the highest in population density and the second richest territory, globally. The city centre of Macao is a world heritage site and a major country attraction. The country was colonized for many years by the Europeans and only gained independence in 1951. Since then the area of Macao has continued to increase and almost tripled in size. Only 5% of Macao residents are not Chinese, so while being at Macao you must make sure you abide by all their rules and being culturally sensitive.


There are two official languages in Macao; Chinese as it is a region in China and Portuguese as the country was colonized by Portuguese for many years.



The official currency in Macao is the pataca and is very difficult to exchange anywhere in the world other than at Macao itself. They also allow the exchange of good through Hong Kong dollars.


Geographical information

Macao is located in the South of China and has a total land area of 118 km², the country has no official borders as it is only a region within a country. The country experiences a climate that is highly humid throughout the year with very high levels that range between 75% – 90%. The region gets a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Macao is connected to both Hong Kong and China through a bridge that is 20 times the length of San Francisco bridge.



There are two official religions in this region; Chinese folk religion and Buddhism. A minority of around only 2% have other religious beliefs.


Political stance

This Chinese administrative region is not government by Chinese laws; instead they have their own government and their own law system put in place for them to follow. The changes within these laws are not major but one of the most significant laws that affects the country is that Macao allows gambling while The Republic of China criminalizes it. Macao is also known to be the last colonized country by the Portuguese.



Tourism is a very booming sector in Macao; as it is the ninth highest recipient of tourists. they welcome a number of tourists every year and they visit Macao for its cultural fusions between the East and West, where evident evidence of its previous colonizers are very apparent in the region. Macao is also every shoppers dream destination for high end shoppers and is where you can gamble legally in China. The country’s number one and main attraction are the casinos, the gambling capital of the world and exceeds Vegas’ industry as Macao’s is seven times bigger.



Macao is a gourmet paradise and its cuisine depends on a blend of multi-cultural foods. Their most famous and popular food is known as the “egg tarts” which are also the local and most popular at Portugal and prepared the same way, on their they are called “pastel des natas”. When walking into their kitchens do expect to find European seasonings being added to almost all the Chinese recipes.

Study in Macao

Macao is a country which highly values education and has many universities which are recognized internationally. The country offers free education to all its citizens until they complete their secondary education and the literacy rates of people in Macao are some of the highest globally. Macao is known for its educational excellence and it even has a futuristic science centre


Why should you study in Macao

Universities at Macao are very comprehensive and offer various studies for you to choose from; they offer more than 130 bachelor’s degree, master’s and PhD programs as well as other programs. At Macao you will have the opportunity to learn new languages as they have two official languages in the region. They offer internationally recognized degrees and the climate there is warm year around.


How much does it cost?

The cost of living at Macao are very high but this very normal given the also incredible high standards of living you can enjoy there. It is one of the most expensive Asian regions for living but is less than living at Hong Kong by almost 13%. Going to Macao on a budget is not a feasible idea, as the average allowance to get you through a month of living there, excluding rent, is around $900. Of course, there are opportunities for scholarships and financial aids which might lower the costs for you but overall it is costly.

Living in Macao

While living at Macao you can expect that the living conditions are going to be far more superior than at many other places. The country is full of educated citizens who abide by their rules and so it is a very organized and thy will expect nothing less from anyone. Their healthcare system is very advanced and their citizens are of different age ranges. There are many indoor places as the country is humid but the number one activity and enjoyed pass time there is gambling.



Accommodation costs at Macao are quite expensive, if you require a one-bedroom apartment in the city center you are likely going to pay around $1,300. However, accommodation costs are going to be less if you stay in your university housing and will kick start your social life at Macao by doing so.

Other costs of living

The costs of living are quite costly, especially when compared to neighboring Asian countries; however, the wages in Macao are very high and the government provides its citizens with annual revenues gained from gambling profits. So while living costs may be high for an international student or tourist, they are not that high for Macao residents themselves. Do expect to pay the following for good; $2.73 for a litre of milk, $1.46 for a standard bread loaf, $4.03 for a kilogram of apples and $2.55 for a kilogram of bananas. The monthly transportation pass is for $27 and utilities average $100.00 for person. Not a budget friendly.

Universities in Macao

Universities in Macao offer comprehensive educational programs of the highest quality of education. Universities there are internationally recognized and can lead you to the highest universities if you to pursue any further studies. The country has very high literacy rates and acceptance rates into universities are very competitive.


Degrees available

The degree options are not at all limited in Macao, there are all types of degrees of the best education quality and the most facilities and benefits provided to students. The studied include, business and economics, health, Chinese medicine, social sciences, tourism, law, engineering, innovation and many other option for study. The choices will leave you confused but this guide will help you decide on where to study for the best specialision.

Top ranked universities

  • Universidade de Macao

The university was founded in 1981, and has been growing and maintaining its reputation as one the best, if not the best, universities in Macao. Their academic offerings are offered through these faculties; business administration, education, health sciences, law, science and technology and social sciences. They also offer top engineering studies that are distributed across the following; institute of advanced studies & social sciences, microelectronics, collaborative innovation, applies physics and materials engineering and Chinese medical sciences. Their academic researchers are key to technological discoveries matched with their equipped laboratories, education at Universidade de Macao is unlike any other in Macao.

  • Instituto Politécnico de Macao

The university was founded in and is the second highest rated one in Macao. Their academic division are comprised of six different faculties and an engineering research center which is their advantage. They also have extensive researcher programs related to their current situation of the “One County, Two Systems”, they look at the limitations, possibilities and the aim of this research unit is to provide a comprehensive theoretical investigation and a more wide-ranging angle to their current situation. This research program and ongoing investigations are a main reason why locals who want to be part of immediate change in the region apply at Instituto Politécnico de Macao.

  • Macao University of Science and Technology

The university was founded in 2000 and is now a university with 16,000 enrolled students; these students and divided upon three programs of study; undergraduate studies which have 10,500 students, master’s and doctoral studies which include 2,600 students. Their academic units are divided into six faculties for study including a faculty of management and tourism and four schools. The universities undergraduate studies in business and engineering are considered the best in Macao.

  • Instituto de Formação Turística

With Macao’s incredibly stable and booming tourism industry, there has to be a university to match this situation and cater for more improvements. There are many job opportunities which are made available as a result of the regions tourism and this university allows its citizens a chance to improve the sector and fill such position with the best possible qualifications. There are also short courses provided by the university which are very suitable for people who are managing between a job and studying. There is a total of 2,000 candidates at this university but getting accepted is a very competitive process.


Examples of other universities

The following universities are following in rank to the previously mentioned top universities in Macao; however, you can still expect highly ranked education and facilities from these universities, University of Saint Joseph, Macao, Macao Institute of Management, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macao and Macao Millennium College. These are all the universities which are available in Macao

Student Visa - Macao

In order to study at Macao a student visa is required, this is easily obtained once you apply through the Chinese embassy in your home country. Some students are advised to apply for the student visa upon arrival, assuming they have a valid entry to China but overall you must allow for six weeks in order for your visa to get processed.

How to apply - Macao

The first step it for you to request the following application form online from the Macao immigration department; “Application for Special Authorization to Stay”. The second thing would be to attach it, completed along with any required documents. They will require to have the following; valid travel document, two-way exit permit and “Endorsement to Enter Macao”.  Your visa must be kept with at all times during your time at Macao.

Scholarship in Macao

The only possible scholarship for international students is awarded for outstanding performance; Universities in China are quite competitive so you will have to present more than just excellent grades if you want to be considered. They value their education and so they limit the number of awarded scholarships; otherwise, the vast majority would be eligible for one.